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Book 1 Chapter 56: Towel and Smile


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"Oh, Gaia! Prestami il tuo aiuto e cura la ferita di quest'uomo!" Sarah exclaimed in an unfamiliar language to both her and Dorian, though it sounded distinctly eastern in comparison to the continent of America. More than likely, it was European, which Sarah found curious, but she had little mind to spare to ponder over such things right now.

Seconds later, a warm, green glow enveloped Lyle's back as Sarah closed her eyes and concentrated on the class skill she had just cast, Minor Wound Recovery.

Minor Wound Recovery [C-Rank (Higher Tier)]
A skill commonly used amongst those attuned with Nature and Healing magic. It was originally created by the Elven High Priestess, El'Athun, of the Deep Forests of Litcun, a magic-focused world.
Allows the host to heal a wound by 5% Can be used 5 times a day in exchange for 40 Worldforce. Remaining uses: 4

After the verdant glow dissipated, Lyle's Injury looked ever so slightly better, although, it was still bleeding rather badly. Sarah sat there for another two minutes as Ger covered her and Dorian. She managed to use her skill two more times before she had run out of Worldforce.

The cut on Lyle's back was still bleeding, but it was now at a level where Dorian and Sarah were able to cover up the wound with Dorian's shirt to prevent the bleeding from killing Lyle immediately.

"We need to carry him back to the base. I've done what I can for now. We need to treat him properly and make sure he doesn't die from blood loss or from an infection. Your shirt is hardly the cleanest thing around," Sarah said seriously with all of her previous nervousness and nausea completely absent.

Thankfully for Lyle, while Sarah was indeed, a young twenty-three-year-old girl who came from a simple upbringing, she was mature enough to hold herself together when a precious life was at stake.

Dorian nodded his head and said, "Of course! I-I'll support his r-right side, can you support his l-left?" with a clearly depressed, but anxious tone.

'Is he still upset about messing everything up? He should be more concerned about his arm right now...' Sarah thought as he eyes wandered to the messy stump that was Dorian's right arm. Dorian noticed this but completely ignored it.

"Yeah, let's hurry back to the base," Sarah replied after getting a hold of herself once more. The two then carefully brought Lyle back to Fort Skip and very quickly rushed through the opened portcullis. As soon as they were in, Heather forced the iron bars back down using the crank.

"Thanks, Heather," Sarah said to which Heather lightly replied before running back up onto the walls. Neither Dorian nor Sarah questioned this as they were both aware of the large responsibility Daz had left her with.

The two carefully carried Lyle back towards the cabin, all the while receiving the horrified gazes of the Citizen's who had chosen not to fight. Sandy, the Construction Supervisor who had helped Daz both with his crafting and with the Wasp Queen's body, ran up to the two.

"What happened?! You," Sandy yelled before he gestured to Dorian. "Move! You're in no condition to be helping Lyle with that injury of yours. Get inside the Cabin and lie down on a bed, I'll see if I can find someone with medical knowledge to treat you both after we get Lyle on a bed as well," Sandy ordered with no room for negotiations.

Dorian immediately complied, letting Sandy take his place with supporting Lyle. "So, tell me what happened," Sandy said as he and Sarah carefully carried Lyle back to the cabin. Dorian fumbled out an explanation with Sarah adding in any details that he missed.

Sandy carefully laid Lyle on his stomach and moved his head to the side to ensure he wouldn't choke to death on his own tongue. He couldn't lie Lyle on his back due to his severe wound which made even Sandy grimace.

Dorian was seated on the single bed opposite of Lyle's. The room they were in was originally intended to be used by the Richie twins as a bedroom, but it was now being used an infirmary of sorts.

"Keep an eye on them, Sarah. You said you still had more uses of your healing skill, right?" Sandy asked in a serious tone.

"Y-Yeah, two more times. I just need to wait for my Worldforce energy to come back," Sarah replied a bit hesitantly due to the abruptness of Sandy's question.

"Good. I'm gonna go ask around. Maybe there's a Surgeon or someone else with healing abilities who can help stabilise Lyle," Sandy claimed before he left the room. 

Sarah carefully went on to remove Dorian's shirt from Lyle's back and replaced it with a perfectly clean white towel. While still not ideal, it was a far cry above Dorian's unsanitary shirt.

"I'm sorry..." Dorian mumbled with a downcast look on his face.

Sarah turned to look at him with shock on her face. She took a second to think before she said, "It's not your fault."

"H-How is it not my fault? Becuase I hesitated... because I hesitated... Lyle might die because of me!" Dorian passionately stated as tears started to trickle out of his eyes.

'How can I calm him down? He's getting worked up at the wrong time. Right now, we need to focus on getting him and Lyle back to health, not pointing fingers...' Sarah thought in distress.

She decided to say a few simple words in an attempt to relieve Dorian of his mental stress. "It's okay, Dorian. You're only Human, so it makes sense to hesitate in such a strange situation. Yes, you made a mistake. A big one. But it's not your fault. If you really want to blame yourself, then work as hard as you can in the future to make sure something like this doesn't happen again, okay?" Sarah said with a warm smile.

Something about her smile resonated with Dorian. He felt time stop as he struggled to breathe while looking at Sarah's beautiful face. He could feel his cheeks redden so he quickly nodded his head and lay down on the bed he was sitting on before facing away from Sarah. "Thank you," he quietly muttered in response to the girl that was three years older than him.

He was obviously enamoured by Sarah, so much so that the pains from his shoulder stump seemed to have vanished entirely and he ended up drifting to sleep.

'Mmm... I hope he doesn't get too attached to me. Afterall, I still have Sean... Sean is definitely alive...' Sarah thought to herself. Obviously, she had noticed Dorian's exaggerated reaction to her words and she could only hope that he was experiencing some sort of suspension bridge effect that would disappear with time.

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