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Book 1 Chapter 52: Illusion and Damage


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Heather slung her ordinary looking fishing rod over her shoulder and took a very short second to focus her sight. 'I've never tried this before, so hopefully, I don't miss,' Heather said to herself.

"Increased Accuracy," Heather whispered. A yellow glow surrounded her eyes and hands after her short incantation of the skill's name.

Increased Accuracy [E-Rank (Higher Tier)]
A skill common amongst ranged weapon users. It was originally created by a long-dead master archer, who popularised ranged weapons on his homeworld, Grunda, aeons ago.
 Increases the likelihood of hitting the user's desired target by 5% when used.
Makes seeing the user's target 5% easier when used.
Steadies the user's hands by 5% when used.

Heather then tried her absolute best to aim properly, and when she felt she had the angle right, she put all of her strength into her shoulders and swung the metal rod as hard as her stats would allow her.

The sturdy elastic wire whipped through the air behind her before her arms lurched forward, propelling the hook at a speed that might have rivalled any professional Fishermen.

The metal claw hook whizzed over the group of Barbarians that were surrounding Rimmy, Daz and Crusher. Upon seeing it, Crusher and Daz closed their eyes and Heather activated another skill. This particular one, she had spent most of her Merit Points on. "Illusionary Lure."

Illusionary Lure [B-Rank (Lower Tier)]
A rare skill utilised by magic-wielding rogues. It was developed in the hopes that the creator, Algor Retfus, could always have a means to distract his enemies were he ever to be stripped of his tools.
 Allows the host to select an object and create an illusion that extends for 50 feet around it.
All that see the illusion will be compelled to follow or head towards the object creating the illusion.
The illusion will last for 30 seconds.
Can only be used once every day. The counter resets at 00:00 AM. Remaining uses: 0.

Naturally, due to the abilities of the skill, all of the Barbarians in Daz's group's surroundings suddenly stopped attacking and a vacant look took a hold of their eyes. 

Heather then started to slowly and carefully reel in her line, pulling the hook along the ground, all the while, being careful not to catch it on any bumps or bodies.

"It's actually working..." Daz mumbled as he heard the fifty or so Barbarians that were previously surrounding himself and Crusher, slowly walk away, almost like Zombies, all the while following the small hook on Heather's fishing line.

"Now's our chance, Rimmy, Crusher!" Daz yelled as he snapped his eyes open and made sure to not look anywhere near Heather's hook. While it was a very powerful illusion technique, it was very easy to avoid by simply closing your eyes or by not looking at it.

Rimmy and Crusher both nodded at Daz's shout and began running towards Og, the Barbarian Chieftain.

Naturally, there was still a large number of Barbarian warriors who were blocking their path, making it a challenge to reach the towering man that had yet to move.

Rimmy made it a point to punch any Barbarians that got too close to himself and he used his Crystal Shotgun attack to help lessen the pressure on Daz and Crusher, which they both appreciated.

"HAHAHAHA! I'VE NEVER FOUGHT LIKE THIS BEFORE! I'M GLAD I WAS HOLDING A SLEDGEHAMMER WHEN ALL OF THIS SHIT WENT DOWN! GRAVITAL IMPACT!" Crusher yelled in excitement as she swung her Sledgehammer upwards to meet an unprepared Barbarian's chin, sending him shooting through the air like a rocket with the help of the tool's Gravity Rune.

'Fuck me she's loud. Even though all of these Barbarians are yelling and grunting, she's really easy to hear. Big women are scary...' Daz thought to himself as he remained silent. Unlike Crusher who was using her brute strength to kill her enemies, Daz was trying to be tactical, by using what little techniques he had learnt over the past day, to fight as efficiently as he possibly could.

He avoided an axe while letting a club from another Barbarian hit him, resulting in a very small amount of his Lifeforce disappearing and a bruise forming under his armour. "Guh," Daz winced in pain before he swung Hamson around and used his new skill, Basic Slash, successfully cutting his attacker's throat.

Similar incidents happened to both Daz and Crusher, creating a various amount of minor injuries on the two. In particular, Crusher's left shoulder had been hit fairly hard by a club, ending in it deforming slightly. Were it not for her high stats, her entire shoulder might have been crushed under the pressure of the attack.

Daz's most critical wound was a large cut on his face. He had managed to avoid having his head cut off by a battle axe, but in doing so, his face was cut quite deeply. In fact, the tissue separating his face from the inside of his mouth was so thin at the injury, that were you to poke it with a finger, it would more than likely create a hole in his face. 

Unlike back when he got shot in the head by Ger, he didn't have a jewelled core now so he couldn't regenerate using energy. Unfortunately, although his new Species, Reaper, was certainly more useful and powerful overall when compared to the time he was a Human and had a Jewelled Core, he was now weak to physical attacks, despite his three-thousand Defense. 

'Mmm, it looks worse than it actually is, I think,' Daz thought to himself as he took a split second to inspect his body. He then asked the system to show him his Lifeforce to make sure he wasn't in critical danger since he couldn't completely gauge his damage with his pain alone. Adrenaline was interfering, or so Daz assumed.

Confirmed. The host's Lifeforce is currently, 2253/3000.

'This attack is much harder than yesterday's one. There's no way I'd be able to do it by myself. How many have Rimmy, Crusher and I defeated already? About seventy? This is going to be a long fight,' Daz thought to himself as his small group of three had finally reached the boss, Og.

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