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Book 1 Chapter 59: Absolute and Return


A note from Lone

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I changed the format of the merit table to look better and be less confusing.

Congratulations on completing day 3
Day 3 Stats
Enemies types:  Barbarian
Barbarian Chieftain
Number of Enemies Total: 501
Number of Enemies Slain By The Host: 210
Number of Attacked Survivors: 53
Your Contribution: 52%
Your Performed Merits:
Merit Description Merit point Value
Wealthy Own more than 100 precious jewels. 10,000
Opportunist Successfully completed a wild event. 5,000
Rescuer Rescued 48 additional survivors. 4,800
Murderer Killed a fellow survivor. 1,000
Slight attention of a God Gained the Attention of the God of Murder for killing a fellow survivor. 12,500
Evolver Successfully evolved. 10,000
Crafter Successfully crafted a structure. 100
First Contact Successfully met an otherworlder. 10,000
Attention of a God Gained the attention of the God of Neutrality for your recent change of moral values. 50,000
Attention of a God Gained the attention of the God of Death for your new Species and strong affinity for Death. 50,000
Encouragement of a God  The God of Crafting is pleased with your serious attempts at crafting, so wishes to encourage you.  25,000
Encouragement of a God  The God of Shovels is pleased with your serious approach to the way of the shovel, so wishes to encourage you. 25,000
Monster Killer Successfully killed 1 monster. 10
Monster Slayer Successfully killed 10 monsters. 100
Monster Hunter Successfully killed 100 monsters. 1,000
Monster Slaughterer Successfully killed 1,000 monsters. 10,000
Boss Killer Successfully killed 1 boss-rank monster. 15,000
Total Merits
Merit bonuses
Minor Ring Of Merit: 8,500
Remaining Survivors
Total Points Gained
The total merit balance of the host is now 281,748.
Your merit point and killing rankings have been updated. Please refer to the system for more details regarding your new ranks and any possible rewards.

'A lot of strange things are on here... I'll think about them later, first things first, System, fully heal me, please,' Daz said in thought.

Confirmed. Desired item, [Intermediate Body Recovery Gel] is required. Price: 15,000 merit points. Confirm purchase? 

"Fuck off," Daz exclaimed in shock at the huge price difference in comparison to the Basic Body Recovery Gel which was a thirtieth of this gel's price.

Crusher gave Daz a funny look at his sudden outburst before she laughed a bit. She then asked the system to heal her before her eyes visibly widened and she tried her best not to swear like Daz just had.

"This is so expensive! Lord, should I spend fifteen-thousand on this gel? It seems like a waste. Isn't there a cheaper way for us to get healed?" Crusher asked with a pained expression, clearly upset at how costly the Intermediate Body Recovery Gel was.

"Mmm, I can think of three ways. One: buy some healing magic and magic-related energy. Two: buy a skill suited to you that can heal you, I'll probably do this one. Three: buy a stat called 'Regeneration'. I'm not sure how viable the third option is though since I saw it on a monster, but I never actually saw it get used," Daz listed.

"I think I'll get the stat. If I need a lot for it to be useful, then I'll just buy a lot. Having passive healing sounds more useful than active healing, hahaha!" Crusher laughed in a carefree manner before she proceeded to buy one point in the stat for five-thousand merit points.

"Tell me how it turns out. I'll buy some too if you don't need too many points in it to fully heal in a day with," Daz said.

"Sure thing," Crusher replied.

Crusher then hobbled back to the base leaving Daz. He was busy asking the system about various possible skills that he could buy to heal himself with.

After about ten minutes, he had finally decided to upgrade his soul Harvest racial-ability and turned it into a skill for ten-thousand merit points.

Absolute Harvest [B-Rank (Middle Tier)]
A skill unique to Reapers. This very skill led to Reapers being widely hated in almost every world due to its very dark and evil uses. Although, the skill itself isn't inherently evil. It allows the host to consume the souls and bodies of the dead in exchange for stats and energy.
 Allows the host to absorb souls in exchange for soul power. Limit of 500 lesser souls, 5 medium souls and 1 greater soul per day. 
Allows the host to absorb bodies in exchange for energy. Limit of 1,000 bodies per day.


The total merit balance of the host is now 271,748.

 "It's far more useful now, but I wonder why it worked on Og, the Barbarian Chieftain, at the last second? It only stunned him, but still... hmm, I'll have to test this further if I get the chance. For now, time to absorb these Barbarians," Daz said as he looked at his mangled arm and injury-riddled body.

Daz then proceeded to harvest the souls of all of the five-hundred regular Barbarians. He noticed that he could absorb the souls and bodies of twenty-five Barbarians at once. This helped him do it exceedingly quickly. Every single one of his stats had increased by five points total. For some reason, he only gained one point per one-hundred corpses.

Daz's entire body was completely healed now save for his arm that Og had crushed. "Guess he did a lot more damage than I thought. Well, no point wasting my time out here any longer," Daz said to himself sadly.

He then walked back to the base with his head held down, making the Reaper look pessimistic. When he got back to Fort Skip, what welcomed him was the entirety of his Citizens. Most looked happy to see him, some even roared and cheered in glee, but a few looked dissatisfied and scared to see Daz.

'Guess some of them trust me a bit more now, huh?' Daz thought passively. Ger approached him with a huge grin on his face. He lightly punched Daz in the chest and said, "You did it, Daz! We all did it! I'm amazed! I wasn't fully confident at first, but you and Crusher did amazingly! Oh, and Rimmy! By the way, is he okay? He looked pretty beat up before he suddenly disappeared."

Daz's eyebrow raised in annoyance. ''Oh, and Rimmy?' And? Fucking 'And'?! RIMMY DID MOST OF THE WORK! IF HE DIDN'T DISTRACT THAT BASTARD FOR SO LON- ... Calm yourself,' Daz sighed and held his face in his hand.

"Daz?" Ger asked with a confused voice. "Are you okay?" he continued.

Daz collected himself before he replied, "I'm fine."

Ger gave the young man a quizzical look before he decided it would be better not to pry further. 'He just went through a tough battle, it makes sense for him to be stressed. I wonder what he did to get rid of all those bodies? A skill?' 

"Ger," Daz suddenly called.

"Hmm?" Ger responded.

Daz's expression darkened and he asked, "Where's Lyle?"

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