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 The God of Order has forcefully cut the connection to the God of Shovels' dreamscape. The God of Order is requesting the host, [Daz], to forget what just happened and to wait for further contact.

"What the hell?" Daz mumbled. 'You've gotta be kidding me... What the fuck just happened? Dreamscape? The God of Order forcefully ended it? Is he stronger than the God of Shovels? Why does he care? Just, what on Earth is happening?' Daz thought as he threw his head back and rubbed his temple a bit roughly.

He then sighed and took out his Enchanting book and began reading it to distract his mind from the crazy events that happened just moments ago.

The world was full of people in fairly similar circumstances to Daz. They had been forced to adapt to a very unfamiliar, life-changing experience, and either due to chance or through their own fate, they were now controlling their own territories. Castles, ships, shopping malls, military bases. All of these types of places have become the bases and homes of various survivors. 

The leaders of these bastions of hope will bring the world to a new age of prosperity should they endure the current apocalypse, or perhaps, fate may have them bring it to its own doom.

While Daz was busy studying Enchanting to help him deal with his latest addition to his stress, in an endlessly expansive room that held nothing bar fifteen thrones, all of which except for one, had various people of different species, genders, physical appearances and existences, sat on them. A golden dragon was also perched on his hind legs beside these thrones.

A very average looking man, wearing a long grey overcoat and similar-coloured cloths with messy brown hair was kneeling on both knees in front of these thrones. His hands and feet were bound by golden shackles.

A heavy silence filled the room as the man kept his head down, avoiding the critical gazes of the beings staring at him.

A few moments passed before the giant who sat on the throne directly opposite the shackled man opened his mouth to speak. "Pala, do you know why you have been brought to The Chamber of Council in such a pitiful state?"

Pala's expression turned dark and various lies flooded his mind before he ultimately decided to nod his head in agreement.

"Good," the giant replied while he stroked his chin. "Since you are aware of your crimes and since this is your first offence as a lesser god, we shall state your wrong-doings and punishment shall be granted. Do you agree?" 

"I-I do, God of Order, Ordine," Pala responded hesitantly. 'I was sure it'd work! How did the higher gods find out?! Caos promised me it'd work!the simple looking man screamed in his mind.

"Good. All in favour of the lesser god, God of Shovels, Pala, being stripped of his godhood and being banished to a lower realm for the crime of attempting to directly aid his champion on the world, Earth, say 'aye', all against this, say 'nay'," The God of Order, Ordine, said emotionlessly.

"Nay," the High Devil, The God of Evil, said with an impish grin.

"Aye," the Archangel, The Goddess of Righteousness, stated with disdain in her voice.

"Aye," a large whisp of smoke, The God of Death, uttered icily. 

"Nay," came the soft voice of a beautiful, golden-skinned Elven woman, The Goddess of Life.

"Nay," a gelatinous blob of green matter, The God of Reality, conveyed.

"Aye," the large multicoloured Butterfly, The Goddess of Dreams, expressed.

"Nay," boomed the voice of the humongous Golden Dragon, The God of Strength.

"Nay," came the feeble response of a very skinny and short-looking Human who had long overgrown hair, The God of Weakness.

"Aye," flowed the soft-sounding voice of the gentle and motherly looking Human, The Goddess of Love.

"Aye," a large and fat, green-skinned Goblin, The God of Hate, cackled.

"Nay," came the voice of the eight-foot-tall Shura who had six arms, The God of War.

"A-Y-E," beeped the clockwork man made from brass machinery, The God of Peace.

'Aye,' the humongous octopus, The God of Wisdom, communicated telepathically.

"Nay," a gnome wearing a jester outfit, The God of Madness, laughed.

The God of Order, Ordine, stroked his chin again. "It seems we have a split of opinions. Seven 'ayes' and seven 'nays'. That leaves the deciding vote with me," he said with a slightly troubled expression.

Pala closed his eyes and despite being a Minor God himself, he prayed. 'Please, say 'nay', please, please, please say 'nay'! I need this, please, say 'nay'! It's not my fault I tried to help my chosen! It's unfair that the Higher Gods get to help theirs from the start! Please!' 

A few seconds of silence passed before the God or Order opened his mouth again. "Count yourself as lucky, Minor God, Pala. I, myself, have a certain interest in your Champion, so banishing you would potentially affect that interest. I vote 'nay'," Ordine said with a peculiar smile.

"Thank you! Thank you!" Pala expressed with genuine glee on his average-looking face. 'I'll make you regret this decision one day, Ordine... all of you... you'll see that us minor Gods are powerful too. I need to warn the others about Caos being a traitor,' Pala thought. 

Shortly afterwards, he was removed from the endless space and freed to resume his duties as the God of Shovels.

"Now, to begin the meeting regarding the disappearance of the God of Chaos, Caos. Does anyone have any new information regarding this?" Ordine asked his fellow Higher Gods with interest.

"Your opposing God has always been unpredictable. Don't bother with him, Ordine, he'll show up when he wants to. It's only been twenty-thousand years since his last appearance, not even half as long as the last time he went missing," the High Devil, the God of Evil said with an apathetic smile.

"Hmm, you might be correct, Malvagio," the Giant responded as his hand stroked his bearded face once more. 

"Forget Caos, hehehehehe, let's talk about our Champions on this new experiment world!" the God of Madness exclaimed. All of the other Gods and Goddesses agreed. Living as a being that never died made life boring sometimes, so talking about their vessels was the most fun they could have until the battles between them could officially start.

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