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Book 1 Chapter 29: Ring and Mithril


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Event Cleared!
Number of Participants: 2
Time Limit: N/A
Clear Conditions
Condition 1: Kill the 1,521 Orcs and the 3,689 Zombies attacking the Survivors
Bonus Condition 1: Make sure as many survivors as possible survive. The reward shall be greater dependent on the number of Survivors
Event Cleared to Perfection!
Minor Ring Of Merit [B-Rank Higher Tier]

This was the screen that Daz saw. Immediately afterwards, a ring that was entirely blue in colour appeared on the middle finger of his right hand. It was a pure band of metal and had no adorned jewels or any carvings. In fact, it looked very ordinary if you ignored its somewhat odd colour.

'System, give me a full body recovery and the Zombie infection cure, please. Higher Identification,' Daz requested before he identified the ring that was snuggly fit on his finger. He was rather calm currently, despite feeling himself slowly dying from the Zombie infection that had obviously spread to him thanks to getting hit by more than a few Zombies, but his Immunity stat had helped him to stave off the symptoms during the fighting.

Confirmed purchase.

Injecting host with [Basic Zombie Infection Cure] injecting host with [Basic Body Recovery Gel]. 1,500 points have been deducted from the host's total balance.

The total merit balance of the host is now, 31,400.
Minor Ring Of Merit [B-Rank Higher Tier]
A ring created by the system to aid the survivors of various worlds. It can only be rewarded to survivors and not purchased, nor traded.
Durability:  5000/5000 
Merit Booster 

'Wow, can't be traded? Higher Identification, Merit Booster and Bound,' Daz thought in excitement after seeing the item's description. He had a feeling like he knew what its abilities did, but there was no harm in making sure his hunch was correct.

Merit Booster
Grants the host an additional bonus of merit points after each completed attack. The boost is 500 x the number of merits performed.
This item is bound to the host, Daz, and cannot be used by any other host or sold to the system.

'As I thought... bound, huh? I wonder how anyone else would figure out what this does? Identification is very useful... but five-hundred every merit? So twelve merits would net me six-thousand? It's not that much. Maybe since it's only minor?' Daz thought as he sat up and stretched his body, startling Lyle who was staring blankly into space, presumably at his reward screen.

Daz took a moment to look around and noticed that the group of survivors, Heather included, were just staring blankly. "Looking at their merit screens? Oh, Lyle, what reward did you get? You got a higher tier B-Rank skill or item, right?" Daz asked his companion with quite a bit of interest.

"Ah, I got this... I believe it's an auto-injector? It's very heavy. Do you know what it is, Lord Daz? I can't tell if it's useful or not," Lyle said before he lifted up the device for Daz to see it. It was dark silver with a hint of blue in colour and actually looked slightly like a gun with a very short barrel and a needle at the tip.

'That actually looks really cool! Higher Identification,' Daz thought upon seeing the tool. Suddenly, the items description came into view and he also identified its two skills.

Auto-Injector Syringe [B-Rank (Higher Tier)]
An auto-injecting syringe designed for quick application of chemical substances. It's made from pure mithril and comes from Electon, a both technologically and magically advanced world.
Durability:  10,000/10,000 Attack: 100 
Rapid Injection
Allows the host to inject others with this tool with lightning fast speed.
Rapid Injection
Allows the host to inject several times with the same cartridge of chemicals. 10 times is the limit before a reload is required.

"Wow! You got really lucky, Lyle. I got an item anyone could use if they got it, but you got such a specific tool. I can't imagine many people would be able to use it," Daz said with a happy expression. Clearly, the man who had a high amount of loyalty for him getting something that he could actually use, pleased Daz.

"Ah, is that so, my Lord? How do you think I could use this? I understand how it works, but what's so special about it in particular?" Lyle asked with curiosity. Obviously, he trusted Daz's judgement.

"I'd suggest putting some points into strength so you can hold that with ease, it's made from mithril, some sort of magical metal from another world, which I'd imagine is pretty rare. Also, you might want to buy some poison cartridges, the shop should sell some. If you can't afford them, I'll buy you some to get you started. I'd suggest using that syringe for attacking and your antique one for healing. In the future, invest healing-type skills and stats onto the antique one and attack-related ones to the auto-injector. Okay?" Daz answered after thinking for a moment.

'I do have to wonder how the Lord knows all of this, but he does make a sound argument,'  Lyle thought before he nodded and seemed to hesitate to ask something, but after looking at Daz's new ring for a moment, he just smiled and stayed quiet.

Daz noticed this and just shrugged it off. "Oh, right, system, give Lyle the Zombie infection cure, please," Daz asked into the open air.

Confirmed. [Basic Zombie Infection Cure] Price 1,000 merit points. Usage on another host (Exclusive to Gold Rank access or higher) 5,000 merit points.  
Confirm purchase and usage?

"Confirm. Lyle, you owe me six-thousand merit points. I just cured you in case the infection is also an airborne virus. Better being safe rather than sorry," Daz said in a stern, yet caring tone. Clearly, Lyle was important to him.

The total merit balance of the host is now, 25,400.

"Thank you, my Lord," Lyle replied with a voice that spoke volumes about how much gratitude he was feeling. Even if he wasn't directly hit by any Zombies, Daz made a good point and Lyle was thankful for his perception that might have saved his life.

Daz nodded and then walked towards Heather and her group. It was time to decide what to do with the group of forty-six survivors.

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