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Book 1 Chapter 21: Suggestions and Requirements


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Daz took a quick second to view the two nonessential upgrades that Lyle had suggested, but that Daz couldn't afford now due to spending all of the base points.

Physical Base Upgrade
[Tiny] Base Shop
A base is more than a defendable location; it's a home. And a home needs everyday goods, no? The only logical place to acquire such goods would obviously be from the base shop. 
Allows Citizens to purchase simple goods such as food and entertainment items in exchange for a small amount of merit points.
10,000(2,500) Merit Points or 400(100) Wood Units and 1,000(250) Misc Units
1,000 Base Points

This upgrade interested Daz, but he felt like despite how needed this was in the near future, he felt like Lyle might have had an ulterior motive in suggesting this particular upgrade.

Physical Base Upgrade
[Tiny] Base Mine
A base needs buildings, and those buildings need materials to be created, and how would you gather those materials if not via a mine of some sort? Naturally, you could, but a mine is most certainly the best way to gather such materials.
Allows the Lord to give his Citizens the job 'Miner' and this job allows them to work in the newly created mine to find base resources.
15,000(3,750) Merit Points or 1,000(250) Wood Units, 400(100) Steel Units, 500(125) Stone Units, 300(75) Iron Units and 100(25) Glass Units.
1,500 Base Points

This upgrade interested Daz a lot due to the fact that it granted a job, which was clearly different from a class, but he chose to ignore it for now until he actually built that building.

Daz was also starting to feel like the 'descriptions' were looking more and more like sales pitches, which mildly confused him, but he buried that thought in the back of his mind for now.

Daz had looked at Ger before he spoke. "I'm gonna spend the rest of my merit points on upgrading myself now; I suggest you guys do the same. I won't ever make you fight, but I would like it if you guys helped out around the base at least, so keep that in mind when you spend your points, okay?" 

Ger had looked at his daughters before he replied. "That sounds reasonable enough. Do you have any suggestions?" 'He might be a bit... loose... but he certainly knows more than we do about this whole point system,' Ger thought.

Daz took a second to think before he responded. "Hrmm, I dunno really. Getting more stat points is always a good idea. I'd get Sarah to look up some magic related things since she has a Sorceress class. For yourself, maybe see if they have any sidearms that have infinite ammo? Y'know, just in case you need it. And I dunno, some sort of armour? That's all I can think of off the top of my head."

"Okay, that sounds fair enough. We'll go do that, but what about Lyle and Ellie?" Ger said while his voice cracked a little upon saying his daughter's name. He was obviously still quite emotional regarding Ellie's inability to access the system.

"Like I said before, I won't waste more points on her. I'm not a charity case." At those words, Sarah's expression turned sour, while Ger's stayed focused as if he knew Daz would say that. "But, if it takes too long for her to fix her voice, then I'll do something. Lyle should be fine on his own. He seems to have gotten to grips with the apocalypse far better than you have. He'll ask me for advice if he needs it."

Ger narrowed his eyes while he looked at Lyle who was still putting his all into damaging the wooden dummies with his thin frame. "I guess he has. Thank you again, Daz. We'll be in that cabin if you need us."

"Sure," Daz replied. He then watched the Richies walk over to, and into the living space. "Well, now it's time to spend my points, eh, Rimmy?" Daz had said to his big blue friend, who tilted his head in response before Daz sat down on the concrete ground.

'System, please show me my new rankings,' Daz asked the first thing of importance. He remembered how the system had said after his merit sheet, at the end of the attack, that he now had to ask the system about his new rankings and about any subsequential rewards.

Confirmed. Your overall Lord ranking is #1, your overall Point ranking is #352 and your overall Kill ranking is #1,001.

"Fuck, one point away from the top one thousand. That would have nabbed me a new reward; I'd bet. Still, I improved my point ranking by, what, 200? That's good. Another 250 and I should get another reward if this system rewards you every time you reach a power of 10," Daz mumbled to himself.

"I'm glad my Lord ranking is still number one, but System, what requirements need to be filled to actually make it in the Lord ranking? It makes no sense for me to be number one," Daz questioned.

Confirmed. One needs to own a Lord-based base of any kind to enter the rankings, and unlike other rankings, the only way to update it is to directly challenge a higher rank than yourself with a bet of some sort, usually a duel, to contend for the position. In order to gain the rights to own a base, one must fulfil several requirements.

"Heh... and these requirements would be?" Daz further queried.

[Bronze-Rank access required for relevant information] Confirmed.

To buy a base that will allow you to enter the Lord ranking list, the host must first defend the desired base by themselves against an attack, have the attention of a God, have bronze or higher shop access, have the will of the type of base-leader that the specific base represents and be deemed worthy by the system.

If a base is purchased without fulfilling these prerequisites, they shall not be placed on the ranking list.

"Wow. That's pretty strict, good thing I somehow ticked all the boxes, eh? I'm glad to know that, now, onto the fun part. Bring up the available stats and skills for purchase, please," Daz said. It was finally time for him to spend his points.

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