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Book 1 Chapter 27: Respect and Transfusion


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"S-Stay back!" a skinny woman wearing a red blouse and a white frilly skirt ordered Daz. He frowned a bit at the poor reception he was receiving. At least ten of the survivors had stopped focusing on the monsters and were now paying attention to Daz.

"Hey, Redhead, can you talk some sense into these people? You know I'm here to help, and if I waste any time, a few of you might die which would upset me," Daz said as he looked straight at the woman who was still fighting ferociously. Lyle had stood up and was being eyed cautiously at this point. He stood next to Daz closely and held his syringe while he kept it concealed.

"Everyone, please, leave him alone. You saw what he did to the monsters down below, didn't you? He's the guy I told you about that had the large rock with him yesterday," the redheaded woman said while she struggled to fend off the Zombies and Orcs that were clawing away at her feet.

Daz's eyebrows twitched. "'Large rock'?" Daz said with anger clear in his tone. Lyle noticed this and his forehead creased up before he held his head with his left hand and sighed.

"Lord Daz, please remember that we're trying to do the event here and you also wanted to negotiate with these people after you have saved them," Lyle whispered into Daz's ear. Even if he knew it would go in one ear and out the other, he had to try his best to at least tell his Lord what their purpose was again since he was firm in wanting to help Daz as much as he could.

"Yeah, fuck that. I'll do the event, but you'll have your work cut out for you later. No one disrespects Rimmy and gets away with it," Daz growled to which Lyle backed off. Clearly, there was no persuading Daz at this point.

Daz sauntered over to the edge of the rooftop, where the redheaded woman was standing, and he identified her first before he doled out her punishment.

Heather Maywood's Status
Basic Information
Name:  Heather Maywood Species: Human (Beginning stages of evolving) 
Age: 33 Sex: Female 
Class: Angler  Affinity:  Chaotic Good
A simple woman whose life as a model shortly ended after a car crash that led to her being hospitalised for two years. While the reconstructive surgery on her body was successful, her time away from the modelling circuit was long enough for it to kill her career. She suffered from mild depression for some time afterwards and finally found work in a local DIY store before being promoted to the manager of the establishment. 
Lifeforce: 201/1000 Stamina: 37/1000
Strength: 10(12) Dexterity: 10(12)
Patience: 10(12)  

'I wonder if I shouldn't use my higher identification so freely in the future? It's a bit invasive... hmm... nah, fuck it. But 'Angler', eh? Was she holding a fishing rod or something? She's using a long metal pole right now, so maybe she discarded her weapon? Idiot. To think she's in the beginning stages of evolving...' Daz thought. He was now directly behind Heather.

She was happy at how he wanted to help, regardless of his motives, but before she could explain the situation to Daz at all, she found her hair being grabbed and her body was suddenly flying through the air. She slammed into the metal door that led down into the building and her remaining lifeforce was cut in half.

"Why...?" she coughed out amongst some blood as all of the remaining survivors stared at Daz in fear.

"His name is Rimmy McShineston. Lord Rimmy McShineston to you, bitch. Disrespect him again, and I'll fucking kill you. I'm more than enough for these monsters, so all of you just go nurse your wounds. Lyle, use that healing skill of yours on them. Don't let them die, okay?" Daz said in a furious tone.

"Of course, my Lord," Lyle hurriedly said before he ran over to Heather and used one of his starter skills that he got with his class on her after he jabbed her arm with his antique syringe. 

Blood Transfusion [C-Rank (Lower Tier)]
A skill vital to all science-based healers. It allows the host to fill up a syringe with blood in exchange for their own lifeforce and this blood will restore the lifeforce of another if injected with it.
Exchanges 50 of the host's lifeforce to fill a standard-sized syringe with blood.
Allows the host to restore a person's lifeforce by 100 points for a full syringe's worth of blood.
Cannot restore the host's lifeforce.
Can only be used at most twice per day per person used on.
Won't take lifeforce from the host if the host's lifeforce is lower than 100.

"Ah! W-what did you just inject me with?" Heather asked weakly in fright.

Lyle smiled at her before he replied, "Lifeforce. Could you please tell everyone to come to me one by one? The more critically injured ones first, I have a limit to how much I can heal, oh, and sorry about Lord Daz's attitude. His Golem, Rimmy, means a lot to him. I suggest never calling it a rock ever again if you want to stay alive," he finished with a laugh.

Heather quickly checked her status and saw that her lifeforce had indeed gone up, so she stood up and told the healthier of the survivors to gather the weak ones and bring them to Lyle.

As this was happening, many of the survivors were still watching Daz with caution but that was soon replaced with awe. 

"Is-Is he even still Human?" a few of them found themselves mumbling as they watched Daz throw his shovel out to the horde only for it to kill twenty to thirty monsters before it magically appeared back in his hands and after he had done that enough to clear out the immediate surroundings of the store, he jumped off the roof.

"WHAT IS HE DOING?! IS HE RUNNING AWAY?!" the man with the hoe from earlier screamed, scaring the survivors since they could see the reason behind this assumption.

"Please don't worry, everyone," Lyle said in a loud voice, drawing the survivors' attention. "I'm still here and he won't just leave me behind. I believe he feels comfortable leaving us to kill any stragglers that manage to get past him as he fights amongst the horde by himself," Lyle calmly explained as he sat down, looking a bit pale. He had finished healing the critically injured survivors and it had used up most of his lifeforce, leaving him weak.

"And how can we trust you?" the man replied with bitterness in his voice.

"You don't have to, but you're all alive, I've healed you people and my Lord is busy killing your enemies to save your lives. I'd expect you to at least respect that," Lyle said scornfully.

At this point, Heather had rested a small amount and was standing at the edge of the roof watching Daz slaughter the Zombies and Orcs like cattle. "How can he possibly be so strong? No Human should be able to do that..." she said loud enough that everyone could hear her, and they all agreed.

"Believe me or not, but after you clear the wave of monsters that attack you, you get rewarded with points that you can spend to buy items and upgrades for yourself from a thing called 'the system'. Items like a cure for the Zombie infection which I'm sure more than a few of you need. My Lord has enhanced himself using his rewards from the previous two days. Another thing to take note of is, on the first day, he was attacked by two hundred Zombies and he killed them alone, with no skills, abilities and no weapons except for the shovel he's holding now," Lyle said with zeal in his voice.

"Impossible," Heather mumbled as she watched Daz with her baggy eyes as he decimated the horde with as much focus as she possibly could.

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