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Book 1 Chapter 58: Crushed and Conclusion


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WARNING: The language gets pretty foul in this chapter.

Currently, Daz and Crusher were trying their best to kill as many of the regular Barbarians as they could while Rimmy was busy fighting Og, the Chieftain.

Over the past ten minutes since Rimmy had started fighting Og, Daz and Crusher had killed or crippled a total of three-hundred Barbarians from the battle's beginning.

Counting the one killed every minute by the Balista, the eleven Lyle and Ger had killed, the fifty that had been lured away by Heather and had subsequentially fallen into Daz's haphazardly built trench and the sixty-two that Ger had managed to kill with his gun, a total of four-hundred and seventy-three had been killed, leaving only twenty-seven.

At this point, both Daz and Crusher were bruised and bloody all over with numerous minor wounds covering their bodies. However, compared to Rimmy, the two looked perfectly fine.

Rimmy's left arm had been smashed off completely and there was a huge hole in his chest. His entire body was missing chunks of crystal here or there and he looked to be mere seconds away from being destroyed completely.

What made it even worse was that Rimmy had only managed to remove a fifth of Og's health.

"Crusher, Rimmy's bought us as much time as he could. Can you distract the boss for now while I clean up the rest of these weaklings?!" Daz shouted to his companion as he pulled Hamson, his shovel, out of a Barbarian's chest, killing him.

Crusher took a brief second to glance at Daz before she nodded. "I'm definitely a more fitting match for you!" she shouted as she turned around and ran straight at Og.

Daz had a pained look on his face before he unsummoned Rimmy. This was his first time ever doing as such, and a message appeared, slightly blocking his view. Daz quickly read its content before he refocused on killing the Barbarians. 

Due to extensive damage, your summoned Jewel Golem, [Rimmy McShineston], cannot be summoned again for another 12 hours.

This restriction hurt Daz emotionally. 'I swear, Rimmy, I'm gonna spend at least fifty-thousand points on strengthening you, maybe one-hundred-thousand depending on if a few new Gods get interested in me. While I don't like them meddling in my life, I'll happily take more points if it means I can reward you for your sacrifice,' Daz pledged internally to his best friend.

He watched Crusher in amazement as he and Ger killed the remaining Barbarians. She was holding her own against Og fairly well. Although her stats were lower than Rimmy's overall, she had two Defense-oriented stats that Rimmy didn't own. Fortitude and Defense. These helped her take a few blows from Og without instantly being defeated.

Thanks to the time she and Rimmy had managed to get for Daz and Ger, they were able to kill the final regular Barbarians without problems, if you could ignore Daz's injury-riddled body that is.

Og had obviously tried to break away from Crusher during this, but even at the cost of a wound, she wouldn't let him interfere with Daz. When he saw his final tribesman get murdered before his very own eyes, he decided to use his most powerful skill, Self-Destructive Rage.

Self-Destructive Rage [A-Rank (Lower Tier)]
A skill mostly associated with wrathful beings, but in fact, it was created by the Sihetan Monks of Worgon, a very secular and desolate planet. They created this skill to channel one's feelings in moments of great peril or despair. Only the calmest of people are able to learn this skill.
Gradually destroys the host's body by a gradient of 1% per second.
For each second that passes, increases the host's strength by 150.

Daz, noticing this change in Og, immediately tried to use his Higher Identification on Og and successfully saw the details of this skill.

'Well, fuck me,' he said in his mind before he sprinted towards Crusher and Og. The Barbarian Chieftain's veins were bulging and his skin was quickly turning red.

"CRUSHER! USE YOUR MOST POWERFUL MOVE ON HIM NOW! HE'S GETTING STRONGER FOR EVERY SECOND THAT PASSES!" Daz shouted. He saw Crusher grin and nod before he jumped towards Og and pulled his shovel back.

At the same time, Crusher mumbled a few words and her arms were instantly covered with a sheet of blue fire, presumably some sort of skill. She swiftly brought her sledgehammer up to meet Og's chest.

