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Book 1 Chapter 31: Conical and Enfield


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"Do you think they'll be alright? Lyle and Daz," Sarah asked her stepfather, Ger. She was currently sitting on a nice red leather seat inside the cabin at Daz's base. Ellie was sitting next to her on a similar seat while Ger was busy preparing a meal for them all across the room with a few tinned goods. He was using the built in kitchen that was nearly state of the art in design.

"They'll be fine. Daz made it to Mr Middleton's store by himself before he found us and remember," Ger said before he used the can opener to open a tin of peas and he put them in a bowl before he started preparing them. "Remember how we didn't see any monsters as we came back to the base? Only bodies," Ger finished.

"Mmm, that's right. That's kinda weird. Didn't the system say that everyone not holding a weapon would become monsters? I wonder what happened to them. What do you think happened, Ellie?" Sarah asked her twin sister.

Ellie put a hand to her chin and thought for a moment before she replied, "Mahbe tey were baken to anober blace?" she replied as best as she could.

"Another place? Hrmmm... maybe? It makes more sense than them just not being anywhere. Also, you're doing much better at talking now, Ellie!" Sarah said with excitement evident in her voice.

"Right, it won't be long before you can spend your merit points to get new items and skills," Ger commented.  

"I bink I have a sbill that helps be learn fasber," Ellie said quite happily. "Boh, what bid you buys get with bor boints?" she followed up with curiosity.

"You were napping when we spent them, weren't you?" Sarah asked with a smile, to which Ellie nodded. "Well, let me check the things I got again and I'll tell you. Dad, you do the same," Sarah said.

"What? Ellie wants to know what we bought? Sure, just give me a second to finish here," Ger replied before he finished what he was doing in the kitchen and moved to sit next to the girls. Both he and Sarah then showed and explained what they got to Ellie.

What Sarah had bought was one item and two skills along with several status points.

Sarah Richie's Status
Basic Information
Name: Sarah Richie Species: Human
Age: 23 Sex: Female
Class: Sorceress of Nature Affinity: Neutral
Lifeforce: 1000/1000  Stamina: 1000/1000
Worldforce: 300/300  
Intelligence: 15(48) World Affinity: 45(84)
Wisdom: 15(48) Willpower:  15(45)


Basic Entwine [E-Rank (Lower Tier)]
A skill usually taught to children with an aptitude for nature. It allows the host to entwine things with a very weak set of branches which requires little effort to break.
Grants the host the ability to call upon nature to entwine a single enemy. Can be used in exchange for 10 Worldforce.
Has a cast time of 10 seconds.
Has a duration of 1 minute if not broken.


Basic Enchanting [E-Rank (Middle Tier)]
A skill for those who have only just begun their long and arduous journey as an enchanter.
Grants the host the ability to enchant items.
All enchanting done by the host shall be 5% more efficient.
The host will have a slightly easier time enchanting all things.
The host will have a slightly easier time understanding how something was enchanted.


Standard Conical Hat of Magic [E-Rank (Middle Tier)]
A conical hat created by an order of powerful Mages for their new recruits. These powerful Mages hail from the magical planet, Bram.
Durability: 20  Magic:  30
Minor Augment Magic
Minor Augment Magic
Augments any magic-related stats of the wearer by the magic stat of the item.

 "So dat's bwat bat tupid hat is, bahahah!" Ellie laughed, forcing Sarah to hold the edges of the large hat she was wearing and lower her head in embarrassment.

"Daz said we should get stuff related to our classes... so I did..." Sarah murmured in response. 

'Although she's quick to anger and likes to poke fun at others, she's weak to being made fun of herself, huh? I guess even an apocalypse can't change the way my girls act with each other,' Ger thought with a knowing smile plastered across his lips.

"A-Anyway, what did you get, Dad? You still didn't tell us," Sarah said in a clear attempt to shift the topic away from her hat.

"Right, I had more points than you did, so I got something slightly better," Ger said before he held up his pistol and explained the changes he'd made to it.

Modified Enfield No.2 [C-Rank (Higher Tier)]
A sidearm revolver made in Britain during the year 1932. This side arm is one of the first of its specific kind to be produced and was bought by a collector, the host, to use as his weapon of choice while he worked as a bodyguard. It has been maintained extremely well and is clearly loved by its owner.
Durability: 400 Attack: 500
Accuracy: 200  
Ghost Ring Iron Sights
8 Chamber Revolver Cylinder
Minor Auto-Correction
Minor Auto-Correction
Automatically corrects the aim of the host by a maximum of 5°.

"Wow! So many new things got added to your gun, Dad. Did that cost all of your points?!" Sarah said loudly enough for Ellie to have to cover her ears. Noticing this, Sarah bowed her head down slightly and said, "sorry, Sis."

Ellie made a face that expressed it was okay and also turned to face Ger with a questioning look. "Well, yeah. I really wanted to be a bit stronger, but my weapon comes before I do. If I can't protect you girls, then what's the point, right?" Ger said with a smile.

It was at that point that the three of them could hear loud yelling coming from outside the cabin, so Ger told the girls to stay put and he left to investigate. What he found was Rimmy standing behind the portcullis on the base side and a group of humans, about twenty or so strong, standing on the other side, shouting amongst themselves. 

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