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Book 1 Chapter 43: Tome and Stress


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"Hmm..." Daz scratched his head in confusion as he stared at the table. He walked around it and looked at it very closely. The Reaper even knelt down to press his ear against the poorly constructed piece of wooden furniture.

"Yup. I have no idea how I should enchant this," Daz concluded before he sat down on the ground and crossed his legs. It was starting to get dark since it was roughly ten o'clock in the evening, so Ellie had decided to leave and go back to the cabin to spend some time with her sister, leaving Daz with Rimmy.

"Hey, Rimmy," Daz called out to his stoic friend. "Do you know how I should enchant this?" he asked. In response, the towering Golem put one hand on his chin while the other held his elbow. Shortly after, he bobbed his head after having reached some sort of conclusion.

"That so? I kinda assumed that the world you came from had magic and enchanting. My bad," Daz replied earnestly. Rimmy gave a thumbs up in response and cocked his head.

"You're right. I just don't wanna rely on the system for everything, y'know? I might need to figure out something like this in the future by myself," Daz said as he helplessly shrugged his shoulders.

Rimmy nodded his helmet-shaped head a few times, forcing a sigh to escape from Daz's lips. "Yeah, I know. Guess I'll just spend some more points on info. Kinda stupid that they let me buy a skill, but they didn't give me the knowledge on how to use it, just the capacity," Daz complained. Rimmy could only shake his head in response.

"System, is there some sort of 'Enchanting For Dummies' handbook that I can buy? Something that will tell me exactly how to enchant, at the very least, the basics," Daz asked in a polite and expectant manner.

Confirmed. Desired item exists. [Basic Enchanting For Dummies] Price 100 merit points.
Confirm purchase?

"Confirm, please," Daz happily replied. Instantly, a bright flash appeared, however, luckily, its light was heavily diluted by Rimmy's body who was standing in the way of the Civilians, which Daz was thankful for. He didn't want to wake anyone up with a sudden light show. Unfortunately, a few people were still disturbed, but no one approached Daz to ask what he was doing. They were too tired to complain right now.

The total merit balance of the host is now 43,638.

"Oof!" Daz exhaled sharply as his arms caught the humungous book, no, perhaps calling it a tome would be more accurate. It had several runes painted along into cover and spine, making it look very ancient and powerful. Were it not for the large letters in bold that read, 'Basic Enchanting For Dummies', Daz might have felt a sense of value for the thing.

"It's really named that..." Daz mumbled as he repositioned the tome to prevent it from falling out of his hands. 'Hmm, it's too dark to read out here now. Guess I'll go back into the cabin?' Daz said internally before he stored both the huge book and the simple wooden table he had crafted.

"Rimmy, do you mind standing guard on the walls and be the lookout for survivors? No one is in a good state right now really, so only you can do it. Either you, or maybe Ger," Daz asked his best friend with a sense of reliance to his tone.

Rimmy, of course, Shook his head about happily and immediately left to do as asked. 

"Rimmy, the friend I need, but don't deserve," Daz mumbled with a self-deprecating smile before he walked to the cabin that the Richie's were in.

"This book is so weird," Daz heard being stated from within the cabin. He pushed open the wooden entrance only to find both Ellie and Sarah snuggled up to each other in the same blanket as they read a book that looked eerily familiar.

"Oh, hi, Daz," Sarah greeted with a smile. "We were just doing some late night reading," she continued before her gaze lowered back onto the book that was lying on the coffee table next to Ellie's pet cube.

Daz couldn't tell what the book was about at a simple glance, but its shape, colour and size gave him a bad feeling. "What's the title?" he asked as he sat down on the adjacent sofa to the twins' one.

"Mmm?" Sarah replied with slight hesitance since she wasn't expecting a follow-up to the conversation, really. Usually, you don't disturb people when they're reading late at night, but Sarah shrugged it off and lightly replied, "'Basic Enchanting For Dummies'. I bought the Enchanting skill, but I couldn't get it to work, so I browsed around on the system's shop and scored this nifty book that tells you exactly what to do. It's pretty interesting since it has stories in it about fantasy worlds," Sarah replied before she paused. Seeing no immediate reply from Daz, she continued reading.

"I-I see," came Daz's delayed and slightly embarrassed reply. Only Ellie was astute enough to pick up on the slight flush to his face and crack to his voice, making her smile very gently while she continued to snuggle up to her twin.

'I should have asked around to see if anyone had a class related to enchanting or if they also needed the book. God, I'm selfish and stupid. C'mon Daz. It's not all about you. You won't be the Lord of Fort Skip for long if you don't think about your Citizens for a few seconds every now and then,' Daz thought in with a slight chuckle.

He leant his head back into the comfy sofa and tried to relax. 'It's funny how stress can be so different at times. Before all of this started... the stress from 'that' wasn't anything like this. I still feel burdened, but in a kinda good way this time. It's not a bad feeling.' A grin crept up onto his face as his eyes slowly closed and he fell asleep.

A few moments of silence passed before Sarah said in a hushed voice, "Hey, Ellie."

"Mmm?" Ellie replied as she carefully rubbed her dreary eyes from under her glasses. 

"Wanna kiss him now that he's asleep?" Sarah teased with a playful smirk, clearly trying to get a rise out of her dearly loved sister.

"Shut up," Ellie snorted in return as she hid under the blanket that covered the two of them and she pulled it away from Sarah. 'Short sentences are getting easier,' she thought while her twin tried in vain to free the woollen covers that had been so cruelly torn from her. The very ones that now fully encased Ellie.

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