Despite his rage, Og was fast enough to react in time and he raised his arms to guard against Crusher's attack, but the power behind her strike was far greater than he had anticipated and his guard was completely broken.

In the brief moment that Og was stunned, Daz launched his staple move, Shovel Smash, directly onto Og's head, quickly followed up by three Basic Slashes before he used Og's heavily damaged arms as a springboard to jump away from the raging Barbarian.

Daz landed next to Crusher and the two held their breath as they watched Og cautiously. He was still very much so alive. "Ger, can you hear me?" Daz asked into his comm quickly, unsure of whether it was still working or not.

"Don't worry, Daz, I know." After Daz heard Ger's reply, a light green film of energy covered Crusher and Daz and several bullets hit Og in the chest.

'Is this a speed buff? Must be a skill of Sarah's,' Daz thought. 

Thankfully, Crusher wasn't stupid and was able to work well with Daz, so the two cooperated as best as they could to hurt Og with everything that they had. They were fully intent on killing the hulking man.

Unfortunately, their efforts were in vain. Daz got directly punched by Og, forcing him back ten meters and he coughed up a mouthful of blood. 'Tch. That hit would have probably killed me if I didn't have Altros' Travelling Gear... this is too difficult. We can't beat him directly, even with the three of us attacking him in tandem,' Daz concluded.

Suddenly, Og sprinted straight at Daz, fully intent on killing the fledgeling Reaper. However, once he reached Daz, despite his insane strength, his axe swing completely missed its target.

"Hmm?" Daz mumbled while he was concentrating as hard as he could on the huge group of muscles that almost couldn't be called a human anymore and he started to notice something odd. 

'That cut on his forehead... we didn't cause that... Ah! Of course! The skill might make him exceedingly strong every second, but it's also killing him! If the damage percentage is additive like it should be, he should be dead in a about thirty seconds,' Daz concluded amidst his evasion of Og's attacks.

"Crusher! The move you first used when this attack started, I need you to do it again!" Daz shouted. 

"You got it, Lord!" Crusher yelled in response with a malicious grin on her face. She licked her lips before she positioned herself behind Og, obviously alerting him, making him turn around rapidly.

"Your opponent is me, you ugly fucker!" Daz said before he jumped up and pressed his right hand against Og's face. He then chanted, "Soul Harvest!" 

'I'm not sure if this'll work, but it better!' Daz screamed internally at his racial ability.

Luckily for Daz, while not harvesting the man's soul, it had clearly injured his mind. Og screamed in agony and grabbed Daz's arm, crushing it in a vice grip. Daz grimaced at the sudden pain and swung his body around and used Shovel Smash on Og's arms with his free hand, forcing the giant of a man to release Daz's crippled arm.

Daz jumped back and looked at his horrifically mangled arm before looking back at the furious Barbarian Chieftain. "Fuck that hurt, you cunt," Daz growled in anger.

Og growled back before he suddenly got a chill up his spine. The humungous man turned around quickly, but he was too late. "Gravital Impact!" Crusher yelled as her body that was now covered in a blue film of energy, overlapping the green layer from Sarah's speed buff, swung her sledgehammer upwards, hitting Og right between his legs, shooting him up into the air.

He flew at least fifty meters up and amazingly, mid-flight, he was directly hit by a ballista bolt, further propelling him through the air.

"Fucking hell... you're a scary woman..." Daz shivered when he thought about the place that Crusher had directly 'crushed'.

"Hahaha, it's not my fault that hitting his junk was the best way to send him up there," Crusher said in a relaxed manner, despite her bloody and bruise-covered body. In fact, both her and Daz looked like they were mere seconds away from collapsing.

"I wonder if we killed him?" Crusher asked with a somewhat grim look on her face.

"Doesn't matter if we did or not," Daz replied, to which Crusher gave him a strange look. Seeing this, Daz chose to further explain "The skill that he used to make himself so freakishly strong at the end there, it should be killing him any second now."

Just as Daz had said, the second Og's body slammed into the concrete road, the long-awaited and heavily-desired merit screen appeared for Daz, Crusher, and for all of Fort Skips' Citizens. 

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