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Book 1 Chapter 34: Consumption and Life


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"So, Matt, how do you plan to get in?" Daz said before he knocked on the stone walls twice. "These walls look pretty tough," he said before he moved to stand in front of the portcullis. Rimmy immediately spotted him, but before he could do anything, Daz sounded out the words 'Don't move' with his lips, stopping Rimmy from reacting. "Not to mention, I could be wrong, but that statue over there looks alive," Daz finished and he apologised to Rimmy internally for calling him a statue.

Matt walked up to Daz's side and looked at Rimmy as well. "I doubt it's alive, but if it is, can you handle it? I was thinking we could support each other and climb over the wall, it was at that idea, that my friend over there, Dorian, had a slight disagreement with me," Matt said. Daz noticed that Matt was occasionally stealing greed-filled glances towards his shovel, Hamson, and the armour he was wearing.

'I think I've had enough. This guy is really rubbing me the wrong way,' Daz thought before he moved away from the portcullis and went next to the wall again. Once there, he leant Hamson against it and turned to look at Matt. "Do you mind trying to jam this into the wall for me?" he said as he gestured to Hamson. "Having it as a foothold might be useful. I'm gonna go look for a few strong people from your group to help us over the wall. You okay with that?" Daz continued with an honest smile.

'Oh, a chance!' Matt exclaimed internally. He walked over to Daz and grabbed Hamson before he replied, "Of course, that sounds like a good idea." 

"Okay then," Daz said before he turned around and saw the looks on the people from Matt's group. They looked sorry and very afraid except for five of them, four men and a woman seemed perfectly fine as far as Daz could see. Suddenly, the group started to pale over in fright and Daz could hear a deafening scream coming from behind him.

"AHHH! AHHHHH! WHAT IS THIS?!" Matt roared in terror as his hand was being sucked into Hamson which had clearly been swung downwards in an attempt to strike Daz on the head. "I-I CAN'T LET GO!" Matt screamed.

"Well, that worked better than I had expected it to. So he sucks people into himself to consume them? Interesting," Daz said loudly enough for everyone to hear him. 

The group of people looked at him in shock and Matt visibly changed his attitude. "IT WAS YOU, YOU FUCKER! MAKE IT STOP!" he yelled at Daz as he squirmed and struggled, trying to stop Hamson from consuming him.

"Eh? Why would I stop him? Hamson only consumes people if they try to use him. You didn't need to use him, but I'd have killed you anyway if you didn't," Daz said quiet enough that only Matt could hear him.

Daz then swung around once again to face the group of twenty. "As you can all see, my weapon is currently consuming your old leader. He will die. There is no way to save him. I knew from the from the very first second that I saw him that he was evil, I have a way of seeing into the hearts of people. I am the Lord of this base behind me, and I'd be willing the shelter you all in it. I have food and clothing, more than enough for all of you. I would have to carefully vet each of you, of course, to make sure none of you are evil like this ex-gang member over here," Daz said in a rousing way while he gestured to the still struggling Matt.

"YOU! H-HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS IN A GANG?! DID I RAPE YOUR SISTER OR SOMETHING?! DO YA KNOW ME?! AHHHHHH!" Matt started howling out possible reasons, proving his guilt, until he was interrupted by his entire arm being sucked into the shaft of Hamson.

"Just like your name, your life is very Bleak, isn't it, Matt?" Daz replied before he refocused his attention onto the crowd. "As I said, I can see the hearts of all people, even monsters. This is a special ability granted to me for my efforts during this apocalypse. I can see that Matt has abused you all, driven crazy by the power the system has granted him, but don't worry. The only part of you that I want to take advantage of, is your attacks," Daz said in a confident manner. His words were right and several of the women in the group flinched as dark expressions took over their faces and most of the men had guilt-ridden faces.

