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Day three's attack shall now begin.

Due to the efficient use of your merit points, and by the request of several Gods, the difficulty of your attack has increased greatly.

The attack's difficulty has increased greatly due to the host's number of governed Citizens increasing.

Due to the host evolving, the difficulty of your attack has increased greatly.

Good luck, Reaper.

Surprisingly, there wasn't a humongous horde of monsters this time, well, at least not one as big as the Wasp or Zombie's respective hordes.

As far as Daz could count, there were roughly five hundred enemies and one who was quite noticeably larger than the rest.

Barbarians. All armed with crude clubs and poorly constructed iron weapons and they were roughly five-hundred meters away from Fort Skip, on the road that led down to the city. Naturally, the first thing Daz did was use his Higher Identification on the Barbarians and on the stronger looking one that was certainly their leader and the boss of the attack.

Simple Barbarian's Status
Basic Information
Name: N/A Species: Human
Age: 25 Sex: Male
Class: Club Warrior Affinity: Chaotic Evil
A simple Barbarian not strong enough to have received his own name. Hailing from the prehistoric planet, Retun, this Barbarian must fight to free his tribe from the servitude of the system.
Lifeforce: 3000/3000 Stamina: 2000/2000
Strength: 60(70) Defense: 40(48)
Constitution: 40(48) Rage:  0

'Nothing too special. A little bit stronger than the average Citizen after they'd spent their points. Shouldn't be too tough to kill them all with a bit of quick-thinking and well-coordinated tactics. Now, for the boss,' Daz thought with a slightly pleased look to his face.

Og's Status
Basic Information
Name: Og Species: Human
Age: 34 Sex: Male
Class: Axe Master Affinity: Lawful Evil
 As the strongest Barbarian in his tribe, he naturally became the Chieftain through an age-old tradition of killing his predecessor in combat. After foolishly wagering his entire tribe in a deal with the system and losing, he now works as a pawn, destined to serve the system faithfully until his debts have been cleared or if he happens to ever meet his end.
Lifeforce: 10,000/10,000 Stamina: 20,000/20,000
Strength: 1,000(1,200) Constitiution: 1,200(1,440)
Dexterity: 600(720) Rage:  0

 "Holy fuck..." Daz mumbled as he started to sweat and shake slightly. His previous smile had been wiped off of his face.

"Lord, what's wrong?" Crusher asked from Daz's side with a grin strewn across her face. Daz turned to look at her with annoyance.

"How can you be so relaxed?! That big one in the back, he's roughly four times stronger than you. Four times! Shit! The Gods want to kill us..." Daz yelled before he started mumbling to himself again.

Lyle put a hand on Daz's shoulder as he looked at the Barbarians that had yet to move. It would seem that they were somewhat wary of Rimmy who was standing in front of the makeshift trench.

"I have the utmost faith in my Lord. You have the ability to carry us through this storm, I know you do. Lord Daz, think, use your natural ability as a leader to help us defeat this attack. I would stake my very life on the fact that I know you can expertly handle anything!" Lyle loudly stated with confidence.

Dorian seemed to be roused by this short speech of Lyle's before he instantly recoiled back at Daz's response.

"Shut up. You think I need a pep talk? I appreciate the thought, Lyle, but I'm fine. I know exactly how to deal with this situation," Daz snapped back with a bitter tone.

"Of course, my Lord. How foolish of me," Lyle replied quite happily. 'How silly of me. It's only natural for the Lord to be upset at the attack, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a plan of action. It would seem that I need to punish myself for this rookie mistake.'

Daz bit his nails a bit harshly before he chose to Identify the Chieftain's class. Unlike with the Wasp Queen, Daz didn't want to get taken advantage of by a particularly sneaky skill, though he felt that this 'Og' didn't seem to be the sneaky type.

Denied. The person you have tried to use the SS-Rank skill, [Higher Identification], on, is far stronger than you, so it has failed and the person has been notified of your attempted skill usage.

"Great..." Daz uttered with a sour expression. Mere seconds later, Og, the Barbarian Chieftain, raised his large axe above his head and issued a war cry that sent all of the Barbarians into a frenzy. They immediately charged towards Fort Skip.

"Even better..." Daz wasn't sure if he could feel any more disgusted at the system than right now. 'I've been nothing but polite to you, and this is how you repay me? You could have at least told me that Higher Identification didn't always work on people stronger than you,' Daz thought.

He then swiftly placed a small mechanical device over his ear, a communication tool that Lyle had got some of the Citizens that weren't willing to fight to buy from the shop. Daz then quickly told the team on the wall what his plan was before he shouted out orders to Lyle, Dorian, Rimmy and Crusher.

If Daz was sure of one thing, it would be that the Gods who were making his attacks more difficult than they should be, would get their comeuppance from him one day, but for now, he had to focus on getting as strong as possible alongside his companions.

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