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Book 1 Chapter 20: Cabin and Lighthouse


Physical Base Upgrade
[Tiny] Base Training Ground
A base needs defending, and who would defend it if not its Lord and Citizens? However, to defend their home, training is essential.
Allows Citizens to practice forms of physical combat to earn relative entry-level skills.
10,000(2,500) Merit Points or 1,000(250) Wood Units and 200(50) Steel Units
1,000 Base Points

'Oh! Amazing! So, basically, I, what, hit a dummy about and get skills without having to directly buy them?! That's a bargain if ever I've seen one. System, purchase base upgrade, tiny training ground. Use the resources, please,' Daz requested internally.

Confirmed. [Tiny Base Training Grounds] purchased and implemented.
Base's Wood resource is now 449.
Base's Steel resource is now 28.
The total balance of the base is now 2500. 

Directly afterwards, everyone's attention was brought to the car park that was fifty or so feet away from them. It was rumbling and the ground was quickly split. A few seconds later and an open roofed ring had appeared. It looked like a boxing ring, except instead of rope, it was shut in with wooden fences. Inside of it, there were six training dummies and a single empty rack. 

"Ohhh, looks pretty shit, to be honest. Go test it out, Lyle, please," Daz requested of the middle-aged man which elicited a raised eyebrow from Ger. He was wondering why Lyle was even over here talking to Daz initially, but he kept his mouth shut for the moment since it didn't concern him or his daughters too much.

"Of course, my Lord," Lyle replied with a bow before he ran over to the training ground. It was a pitiable sight since he was a damn near anorexic. Daz didn't know if he had an eating disorder from depression, or maybe a side effect of his drug habit, but nonetheless, Lyle was a sad existence to look at, for now at least. The Richie's would agree and everyone present could only feel pity for the man. Even Rimmy. Daz could tell that the slight tilt of his beautiful blue head was a look of concern for the frail-looking man, such a look was obvious to detect. Daz was once again in awe at how kind Rimmy was.

Daz noticed the questioning gaze of Ger at Lyle's way of addressing him, but he couldn't care less what the man thought about that particular topic. He soon moved on since Lyle might take a while, and viewed the third essential upgrade.

Physical Base Upgrade
[Tiny] Base Living Space
Naturally, a base isn't really a base if it offers no shelter, so, while not extravagant, this lovely little home-away-from-home will meet the Civilian's needs.
Reduces overall stress levels of Citizens when used for rest or recreation by 10%.
5,000(1,250) Merit Points or 200(50) Wood Units, 100(25)Stone Units, 40(10)Glass Units, 100(25)Misc Units and 100(25) Cloth Units
500 Base Points

After Daz Confirmed the purchase, he was asked by the system where he would like it to be placed. It would seem that there wasn't a lot of room left so it hadn't automatically selected the most optimal location like it did with the training ground. He asked it if it could just destroy the Bothy and replace it, which luckily enough it could and did.

Confirmed. [Tiny Base Living Space] purchased and implemented.
Base's Wood resource is now 399.
Base's Stone resource is now 192.
Base's Glass resource is now 1302.
Base's Misc resource is now 664.
Base's Cloth resource is now 182.
The total balance of the base is now 2000. 

A decently sized cabin that was in the shape of an 'L' now stood where the Bothy once did. It was made out of stacked up logs with beams of stone for corners. Daz honestly liked the look of it quite a bit, especially the paned windows that just screamed 'I'm a cabin that belongs in the woods of a snow-covered forest'.

While he was viewing it, he saw Lyle out of the corner of his eye madly jabbing a training dummy made of wood with two shiny daggers. 'Are those made of steel? Where the fuck did they come from? Mmm? The rack? That would explain why it needed steel to create. Guess it makes weapons to train with? I'll check it out later,' Daz thought before he browsed the final of the four essential upgrades.

Physical Base Upgrade
[Tiny] Base Automated Steel Ballista Tower
Obviously, the Lord can't be present at all times to defend his land, so what shall defend his people during his absence? Monstrously powerful weapons of destruction, that's what.
Increases the attack of Citizens by 5%
Has infinite ammo, but requires 90 seconds per reload
10,000(2,500) Merit Points or 100(25) Stone Units, 100(25) Steel Units, 10(3) Copper Units and 5(2) Oil Units
1,000 Base Points

'Huh? It needs oil? Why? To lube it up? It is automated, so I guess it'll be moving a lot... oh well, at least I now know that the Godly Base Management skill rounds up to the nearest single digit since seventy-five percent of five is not two. It's one point something, right?' Daz began pondering. It took him a few moments to realise that he had yet to actually buy the weapon, so he did so immediately. In fact, he bought two.

The total merit balance of the host is now 163,510.
The total balance of the base is now 0. 

He chose to use his merit points this time since he wanted to keep as much stone as possible for more expensive upgrades in the future. It seemed like one of the slightly harder resources to find easily without destroying buildings.

Daz was fascinated as he watched the two towers rise up and connect themselves to the wall at the two spots he had selected. One at the front of the base by the gate, the other was at the opposite side by the cliff face that looked down upon the city. Just in case they got attacked by aerial monsters from the rear. Daz wasn't stupid, so he wanted to make sure to cover all of his 'bases', so to speak.

The towers looked like mini lighthouses made from grey stone to be honest, except the light was now a massive steel machine of death. Daz couldn't help but grin at the thought of them piercing enemies forcing them to be pinned to the ground as they looked down at their chests only to find a large metal arrow in its place. 

Daz was grinning quite maniacally which was forcing alarm bells to ring in Ger's head. 'Really, was joining this... man, a wise decision?' the ex-guard couldn't help but think to himself.

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