"Eh? Sexual assault? It's not even been two full days yet. I'll say this now, any of you that raped the woman, stand aside now. I doubt you'll ever atone, so I'll kill you quickly. I will find out if you're guilty, so I'd suggest doing as I say, or else I'll make your deaths slow and painful," Daz said with a ruthless tone as he eyed the men that looked guilty dangerously. 'It's crazy to think people would start raping so early. It was expected, but I won't let evil people into my base. They'll be difficult to control,' Daz thought.

Daz cringed as he heard Matt's screaming getting louder since now his neck and a half or his torso had been consumed since he was vigorously trying to lean away from Hamson to avoid its consumption affect on his head. Daz walked up to him and violently grabbed that head before he smashed it down onto the still floating Hamson. "SHUT UP! YOU'RE DISTRACTING ME!" Daz roared. At that, the rest of Matt's body fell limp.

"He... he's dead?" Dorian, the timid man from the group said aloud.

"Fuck, I didn't control my strength..." Daz said before he let go of Matt's blood-covered head. He then stared at his gloved hand that had just killed Matt. 'I... I feel fine... I just killed a man, but I don't feel anything...' Daz thought as he stared blankly at his hand.

"He... he killed the young Master! Get him!" a well-built man who looked middle-aged and rough shouted in anger. At that, three other well-built men and a beautiful woman charged out of the group and tried to attack Daz.

"I'm done here, I need to think," Daz murmured, disregarding his five attackers. He then, in his haste to figure out his feelings, ignored everything and crouched down before he jumped over the stone wall, shocking everyone present since the wall was ten-feet tall.

Once he had landed on the other side, he slowly walked up to Rimmy and smiled at him. "I don't want to deal with them anymore, I have something I wanna think about. Please kill the five that attacked me and store Hamson in your inventory. I forgot to grab him. Hamson is my shovel by the way," Daz requested as he continued to think.

Rimmy bobbed his head up and down before he suddenly placed a finger on Daz's chest and he then made a thumbs up with his other hand. "Heh, thanks, buddy. I know I wasn't wrong, I just need to think," Daz replied to Rimmy's gesture with a small laugh.

Rimmy cocked his head to the side before he walked over to the portcullis and grabbed the crank mechanism next to it before he turned it to open the gate. He then exited the base and did as instructed by his Master and best friend.

Daz walked to the cabin and standing outside of it with an impatient look on his face, was Ger. "Daz! Who are those people outside?! Where's Lyle?!" he asked anxiously.

"Oh, right, Lyle. Sorry, Ger, I just killed a man and I'm lost in thought. The people outside were a group led by a rapist gangster. I killed him. Could you please go out there, down the road towards the city, Lyle is hiding with forty-six survivors we saved. Go find him and bring him back, will you? Also, tell Rimmy to not let any of the gangster's group in until I get back, that is if they're still hanging around. I need to make sure they aren't evil first," Daz said without giving Ger a chance to interject.

Ger looked shocked. He thought for a moment. 'He looks pretty shaken up. He just killed someone? I remember my first kill on the job... I can let him off the hook, I guess, he must be going through a lot,' Ger thought in sympathy. "Okay, I can do that. And, Daz," Ger said before he suddenly stopped Daz from entering the cabin by putting a hand on his shoulder.

"What is it, Ger?" Daz said as his expressionless face swung round to look at Ger's surprisingly thankful smile.

"Thanks for leaving Rim- er, Lord Rimmy McShineston behind with us. Those people mighta stormed in if he wasn't standing guard," Ger said with a rub of his nose.

"You don't need to be so formal anymore, Rimmy is fine," Daz replied before he turned around and opened the door to the cabin. "And besides, there's no reason to thank me. If Rimmy didn't stop them, the ballista would have killed them before they could get in... funny how easy it is to take away a person's life, huh?" he asked rhetorically before he stepped into the cabin, leaving Ger at the entrance.

"'Easy', huh?" Ger said before left and went to do as Daz had asked him to do.

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