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Book 1 Chapter 38: Fiona and Villain


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Both Dorian and the young girl looked at Daz with apprehension and fear quite visible on their expressions. "Ha-ah," Daz sighed. He looked around at the literal sea of corpses that surrounded his base. Countless Zombies, Wasps, and now, five Humans.

"System, is there any way to remove these bodies?" Daz asked. Immediately, a grey screen answered him.

Confirmed. Each body removed will cost 1 merit point. Confirm removal of 6,653 corpses in exchange for 6,653 merit points?

"Confirm, ah, but leave the Wasp Queen's body. It might be worth researching, or maybe someone in the base has a class that can use it," Daz replied. 'Honestly, I'd like to reap their souls and see how efficient the conversion rate of consumed souls to soul power is, but I guess I can do it tomorrow. Those bodies are a clear health hazard,' he thought.

Suddenly, Dorian and the girl were both shocked to see the endless bodies disappear, almost as if they had never been there in the first place. "Wha... what the hell?" Dorian murmured as he gaped at the blood covered, but corpse-free, landscape that surrounded him. 

The total merit balance of the host is now 48,738.

"Rimmy," Daz called. The Golem in question cocked his head to look at Daz curiously. "Please give me Hamson back, and if you could, please bring that Wasp Queen's body into the base. Just put it somewhere away from the people. Oh, also, if you can, wash off the blood from your body, and thank you for helping me," Daz said with an uncommonly bright smile.

Rimmy bobbed his head in confirmation before he stood up, startling Dorian and the girl. He then took Hamson out from his inventory and gave it back to Daz. After that, he slowly walked past the shaking Dorian and gently lifted up the Wasp Queen's corpse. He soon disappeared into the base after he had collected her. 

Daz strapped Hamson onto his back before he looked at the two survivors. "I'm sorry about that. Did Rimmy scare you? He's a big ol' softie when you get to know him," Daz said to Dorian and the girl with a warm smile. They shivered in terror. 'Please don't tell me that the only reason they're still here is that they're too scared to move?' Daz asked himself with worry.

"Y-You're not going to k-kill us?" the girl asked with her voice expressing exactly how much she expected Daz to murder the two of them.

'How rude! I only personally killed Matt who was a scumbag and Rimmy only killed the five that attacked me. Who is this girl anyway? Higher Identification,'  Daz thought before a grey screen flashed before his eyes, informing him of who the girl was.

Fiona Mathers' Status
Basic Information
Name: Fiona Mathers Species: Human
Age: 13 Sex: Female
Class: Illusionary Artist Affinity: Good
 The daughter of the Mayor of Waterford. She has lived a privileged life amongst the higher society of Waterford, creating a slightly haughty attitude, but she is otherwise a very good person. She spent most of her free time drawing since her father was very liberal in allowing what she did in her spare time. She has problems speaking to others due to being sheltered by her father too much.
Lifeforce: 863/1000 Stamina: 402/1000
Dexterity: 10(12) Creativity: 10(12)
Intelligence: 10(12)  

'Heh, the Princess of our own little city? That's unexpected. I wonder how she ended up with Matt's group, of all the possible groups? Still, she seems decent enough to let into the base assuming she wants to live here. Her class certainly sounds interesting,' Daz thought before he approached the girl, alarming her slightly.

"No, Fiona, I'm not going to kill you, or you, Dorian," Daz replied to Fiona's question with a lively smile that was exceedingly charismatic, so much so that it looked like it didn't belong on his average-looking face.

"H-How do you know my name?" Fiona asked as she visibly started to panic. 'I never went out in public except to go to private school, how could this nobody know who I am? Daddy made sure that my image was never released to the public to protect me,' she thought in worry.

"I know everyone's names. I know everything about a person's life, who they are, what type of person they are, what they've done. It was thanks to this ability of mine that I determined that Matt should be killed. He was beyond saving, but you Fiona, and you, Dorian," Daz slightly exaggerated his abilities before he paused and looked at Dorian. 'Higher Identification,' he thought.

Dorian Elkwood's Status
Basic Information
Name: Dorian Elkwood Species: Human
Age: 19 Sex: Male
Class: Brolly Blocker Affinity: Lawful Neutral
A simple man who came from a broken family and in order to escape the pain of his family's abusive nature, he dropped out of school and started working as a Janitor in the famous Ocean Springs Hotel after receiving a recommendation by a fellow employee. He did this to pay for an apartment in the city's outskirts. His favourite past-time was watching anime.
Lifeforce: 694/1000 Stamina: 301/1000
Defense: 10(12) Constitution: 10(12)
Strength: 10(12)  

'Brolly Blocker? Hahaha, that's the stupidest class I've heard of so far! Is his weapon an umbrella? Anyway, he worked at the hotel? Seems like Matt wasn't lying that they were survivors from the hotel. Makes sense too since Fiona was probably staying there during the first attack,' Daz concluded in thought.

"And you Dorian, are also more than welcome inside my base, the both of you. I won't force you to fight or do anything really, except follow any rules I set, which will be simple things like 'don't kill', or 'don't steal'. You'll be fed, clothed and housed. You can also leave whenever you like if you ever feel like Fort Skip isn't the perfect match for your ideal home away from home during this lovely apocalypse of ours," Daz said with a mischievous grin.

Dorian gulped as his head was swimming with thoughts. 'He... he doesn't care about us at all... but... but... why do I feel like saying no would be a terrible mistake? I mean..he... he could kill us right now if he wanted to since he has that Golem under his control... I... I have nothing left to lose... I...' "I accept," Dorian said after finally coming to a decision.

"Excellent! And what about you, Fiona?" Daz asked as he breathed in a deep breath of the surrounding air. All Daz could smell was death and he found this comforting. 'Perks of my Reaper class?' he thought.

"I don't think he'll hurt us, please, for your own safety, accept. He might kill us if you say 'no'," Dorian whispered to her with his anxiety clearly audible in his tone.

"I-I... I accept," Fiona agreed to Daz's proposal after she had abandoned her hesitation. 'Papa is already gone and I can't survive on my own... I need to leech off of this... this Warlord,' the teen thought in disgust.

'I really feel like a villain right now. Mmm, it's not a bad feeling,' Daz happily thought before he turned around and walked towards the portcullis. While still walking, he said, "Feel free to enter the base. Look for Lyle. He's the anorexic middle-aged man. He'll get you settled, or you can just leave. It's entirely up to you." Not expecting much from the two people that Rimmy had traumatised, he entered the base with a clear mind.

"Now it's time to work on my skills and practise on those dummies in the training ground. I wonder if I still don't need to sleep? I don't want to, so I guess I'll buy something new to deal with that from the system if I start getting sleepy. Nah, guess I'll just ask the system, it's there for a reason, after all," Daz mumbled to himself. It was finally time for him to start grinding his basic skills and possibly gain a few more new ones.

A note from Lone

Thank you to the user, BlackBox, whose idea inspired Fiona's class. Thank you to the user, Flashfyre and all of the other users that suggested an umbrella after he did. This idea inspired Dorian's class.

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A huge thank you to the user, TheIndianCurry, who was kind enough to draw fanart for our Lord and saviour, Rimmy McShinston!

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