A note from Lone

NSFW fairly bloody chapter.

Dorian was scared. Frightened, terrified even. He was frozen as he watched the giant man of crystal that he knew was a Golem walk slowly over towards the shovel that had now consumed Matt's entire body.

It was lying on the ground and the Golem picked it up despite his over-sized fingers and it suddenly disappeared. The Golem then slowly turned his head around and looked at the five people that had previously attacked the man who claimed to be the lord of this 'base'.

Those five couldn't move. Rimmy's existence was just so absurd to them that they, or anyone else in the group, didn't know how to react. However, before they got a chance to, Rimmy suddenly lurched up and punched one of the strong-looking men that were standing nearby. The five were close since they had just tried to charge Daz earlier so Rimmy had no trouble making his fist hit its target.

"AHHHHH!" the man screamed before his life came to an abrupt ending. Rimmy's fist went right through his chest, completely ignoring his muscles, killing the man. 

Time seemed to slow down as the corpse of the man slowly slipped off of Rimmy's fist and made a wet thud as it hit the hard road beneath Rimmy. 

Several of the group members screamed and made a run for it. Rimmy completely ignored them since his only targets were the five that had tried to attack his Master. He swung his now bloody hand around and grabbed the head of another one of the male attackers. A quick squeeze and it popped like a watermelon, forcing blood to fly out of the cracks of his now closed fist and it flew onto the face of the beautiful female attacker.

"Ah... ah... we... we don't stand a chance..." one of the two remaining men muttered in terror before he turned and made a break for it, grabbing the arm of the woman as he ran past her, bringing her with him. She came to her senses and ran as fast as she could with the man away from Rimmy.

The last attacker, the other man, wasn't fast enough so just as he started to run, Rimmy had grabbed him by his right shoulder. "NO! NO! LET ME GO YOU MONSTER! NO!" he screamed in absolute dread.

Rimmy clamped down on the other man's shoulder with his free hand and slowly started pulling the man apart. "AHHHHHHH! NO! AHHHHHH! IT HURTS! AHHHHHHH!" the man wailed as his tendons snapped and his muscles tore. Two fountains of blood spurted out of his now armless torso since Rimmy had ripped both arms clean off of the man's shoulders.

"AHHHHH! NOOOO! NOOOO! NOO-" his screaming and flailing was cut short by Rimmy stomping on his head, killing him.

The Golem then turned his head to look at the pair that was fleeing and he held his palm outwards and pointed it at them.

"What on Earth is it doing?" Dorian said as he tried to keep what little food was in his stomach from hurling up onto the paved ground. Were it up to him, he would have run away as well, but his legs had turned to stone so to speak and wouldn't let him move, both he and another person, a young girl of maybe fourteen were standing stock still just staring at Rimmy in horror.

The next thing Dorian knew, his cheek was bleeding. He raised his hand to feel the blood flowing out of his face. "What the...?" he said before he suddenly heard two thudding noises from behind him.

Dorian slowly turned his head around only to see the two that had tried to flee from Rimmy were now lying on the ground in a large puddle of blood and protruding out of their backs were several light-blue shards of what looked like ice. Dorian once again slowly turned his head, but this time to look at Rimmy.

Rimmy's hand was emitting steam and if Dorian were to guess, it looked like the Golem had shot out projectiles from his open palm. "A crystal shotgun type of attack? Was... was that a skill? Is this... is this Golem sentient? Does it have a class and skills? And that 'Daz' guy can control it?... Insane..." Dorion mumbled almost incoherently. His legs then gave way and he collapsed to his knees, still fully conscious.

It was at this point that a tall, bald and rugged-looking dark-skinned man stepped through the still open portcullis. "A person...?" the girl a few meters away from Dorian said. It would seem that she had also fallen to her knees and she was covered in sweat.

Ger looked around and frowned. "Wow, it's a bloodbath out here," he then walked up to Rimmy without any hesitation, startling Dorian and the girl.

"D-DON'T GET NEAR THAT THING! IT'S DANGEROUS!" the girl yelled. It would seem that she had managed to get back on her feet and was looking at Ger with worry clear in her eyes.

"Hmm?" Ger responded as he scanned his eyes over the young girl who had called out to warn him. "Thank you, but you don't need to worry about me. Daz only told Rimmy here to deal with his attackers. Speaking of, Rimmy," Ger said, shocking the girl and Dorian.

Rimmy titled his head to the side and looked at Ger with his featureless face.

"Daz told me to tell you to look after anyone that decided to stay. Don't let them in since he needs to inspect them personally, but he wants you to supervise them I suppose. I'm going to go get Lyle and the survivors he and Daz rescued. I'll be back in a few minutes, okay?" Ger asked slightly cautiously. It would be a lie to say that he wasn't anxious. Despite having killed before in the past during his job, he had never seen anything quite as gruesome as what lay before him.

'I hope Rimmy believes me, after all, he could easily ignore what I said since I'm only relaying Daz's words for him. I never realized it before, but...' Ger thought before he looked at the body of the man that had been ripped in two before having his head squashed. 'If Daz hadn't stopped Rimmy, would I have ended up like that?' Ger thought as he held the side of his chest with his left hand.

Thankfully, Rimmy nodded and sat down on the spot cross legged, which looked odd considering his stature, but Ger let him be and went to the buildings Daz had described and soon found Lyle and Heather's group.

They were walking back to the base and Lyle wore a complicated expression on his face. "The Lord seemed to be affected by his first kill, you said? I wonder if I can help him in any way..." Lyle asked before he started mumbling.

"Mr Middleton, you're still fairly young. I don't think you've ever killed, have you?" Ger said with a serious tone as they approached the base.

"No, of course not," Lyle replied immediately.

"Well, I have. It's not something you can help him with. From my understanding, the kill wasn't exactly the cleanest. Let him figure this out on his own. What he decides to do after this may very determine the fates of everyone here," Ger said before he walked ahead and saw Rimmy still sitting in front of the portcullis with Dorian and the girl still sitting nearby.

"Is that so...?" Lyle said with a depressed smile that spoke volumes of his actual experience in life. 'True, 'I' haven't personally killed anyone... depending on your definition of 'I',' Lyle thought.

A note from Lone

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