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Book 1 Chapter 33: Matt and Dorian


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"I told you to shut up!" a loud voice coming from the group of twenty shouted. Daz looked closely at the group only to see that the one who had shouted was a good-looking twenty-something-year-old man and he had just shouted at a timid-looking man of a slightly younger age, maybe eighteen or nineteen.

"B-But... that's definitely a Golem... I've seen them in games before. We should really go... this place might be a dungeon or something..." the timid-looking man said in a low tone, but Daz was now close enough to hear him and his interest was immediately picked. 'He's the first person to actually realise Rimmy is a Golem, hmm, I should give him a chance at least since he can't be a bad guy if he knows about Golems,' Daz thought a bit naively.

"M-Matt! Someone's coming over!" a young, maybe seventeen-year-old and fairly attractive girl exclaimed as she pointed at Daz.

At this, the good-looking man, Matt, spun around and glared at Daz with his angry expression still in full swing. Daz didn't like that. He didn't like that all.

"Who the fuck do you think you're looking at like that?" Daz asked in a low, threatening tone. 'He was bullying that other guy and I bet he's the leader of the group of people right? Looking at his face, bet he's a thug. A quick higher identification will answer if I should greet him with my words or with Hamson,' Daz thought before he immediately identified the man.

Matt Bleak's Status
Basic Information
Name: Matt Bleak Species: Human
Age: 24 Sex: Male
Class: Slasher Affinity: Lawful Evil 
A man who has always believed himself to be better than others. He rarely got into trouble for bullying in his younger years and this only bolstered his superiority-complex. When needed, he has always had a certain way with words that made less-confident people than himself shrink back in front of him, which only worsened his blackening heart. Due to believing himself to be invincible, he joined a fairly large gang and quickly rose its ranks due to his quick wits and willingness to get his hands dirty. His favourite pastime included taking advantage of his gangs' debtors' daughters. Due to having never been seriously reprimanded, he has always believed himself to be in the right and he has found a new goal in the Apocolypse.
Lifeforce: 1000/1000 Stamina: 1000/1000
Strength: 100(120) Dexterity: 50(60)
Intimidation: 10(12)  Leadership: 100

 "Who the hell are yo-" Matt cut himself off after he had taken a second to look at Daz and he could immediately tell that Daz had killed before and was ruthless by his eyes and attitude. Matt was seasoned despite his young age and he knew a threat when he saw one. 'This guy means business... I shouldn't anger him, he already looks pretty pissed... time to do the old routine, should fool this dumb looking sucker,' Matt thought with confidence.

"Sorry, I didn't see you there. I'm a bit agitated right now, please forgive me. I'm Matt. Who might you be?" Matt asked with a perfect smile, displaying his white teeth. 

'Why am I suddenly far angrier? Y'know what, fuck it. Let's play along with this douche,' Daz thought somewhat mischievously, fully exhibiting his chaotic nature. "I'm Daz. Don't worry about it, we're all on edge. What brings you guys here? This wall?" Daz said as convincingly as he could. Either thanks to his high charisma or his natural acting talent, the group of twenty seemed to believe him.

"Thank you," Matt said happily. 'What an idiot.' He thought before he walked slightly closer to the Portcullis. "We are indeed here because of this wall. We were all in the lobby of a nearby hotel when this mess started. We fled to the rooftop and stayed there until a few hours ago," Matt said with sadness in his voice.

"What changed?" Daz asked as he walked to stand next to him. he was still clutching Hamson, just in case anything happened. 'This guy is so full of shit,' he thought.

"We suddenly saw these walls growing out of the ground from the hotel's rooftop and we thought that it would be a far easier place to defend than the hotel, so we steeled ourselves and killed the monsters in our way before we finally made it here. We lost a few of our numbers just making the journey here," Matt said with a sour expression on his face. 

He looked at the people that had followed him here with what looked like sympathy. 'Those useless bastards barely managed to last as meat shields... well, now that we're here, I can finally take up my rightful place as the King of my peasants and rule these lands... fitting that the walls make this almost look like a castle,' Matt selfishly thought.

"I see," Daz said blandly. 'Fuck! I didn't think of that! People were bound to see the walls! The skip site is at the top of a hill with nothing but open grassland surrounding it for a couple of miles to the west and nothing but the road going towards the east into the city!' Daz suddenly realised.

"Our problem now though is that we're not sure how to open this giant gate... you wouldn't be able to help us get in, would you? You seem very capable, Daz," Matt asked with a charming smile accompanying his handsome face. 

"Sure, why not," Daz replied with a smile of his own. 'I know enough now. Now, I need this guy to die but I can't do it myself or I might lose any trust from his followers... they're potential citizens after all... hmm... what to do,' Daz thought with a gloved hand on his chin and the other on his elbow. 

'Thinking about how to help me? Good, after he's helped me here with the gate and the 'Golem', as Dorian claimed it was, I'll kill him. That shovel looks tough and I like the look of his armour,' Matt thought with a lick of his lips, completely ignorant of Daz's similar plans for him.

"This is a bad idea..." the man that Matt was shouting at previously, Dorian, mumbled to himself as he watched the exchange between Daz and Matt. While he looked at Matt with fear in his eyes, his way of looking at Daz would be better described as cautious. Almost overly cautious. It was as if he knew something.

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