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Book 1 Chapter 22: Upgrade and Charity


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After taking at least two hours to browse through the available stats, skills and items the shop had on offer, Daz had finally finished deciding what to buy.

The first things he had purchased were three skills. Daz did want to get more, but for now, these three would satisfy him until a need for new ones was discovered. After all, saving points was also very important for Daz right now in order to buy more Lord upgrades.

Basic Enchanting [E-Rank (Middle Tier)]
A skill for those who have only just begun their long and arduous journey as an enchanter.
Grants the host the ability to enchant items.
All enchanting done by the host shall be 5% more efficient.
The host will have a slightly easier time enchanting all things.
The host will have a slightly easier time understanding how something was enchanted.

Of course, Daz bought this skill so he could slowly learn how to undo the seals placed on his travelling gear of Altros. It was an odd sensation when the knowledge of enchanting was given to him from the skill, but Daz found the experience to be mostly pleasant as opposed to the uncomfortable feeling of actually gaining a skill.

Poison Resistance [D-Rank (Higher Tier)]
A very important skill to many that is normally associated with assassins and political leaders, but is useful to all.
Decreases the effects of all poisons to the host by 15%

Daz got this due to his fears of a similar situation happening as what happened with the Wasp Queen. He was scared of losing his ability to move again, so, while not perfect, this skill would certainly help him if a comparable circumstance were to occur.

Throw and Retrieve [C-Rank (Middle Tier)]
A skill that allows the host to throw any object with their own strength and retrieve it from wherever it lands.
Thrown objects fly back to the host's hand.
Increases max throwing distance of the host by 10%.
Makes the action of throwing feel 10% more natural and 10% easier to do for the host.

Daz was putting his high ingenuity stat to good use by purchasing this skill. He had noticed with the wasps that aerial monsters would be a definite threat to him were he to be alone. So Daz had a few options to solve this, but he was torn between two of them.

Magic or giving himself a way to fight such monsters with his shovel, and he chose the latter. 'I don't know why, but it feels like picking magic would only make me weaker right now... how strange... oh well, at least I have enchanting,' Daz thought before his gaze turned to his best friend, Rimmy.

 Rimmy was now slightly taller than his previous height of eight feet, and he was also a little bit more luminous at full power. Daz had purchased two additional effects to upgrade his summoning skill. 

Summon: Jewelled Golem [B-Rank (Higher Tier)]
A skill that allows the host to summon a Jewelled Golem.
A slightly powerful Jewelled Golem can be summoned and unsummoned.
The Golem can be summoned for an infinite period of time.
The Golem's Jewelled Core's capacity has been doubled.
The Golem can now use energy twice as efficiently.

These two additional effects had cost Daz a whopping twenty-five thousand each, but he was more than pleased with them.

'I can't be without you in a fight again, Buddy. Although it was expensive, you should be able to run on your core from max power for four times as long as before. If only you didn't have to go recharge during today's fight... I doubt you'd have been affected by the polluted air, huh?' Daz smiled as he thought about how perfect of an opponent Rimmy would have been against the Wasp Queen.

As if he could hear his Master's thoughts, Rimmy bobbed his head in a slow manner.

"Right, now you're gonna be far more useful to me. Not that I have you around because of that," A sudden tilt of the Golem's head interrupted Daz, but he swiftly continued after seeing it, "right right, I know you know that, it's just nice to say it, okay? I'm in a big bad world now, and it's great having a friend like you around. That's all I wanted to say," Daz finished with an embarrassed scratch of the head.

Rimmy probably would have smiled if he had facial features, but instead, he sat on the concrete next to Daz and punctured the road that circled the recycling centre with his finger to form a wonky looking smiley face. Daz chuckled a bit at that and enjoyed the silly moment.

With a bob of the head, Rimmy took out a jewel from his inventory and slowly put it into one of the four vertical slits that made up his 'mouth'.

Daz watched with interest. "It's so odd how you have an inventory. I bet Lyle and the Richie's have one too since they're citizen's, but you're a summon." 

In response, Rimmy cocked his head slightly. "I know I know! I mean it doesn't bother me, it's just... a bit weird?" Daz corrected himself which resulted in a nod from Rimmy.

As he was watching Rimmy eating the red jewel, A sudden thought occurred to Daz. "That's strange." As if to inquire more, Rimmy bobbed his head a little. "Well, the thing is, we took all of those accessories back with us, but the base doesn't register the silver, gold or platinum in them, but it did have a large number of jewels. Two-hundred and something of them. That's strange, right?"

Before Rimmy could move his head to reply, a blue screen filled Daz's vision.

Confirmed. The 296 jewels owned by the Base [Unnamed] are currently inside one of the D-Rank Storage Container [Closable] and are not related to the jewels the host managed to find on your own as you have not yet stored them in the base.

Silence took over Daz. A few seconds later, Rimmy bobbed his head. "Right... closable container." Daz's eyesight slowly wandered over to lock onto the light blue shipping container that sat in the very centre of the base. "No way someone put that many jewels in the charity box, right, Rimmy?" Daz asked in utter disbelieve.

Two-hundred and ninety-six jewels was a lot. It would seem that a certain shipping container needed to be raided for fairly obvious reasons.

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