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Book 1 Chapter 26: Baseball and Event


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"My Lord, what are you going to do with that piece of concrete?" Lyle asked Daz in a quiet voice, so as to not alert the nearby horde of their presence.

"You'll see," Daz replied with a playful grin. He then positioned himself properly and took a second to measure the distance between himself and the horde. "Mmm, seems about right... oh, Lyle, you might wanna stand back," he said.

Lyle did as asked and watched Daz with confusion evident in his expression. "Surely he's not thinking of... surely not, right?" Lyle whispered to himself as a thought had entered his head.

"Yup, seems good," Daz said before he suddenly threw the piece of rubble straight up into the air above himself with as much force as he could. It went sailing, but it was still in sight. Daz then spread his legs apart and took a firm stance as he held his shovel behind his head with both of his hands.

The redheaded woman on the roof of the DIY store could actually see Daz past the horde and was able to focus on him with a bit of effort despite her struggle with the monsters and her ever prevalent exhaustion.

"Is... is he really...? Whatever, at least he came back... I wonder where that giant blue rock is..." she mumbled to herself as she put even more effort into to killing the Orcs and Zombies that were trying to climb on top of each other to reach the building's rooftop where the Survivors were. She was clearly being pushed back and had been cut and bitten quite a few times on her legs, reducing her, and the rest of the Survivors hope since she was their best fighter.

Daz looked at the rubble, focusing on it more than he thought he actually had to, but he didn't want to miss, that would be far too embarrassing. "Hmm... here it comes," Daz whispered before he lowered his body and readied his shovel. "Three... two... one... now!" he shouted before he slammed the piece of concrete as hard as he could with his shovel, and just as the blade of the tool hit the rubble, he screamed, "SHOVEL SMASH!"

The concrete slab that probably weighed roughly twelve or so kilos, went flying through the air in a straight line towards the monsters almost as if it were a baseball. It soared and made a horrendous whistling noise as the speed it had reached was clearly far too fast, so much so, that it was a surprise that it hadn't turned into dust from the pure heat.

It took no more than a fraction of a second for it to hit the horde and it tore through at least twenty Zombies and a single Orc.

"Fuck me," both Daz and the redheaded woman said in unison. Suddenly, a blue screen appeared in front of Daz and Lyle's eyes.

Triggered Event!
Event Description
The Lord of the Tiny [Unnamed] base has initiated an attack against the two waves of monsters designated for another group of Survivors. Due to the monsters being of a sufficient level to test the Lord, all citizens of [Unnamed] may participate in the event to gain rewards dependent on their level of contribution.
Event Clear conditions
Condition 1: Kill the 1,521 Orcs and the 3,689 Zombies attacking the Survivors.
Bonus Condition 1: Make sure as many survivors as possible survive. The reward shall be greater dependent on the number of Survivors.
All monsters killed and no Survivors: Random C-Rank[Higher-Tier] Item or Skill x 2.
All monsters killed and 10 Survivors: Random B-Rank[Lower-Tier] Item or Skill x 1.
All monsters killed and 20 Survivors: Random B-Rank[Lower-Tier] Item or Skill x 2.
All monsters killed and 30 Survivors: Random B-Rank[Middle-Tier] Item or Skill x 1.
All monsters killed and 40 Survivors: Random B-Rank[Middle-Tier] Item or Skill x 2.
All monsters killed and 46 Survivors: Random B-Rank[Higher-Tier] Item or Skill x 1.

"Fucking hell... QUICK, ACCEPT IT, LYLE!" Daz roared in a very hurried tone. Lyle jumped a little and struggled a moment to process what Daz had just said since he was still in shock over the destructive power of the piece of rubble and over the notification.

"Y-Yes my Lord!" Lyle shouted in reply. "System, I accept!" he followed up. Before he could ready himself, Daz grabbed him by the waist and slung the thin man over his shoulder in a fireman lift. He then ran as fast as his feet would take him towards the DIY store.

Daz also accepted with his thoughts and another blue screen flashed in front of his eyes.

Confirmed. 2/5 Citizens of [Unnamed] have accepted the challenge of the event. The event monsters shall now be hostile to hosts, [Daz] and [Lyle Middleton].

'I really need to name my base,' Daz thought in annoyance at it always being called 'unnamed'.

He was throwing his shovel as fast and as hard as he could to kill any and all monsters that were blocking his way. Lyle was screaming all the way because Daz was running very fast, at least thirty miles per hour, causing Lyle to be exceedingly disoriented.

It took Daz only a few seconds to reach the wall of the building and he squatted down, forcing Lyle's head and feet to touch the cold concrete before he shot up like a spring and while he was in mid air, he stored his shovel in his inventory and reached out with his free hand. 'I BETTER FUCKING MAKE IT! NONE OF THOSE FUCKERS WILL DIE! NOT WHEN A HIGHER TIER B RANK ITEM IS ON THE LINE!'

Daz's hand inched closer and closer to the edge of the roof of the building and time almost seemed to slow down as his fingers neared it. Only a few centimeters left until he could grasp it and just before his hand reached, his momentum had died. "FUCKKKKKKK!" 

'NO! I'M GETTING UP THERE!' he yelled internally and immediately unstored his shovel before he started to fall and stabbed it into the side of the DIY store with the blade being horizontal. His descent stopped and he swung himself to his left then to his right and when he felt he had enough force, he flung Lyle to the top of the building.

"AHHHHH!" Lyle screamed at the top of his lungs as he flew through the air like a majestic eagle. With his gross weight now dramatically reduced, Daz continued swinging himself until he was at full one-hundred and eighty-degree angle, so he held tightly onto the handle of his shovel and used the shaft as a spring board to propel himself up to the rooftop.

He brushed himself off and smirked at his successful display of strength and agility. Lyle was lying face down on the roof next to Daz and almost all of the survivors were staring at the two as if they were freaks of some sort.

"Who the hell are you?!" a tall and stocky man holding a hoe asked loudly with hostility in his voice.

"Me?" Daz said before he pointed to himself. "I'm the Shovel Knight, and I'm here to get myself an item, which means saving you suckers, so thank the system, for save you I shall," Daz responded with swagger and pride.

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