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Book 1 Chapter 39: Fun and Crafting


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'I guess the first thing I'll do is try out enchanting and crafting. Gotta master their basics before I can buy the next tier so I can get a big discount. Hmm, what time is it, anyway?' Daz thought as he stared at the sun which was lazily hanging in the air. 

Confirmed. The local time is currently: 17:38PM.

'The system can tell the time? That's convenient. Anyway, nearly six o'clock, huh? Still got eighteen hours until the next attack. Plenty of time to train. By the way, system, do you know if my new Species requires sleeping? I only bought the jewelled core in the first place to avoid that,' Daz asked the system with some concern clear in his tone.

Confirmed. The Hosts Species [Reaper] does not require sleep, however, it requires a certain amount of [Death Energy] which can be generated by sleeping, or by consuming souls. 

'Death can be generated by sleeping? That's interesting. Does it make me consume lingering souls or something? Anyway, that means it's optional, which is good,' Daz thought with a happy nod. He had walked for long enough now, that he was standing in front of the scrap metal skip. 

He climbed his way over the railing meant to protect civilians from the gap between the platform and the skip itself, and he lightly stepped onto the pile of assorted metal goods, all the while making sure he kept his balance. He stopped moving and scanned the many metal objects as his face put on a ponderous expression. "I wonder what I should experiment with? I need to use this junk to craft shit then I need to enchant said shit for maximum efficiency... hmm..." he said to himself.

"I guess I should try to make stuff the people here can use at least... hmm... maybe some chairs and a few tables? Yeah, let's go with that," Daz decided, he then starting lugging every piece of metal out of the skip that he thought could be useful. He repeated that process with the wood skip before he made his way over to the toolbox where he originally was hoping to find a power tool but previously had no luck on the eve of the first attack.

He inspected the large box for a while before he came to a conclusion. "Hmm, this is too big for me to carry, isn't it? I'm certainly strong enough... but I doubt I can walk properly with it... guess I'll go get Rimmy," Daz said with excitement. His body was overflowing with energy as he ventured upon this new path of creation. 

It didn't take long for Daz to find his best friend, but when he did find him, he was almost lost for words. "Certainly, I asked you to get rid of the blood on your hands somehow... but really?" Daz said in amazement as he stared at Rimmy's earth covered fists.

Were he to guess, Daz would assume that since Rimmy couldn't find any water to clean himself with, he simply forced his arms into the ground all the way up to his elbows. This covered up the blood, but it didn't actually clean any of it.

"Look at you, ya big doofus, now you're dirty on top of being bloody, hahaha!" Daz burst out into laughter as he held his stomach at how simple Rimmy could be. The Golem in question simply cocked his head in confusion.

"System, can you clean Rimmy for me, please? Confirm purchase for however much it costs. Thank you," Daz requested as he wiped away the tears that had gathered in his eyes due to his laughing.

Confirmed. Applying [Deep Host Clean] to the summon of the host [Daz], [Rimmy McShineston]. Price 10 merit points.
The total merit balance of the host is now 48,728.

With a now clean Rimmy, Daz returned to the pile of assorted wooden and metal junk he had collected. While coming back, he had noticed that both Dorian and Fiona had entered the base and were each hesitantly eating a tin of baked beans.

They were staring at Rimmy with fear in their eyes, but Lyle was standing next to them, seemingly explaining to them who and what the Golem was. He spotted Daz and gave him a smile before he nodded. The pair of Reaper and Golem made their way successfully to the skips after that.

"Okay Rimmy, here's the deal," Daz said as he started sorting the large pile of assorted junk into separate, smaller piles based on the sizes and types of the materials. "I'm gonna start crafting a bit of this and a bit of that to get some experience with all of this crafting stuff. I got the crafting skill with my class, so I wanna focus on it. I need you to get into the wood and metal skips and just pull everything that I missed up here. Oh, also, could you go and grab the toolbox and bring it over here for me as well? That'd be a great help, buddy," Daz asked with a light and relaxed tone.

Rimmy titled his head in response. "Ah, you're right... hmm, bring the Wasp Queen's body over here too I guess. We'd better supervise it. Don't want anyone seeing it and getting strange ideas about burying it or something. You're always keeping me right, pal, thanks," Daz thanked his shiny friend.

Rimmy nodded before the two set about doing their respective tasks. Naturally, Rimmy's hands were more than big enough to grab the huge box filled with old tools and after he had brought it to Daz, he returned to the Wasp Queen's body and also brought that over to the piles of assorted trash. After he was done with that, Rimmy started carefully getting all of the metal and wooden miscellaneous objects out of their respective skips. 

At some point, Daz had asked Rimmy to stop getting items and instead asked him to help sort them.

"Finally done sorting this shit," Daz exclaimed as he wiped the sweat that had accumulated from his brow. He looked at the several piles of materials with a happy smile.

"I guess the first thing I should build is a shelter for these piles? Don't want the rain ruining them," Daz said to himself and Rimmy bobbed his head in agreement.

Daz then spent all of his focus and effort on creating a shelter made from four simple wooden posts and several sheets of thin steel. It looked horrible, to be frank. It was a miracle that it hadn't collapsed under its own weight. "Is it only standing because my skill is holding it together?" Daz asked himself as he held his chin in contemplation. Rimmy had struck a similar pose to Daz as he stared at his Master's creation.

"Hmm?" Daz said as he felt a big hand suddenly gripping his shoulder. He turned his head only to see the large man from earlier who had the hoe and wore crocs with shorts and a tank top. Daz was thankful that he wasn't also wearing socks. That would have been a disaster.

"Kiddo, what the heck do ya call that piece of shit wobblin' about like a fire hazard?" the fifty-something-year-old man asked Daz with a serious expression.

Daz frowned slightly before he replied, "... What was your name again?"

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