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"Maybe now would be a good time for some montage music to play in the background?" Daz asked himself as he carefully screwed a leg into one corner of his attempt at a table. This new wooden creation of his looked far more usable than his rain shelter, at least so far. "I wonder if it has anything to do with how crafting is subtly different from construction?"

"Ahh!" Daz turned his head towards this sudden scream only to see Ellie on the ground, seemingly having fallen over. A small metal cube that was probably some sort of toy before it had been thrown away, was rolling around her and making slight buzzing noises.

"What the hell is that?" Daz said with curiosity as he dropped the tools he was holding and walked over to Ellie calmly.

"I bon't know!" Ellie exclaimed as she shielded herself from the cube that was trying to roll around her.

'Heh, that's pretty cute. She's unexpectedly childish. Guess I'll find out what that thing is. It seems harmless enough,' Daz thought before he swiftly grabbed the shiny grey thing and used Higher Identification on it.

Living Iron Cube [F-Rank (Lower Tier)]
A block of iron granted life by the host, Ellie Richie.
Attack:  1 Defense: 10 
Basic Hardening
Basic Hardening
Allows the object to harden itself by 5%

"Interesting," Daz said while he held the small cube that was desperately trying to escape his hand.

At this point, Ellie had stood up and dusted herself off. Naturally, her face a bit red due to having fallen over out of fear at the apparently harmless cube of iron. "Bwat is it?" Ellie asked Daz as she approached him and carefully touched the cube that was still trying to flee from Daz's hand. At Ellie's touch, it seemed to calm down and it stopped struggling.

"I didn't tell you your class earlier 'cause I thought it didn't matter since you couldn't access the system yet, but it looks like you used one of your skills on this block of iron by mistake," Daz said. He then carefully placed the item in Ellie's hands. This only helped in making her face turn an even deeper shade of crimson which Daz chose to completely ignore.

"My blass?" she asked to distract herself from Daz's hands touching her's a second ago.

"Right, you know how Sarah is a Sorceress of Nature? She told you that, right?" Daz asked while he slowly walked back over to his table. The one that he was putting all of his effort into building. Naturally, Ellie followed him.

Ellie nodded in response to Daz, so he continued, "Well, as far as I can tell, people who were reading books got classes related to magic. Your class is 'Sorceress of Machinery'. I dunno how far this theory extends. So far, only you and Sarah have classes like this, so I dunno if it's specific to informational books or not. There could be some pretty crazy classes out there if every type of book was a valid weapon," Daz patiently explained with a shrug as he carefully attached another leg to the round piece of oak he was using as the head of the table.

"Two down, two to go," Daz mumbled. He then wiped his brow to clear the sweat that had gathered due to how badly he was focusing on his creation. "Want me to check and tell you what skill you accidentally used to bring that cube to life? By the way, that's what you did, you brought it to life. It's pretty useless according to its stats, but who knows, maybe it can grow in the future?" Daz offered.

"Yes, bwease, Daz," Ellie said, startling herself a bit. 'I said his name correctly... I really must have a skill related to my learning, right?' she thought.

Daz smiled and used Higher Identification on her skill list.

Machine Identification [C-Rank (Middle Tier)]
A skill common amongst all those attuned with machines. It allows the host to identify most simple machines.
 Allows the host to limitlessly identify simple machines.


Mechanical Life [B-Rank (Lower Tier)]
A skill unique to mages dedicated to the magic of machinery. It allows the host to grant life to machines and metal objects.
Allows the host to grant indefinite life to a total of 3 mechanical or metal-based objects. Remaining uses [2].
Does not require chanting of the skill's name to activate.


Expanded Mind [C-Rank (Higher Tier)]
A skill all magic-oriented beings have. It expands the limits of the mind and allows for a far greater learning capacity than normal.
Expands the host's memory by 20%
Allows the host to learn things 40% faster


Basic Telekinesis [B-Rank (Lower Tier)]
A skill highly sought after and one that is only possible to learn with decades of training if normal methods are used to obtain it. It allows the host to move objects with their mind to a limit.
Allows the host to move objects that weigh less than 2 kilograms a distance of 5 meters from the host.
The limit to the amount of objects movable at once is 1.

"Wow. Your class is pretty powerful," Daz commented before he shared the details of Ellie's skills to her. "I'm guessing you're learning to speak better thanks to this 'Expanded Mind' skill and you must have used your Mechanical Life skill on that cube by mistake or something," Daz said as he attached the third leg to the table.

"I see," Ellie replied happily as she hugged the cube that had settled down now. It wasn't special in any way, but Ellie had created it and it had served as a good excuse to talk to Daz, so Ellie was happy.

"Hey, that was perfect English. Good job," Daz said while he continued to focus on his table. Ellie blushed at the heartfelt compliment before she lowered her head.

"Bwank you." She then walked back to her chair and began playing around with the cube, so as to see if perhaps it held any secret functions, or perhaps just to escape the mildly embarrassing situation.

"What a weird girl," Daz whispered his thoughts on the twenty-three-year-old woman that was surprisingly childish. With that thought, he connected the final leg to the table, completing it. "Time to start enchanting," Daz said with an excited grin.

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