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Sandy soon returned to the room with a short woman. This woman looked to be roughly thirty-years-old. A long brown ponytail flowed down her back and her cute face was accompanied by a pair of metal-rimmed glasses. This woman was wearing a simple top and a pair of shorts that had obviously been taken from the Base's supply of donated clothing.

"This is...?" Sarah asked hesitantly as she looked at the woman that was looking at Lyle's back with interest.

"This is Mave. She's a Surgeon, or more, she used to be one before all of this apocalypse nonsense happened," Sandy said rather proudly, obviously happy at having found someone who specialised in medicine.

"Ah... really? A Surgeon?" Hope filled Sarah's eyes upon hearing this. Now maybe Lyle wouldn't die from his injury, or at least Sarah wished that to be true.

"There are two problems," the short woman, Mave stated while she moved next to Sarah and peeled off the towel that was stopping Lyle from bleeding out, revealing the gory mess that was his wound.

"Problems?" Sarah asked with her anxiety clear to see.

"Right, problems," Mave replied calmly before she began carefully inspecting Lyle's injury. She was using a small toolbox that had been filled with pieces of cloth to dab away the blood and pus from the wound.

'Eh? Isn't she going to explain what the problems are to me?' Sarah thought to herself.

Before she could ask more questions, Mave said to her, "Shouldn't you get back to the wall? The attack isn't over as far as I'm aware."

'Ah! She's right! Dammit, how could I have forgotten?!' Sarah scolded herself before she started running out of the room. As she left, she yelled, "Come and get me if you can't heal Mr Middleton. I'll try to save up enough energy to heal him again if you need me!" And with that, Sarah left the cabin and ran back to the wall.

Sandy walked next to Mave and said, "Two problems? What exactly are these 'problems?'" He had seen several injuries in his lifetime as a Construction Worker and Supervisor, but none had ever looked quite as serious as Lyle's did.

"Huh? Oh, right. I'm a brain Surgeon, not a spinal one, so I only know the basics. I have no idea if his back is beyond repair or not. And the second problem is that I don't really have any tools, so we'll just have to sit here and dress his wound while we wait for that girl to come back and heal him with her magic," Mave explained as she wiped away some of the blood on Lyle's back before she applied some pressure to the wound.

"So, in the end, we'll need Sarah to come back?" Sandy asked with a frown, clearly worried about the wellbeing of Lyle.

"Yup. Like I said, not much I can do right now without sterile tools," Mave responded with a shrug of sorts.

"... Mave?" a voice mumbled.

"You're awake, Lyle?" Mave responded with some surprise in her tone.

Sandy looked between the two before saying, "You two know each other?"

"Yes. I spent my merit points on some special cyanide for him. It only works on attackers sent by the system, but it kills them instantly if injected directly into their bloodstream. Honestly, it could have been useless if the enemies didn't have blood." After saying this, Sandy gave Mave a strange look.

Mave glanced back at him before saying, "What? The Lord has a huge pet Golem. You think that thing has any blood? I fully expect several attacks to host creatures that lack blood, making the cyanide useless."

Mave clicked her tongue before she grumbled, "If I hadn't spent all of my points on that bloody cyanide, I'd have been able to get some decent medical equipment, maybe even some magic medical equipment..."

Sandy stared in awe at the small woman who gave off a strong and cynical vibe. "Well, now that Lyle's awake, I trust you can help him, right? I'm going to go to the wall and help out. Sitting around here twiddling my thumbs would be stupid. No point in sitting here now that I finished the work Daz left me with," Sandy said before he leaned over Lyle and took his communication device.

Sandy looked at the sleeping Dorian before he left and said, "Once Lyle is stable, make sure to give that kid a once over, okay? It looks like Lyle or Sarah healed up his arm, but it still looks really nasty."

Mave completely ignored him, making him grimace. 'I really can't handle her personality type. Well, time to go make myself useful,' he thought before he left the room.

"... I'm glad to... keh... see you, Miss Mave. The... keh... the cyanide you got for me..keh... worked exceedingly well... keh," Lyle mumbled amidst a series of coughs.

"Shut up. Talking will only hurt you," Mave replied icily.

"The Lord... Lord Daz... keh... is he... is he okay?" Lyle asked, ignoring Mave's orders.

"If he wasn't, I doubt we'd be chatting right now, so shut up, Doctor's orders," Mave replied while she wiped away some more puss and blood from Lyle's injury before she put a new cloth on it and applied pressure.

Lyle grimaced in pain before he weakly laughed, "O-Of course... keh."

"Really... what a foolish man you are, trusting your life to a stranger directly," Mave said with a pointed look being directed at the unconscious Dorian.

Mave was a fascinating woman with little interest in the apocalypse. Rather than saving lives, she simply wanted to research and study brains, but fate would seem to have other plans for the short yet stoic woman.

While she may have claimed to have been a brain Surgeon, that was only in the past year. More accurately, she was a Brain Researcher who specialised in the nerve connections of the brain. Mave loved the brain and everything about it, especially the parts we, as a species, knew absolutely nothing about yet. 

She was hoping that this apocalypse, while not being particularly appealing to her, would yield some fruits for her research. She had high hopes for the shop since all sorts of magical things could be purchased. Mave only wished that she could get her hands on some sci-fi laboratory equipment.

This desire led her to worry that she might need to fight at some point to save up enough merit points to actually buy such equipment. However, for now, she figured that saving Lyle, the man who had promised to fulfil her dreams of owning a high-tech laboratory eventually, would be the wisest course of action.

A note from Lone

The next chapter is the end of the 3rd attack! I'm quite fond of Mave. I feel like I nailed her personality in her introduction. This may feel like fluff to some of you, but these past few chapters are actually quite important to the plot.

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