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Surprisingly, the fight with the five Barbarians was far more manageable than when there were ten of them. While it made sense that it would be easier due to there being less of them, Lyle still felt like he would have been no match for them in a fair one-on-one match.

Sarah had bound one, while Ger had shot two others. During this, Lyle had pushed his body to its limits, taking advantage of Sarah's speed buff, and he had managed to inject the two other Barbarians. The final one was killed by another, slightly more focused bullet, from Ger's revolver. However, just before the last one had been killed, he had managed to slash Lyle on the back with an axe, creating a rather nasty wound.

Lyle and the barely-conscious Dorian now had a moment of respite. Despite the loud noise of the gunshots and the death of eleven total Barbarians, none of the remaining army had split off to kill Lyle and Dorian. It would seem that they were too busy trying to take down Rimmy and attempting to stop his, Daz and Crusher's advances towards their Chieftain.

"Stay with me, Dorian," Lyle said calmly to the man who he was helping walk back to the base. Dorian's face was pale and he was struggling to stay conscious.

"L-Lyle... I'm... sorry... it's my fault you got injured... I should have... I should have defended you properly..." Dorian weakly said.

Lyle struggled to hear him over the noise that Daz's group were making and due to the fact that he was trying to bear the pain of his back wound.

"Worry about it later. We need to get back to the base first and recover. Our part in this fight is over. We'd better hope that the system can do something about your arm, or else you'll have to go back to being a normal Citizen. Though I suppose you could learn how to fight with a single arm if you don't hesitate again," Lyle mumbled in response as his calculative mind thought about the consequences of what had happened to Dorian.

Dorian flinched at the word 'hesitate'. 'I-I-I... he's right. I hesitated. We could have both died... I lost an arm and Lyle got slashed... I'm pathetic,' Dorian said to himself.

"You can move on your own now, yes? If I remember correctly, you lost an arm, not a leg," Lyle said with a bit of a struggle. Clearly, holding up half of Dorian's weight was too much for the wounded and anorexic man.

"O-Of course... I-I'm sorry..." Dorian fumbled with his response before he let go of Lyle abruptly, which sent him off balance and consequently, Lyle fell to the cold, hard concrete.

Naturally, Dorian panicked at this. He crouched down and tried his best to lift Lyle with his one arm, but to no success. "D-Did he faint?" Dorian asked no one in particular. It was at that point, that he noticed how much blood Lyle's shirt was covered in. 

'I-I didn't realise how badly h-hurt he was! I need to help him... w-what do I do?!' Dorian struggled to find a solution before a voice interrupted his panicked thoughts.

"Dorian? What happened? Is Mr Middleton okay?" Ger asked over the comm.

'Of course! The comm!' Dorian exclaimed internally before he replied, "No, he's not! H-He got hit by an a-axe, and b-blood is all over the place. I-I can't stop the bleeding... H-He's going to die!"

"Fuck. I thought he was just tired," after a short pause, Ger spoke again, "Sarah's coming down now to help you carry him back. I'll cover you, so stay safe for now and don't shout. You're lucky none of the Barbarians are interested in you right now."

'Although it's kinda dangerous, Sarah can get out there and help bring them back. I hope Crusher and Daz are okay... they must be dealing with a lot of pressure from the Barbarians right now,' Ger thought while he managed to shoot and kill another man that was squeezed up at the back of the army that was assaulting Daz, Rimmy and Crusher.

Sarah used one of her skills, Call To Nature, to create a simple vine that snaked up the base's wall.

Call To Nature [D-Rank (Lower Tier)]
A skill primarily used by those attuned to nature, but was actually created by the Dryads of Rakshu, the planet without water, as a means to survive with the life that this magic could create.
Allows the host to create plant life on inanimate objects. Limited to 10 meter long vines. Can be used in exchange for 20 Worldforce.

She did this since she didn't want to risk opening the portcullis. Sarah immediately put her weapon, a textbook on biology, on a holster at her hip, much like how a scholar of old would do. The belt and attached holster were crudely made for her by a Citizen who had the crafting skill and couldn't find much else to do with their time.

Sarah then aptly clambered down the wall, using her well-rounded physical fitness to her advantage. Thankfully for Sarah, she had always been fairly fit during her youth, and she ran a mile every morning before college. She was no athlete, but she liked to keep in shape.

She ran straight for Dorian and Lyle, trying her absolute best to ignore the gore and body filled road and surrounding grasslands. She tried her utmost to disregard the army of large, brutish men and simply ran.

Luckily, she reached the crouched and pale Dorian without incident. Sarah took one look at Lyle and tried her very best to stop her food from leaving her stomach. 'What a deep cut... it's gross. Urg, I'm getting dizzy seeing all this blood up close...' she thought in repulsion at Lyle's wound.

"H-He's bleeding so much! Y-You can use m-magic, ri-right? Please! He saved my life! You have to save him!" Dorian shouted loudly. His volume alerted two Barbarians to his, Lyle and Sarah's location, redirecting their attention to the three.

'Get a grip, Sarah! This wimp of a guy knows what to do right now and is kinda calm even though he's lost an arm!' Sarah convinced herself before she spoke into her comm, "Dad, help cover me, please. I need a minute to heal Mr Middleton!" 

Two loud gunshots answered her before her father did, killing the two Barbarians that had split off from the horde. "I'd never let my daughter get into danger. Take your time. My attention is fully on you," Ger said with a reassuring tone.

"I love you, Dad," Sarah replied with a smile. 'I forget how cool Dad can be sometimes...' the twenty-three-year-old thought to herself as she lowered herself to Lyle's level and began chanting once again.

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