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Book 1 Chapter 48: Trench and Volunteers


"Are you sure this is okay, Sandy?" Daz asked as he, Sandy, and another man who was roughly forty, looked at the Wasp Queen's body.

"Yeah, should be. Like I said, Bobby here," Sandy said as he pointed his thumb in the other man's direction, "has been a fish chef for about five years now, so even though this clearly isn't a fish, we should be able to gut it and maybe I can put it's carapace to good use makin' some armour like Lyle suggested. Though I'm no blacksmith, so don't expect much," Sandy replied while he held his stubbled chin in thought.

"So long as it can be used somehow, I'm happy. Thanks again, guys," Daz said to Sandy and Bobby with a thankful expression.

"No worries, kiddo. it's the least us oldies can do to help ya since you're gonna be fighting the monsters for us," Sandy replied with a toothy grin.

Bobby squatted down next to the Wasp Queen's body and put a cigarette inside his mouth before he lit it with a match. "I wonder if there's any monster fish out there? I hope so," he mumbled, completely ignoring Daz and Sandy.

Shortly thereafter, Daz left the two and headed back to the centre of the Fort. When there, he built a fairly decent sized billboard out of wood which he immediately planted in the centre of the grassy hill where his Citizens has slept last night.

Daz then left and entered the cabin before he shortly returned with a black marker pen and began writing on the board.

"What do you think he's doing?"

"Daz? No idea. He's a bit erratic, so who knows what he's up to?"

"Do you think he'll really protect us today?"

"I hope so. If he doesn't, then there's no hope left for us."

"Right. We need his help, even if he's a lunatic."

"Hey, he's finished writing."

"Really? What does it say?"

The gallery of observers quickly read what Daz had written on the billboard and were surprised by what it said.

What Daz had written was as follows;

Will you participate in the daily attacks?
If yes, write your name here and state what you can contribute to aiding the defenders of the attacks.

Daz - Massive close-ranged attack capabilities. Slight mid-ranged attack capabilities.

As stated, Daz was basically asking for people that were willing, to help him fight against the attacking monster waves. Although he knew that he was easily the strongest person at Fort Skip overall, Daz wasn't conceited enough to assume he could continue to fight on his own.

'I nearly died when I fought the Orcs and Zombies at the DIY store by myself, and even with the help of the ballistae, it'll be hard to fight by myself. Volunteers are definitely the way to go since I promised I wouldn't force anyone to fight. There's still four hours until today's attack so hopefully, at least a few people will put their name's down,' Daz thought as he left the marker pen on the board and walked away to go practice at the training area a bit more.

After practising for three hours, Daz had successfully increased the level of his two skills, Basic Shovel Mastery and Basic Slash, to level two. He had stopped to go do one final task for his preparations against whatever monsters might attack him today.

As Daz was walking towards the Fort's portcullis, Lyle stopped him. "My Lord, I've taken it upon myself to create a registry of all of the Citizens of Fort Skip. Would you like to read it over now, or perhaps later?" Lyle asked.

Daz looked at his Advisor's hands to see that he was holding a clipboard which had a sheet of white paper on it. "Nah, I'm fine, thanks. I know who everyone is. I'll check it later to see if anyone lied about their identities, but for now, could you help me by organising the volunteers who want to help me with the attack along with Ger? That'd be useful," Daz replied dismissively.

Lyle beamed a smile in return before saying, "Of course, my Lord. It'd be my pleasure."

Lyle then quickly walked off. "What a weirdo... still, he's been the most useful asset to me thus far if you excluded Rimmy, so I guess I can ignore his strangely compliant attitude... for now," Daz mumbled.

He then, with the help of Rimmy, left the base and took a moment to look at the sturdy ten-feet tall wall. "Yup. A trench would definitely help us. Who knows if the next enemy is strong enough to destroy these walls with ease? Rimmy," Daz rhetorically asked before he turned to face his best friend.

Rimmy, in response, tilted his head ever so slightly.

"Could you help me out by smashing the ground roughly," Daz walked away from the walls and stopped ten or so meters in front of them. "here? In a line around the wall. I wanna make a trench. You'll smash up the earth and road, while I'll use my dig skill to even out the holes you make. Sound good?" he continued.

Rimmy shoved his right arm out and made a thumbs up before he walked next to Daz and immediately pummeled the ground. Daz smiled at this and got to work creating a trench with his crystal buddy.

Thanks to the insane amount of strength Rimmy held, it took the pair exactly fifty minutes to finish a very simple and crude trench that surrounded the front side of the base. Luckily, Fort Skip sat atop a hill and the backside of it was almost a sheer cliff, so the front side was the only one that really needed extra Defenses.

"Great job, buddy. Do you mind staying out here while I go ready the volunteers? Eat a jewel or two to recharge," Daz asked with a light-hearted smile.

Rimmy bobbed his head and sat down on the ground before he wiped his jewelled forehead to emulate exhausted. Daz laughed at this before he entered Fort Skip.

"What? Only five? Well fuck. Better than nothing I suppose," Daz grumbled as he looked at the five people that Lyle and Ger had gathered. These five were the only people other than Daz that had decided to help fight of today's attack.

Daz was familiar with two of the five, they were Sarah and Heather, but two of the other three surprised him. One was Dorian, the man from Matt's group, the gangster Daz had killed, while the other was someone Daz would have rathered hadn't volunteered. The third person was a woman who was roughly thirty and was very muscular.

"So, care to tell me why you want to fight the monsters, Jorden?" Daz asked with his arms crossed and a serious expression plastered across his face.

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