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Book 1 Chapter 19: Wall and Earthquake


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After hearing the six different upgrades that Lyle had suggested, Daz decided to view the first of the four that Lyle thought were essential first. The two non-essential ones could obviously wait.

Physical Base Upgrade
[Tiny] Base Walls
A base needs to provide not only shelter, but a place to rest and relax safely, and what inspires feelings of safety more than a sturdy wall? Nothing.
Creates a solid, ten-foot tall stone wall and an iron portcullis that surrounds the [Tiny] base.
5,000(1,125) Merit Points or 500(125) Stone units and 100(25) Iron Units
500 Base Points

'Definitely an upgrade from my shitty gate, right? The thing is, how many resources do I have? I'd suspect a decent amount since this is a skip site...' 
Daz thought upon seeing the price asking for stone and iron. 'Still, that seventy-five percent discount from the Godly Base Management,' he continued with a gulp. The possibilities were truly quite expansive.

Surprising Daz, a new blue screen flashed before his eyes.

Confirmed. Displaying Base's resource sheet.
Base [Unnamed]'s Resource Sheet
Physical Resources
Stone: 342 Wood: 699
Plastic: 1,153 Cloth:  207 
Iron: 42 Steel: 78
Copper: 60 Lead: 1
Silver: 1 Gold: 0.5
Oil: 32 Clay: 75
Jewels: 296 Aluminum: 153
Soil: 582 Glass: 1,312
Paper: 2,376 Misc: 689

'Huh? Copper, lead, silver, gold and clay?' Daz thought in confusion before a look of realisation quickly covered his face. 

'Ah, I get it. Copper must be from the insides of all the small electricals. Silver and gold maybe someone put a ring in the charity container by mistake? And I do remember a guy dumping some lead. Skirting from his old house or something? Too bad I wasn't paying attention. Supposedly that's worth decent money, like what, $5 per pound? Clay definitely came from ceramics in the hardcore and rubble skip,' Daz concluded in thought.

He thought about the other resources for a moment before he spoke to the system again. 'Confirm purchase of the Physical Base Upgrade, Tiny Base Walls, purchase with resources, not merit points, please,' Daz requested with his usual polite tone.

He was only ever polite with the system because he was a little bit paranoid that it might kill him if he pissed it off. A groundless fear, but he'd be the one laughing when someone's existence got erased for telling the system to go diddle itself. 

Confirmed. [Tiny Base Walls] purchased and implemented.
Base's Stone resource is now 217.
Base's Iron resource is now 17.
The total balance of the base is now 3500. 

Immediately after, both the hardcore and rubble, and the scrap metal open-topped containers flashed with a white light, presumably the system was taking the promised resources. After that light had faded, The ground trembled and Daz watched in interest as the front gates and barricades he had made were slowly sucked into the ground. 

Mere moments later, a pristine and sturdy looking wall that was maybe four feet thick grew out of the ground all around the base that sat atop a hill. It covered the entire area and was the exact same size and shape all the way around except an open arch now existed where the iron gate used to. A second or two later, the promised portcullis sprouted from the shattered road to fill in the empty archway. 

A very frantic and panicked Ger came running towards Daz while he hugged his daughters. "What the hell is going on?! Are we in danger?!" he shouted in anger.

He and Sarah were trying to translate spoken English to Ellie via sign language to make it a bit easier for her, when there was a sudden earthquake, prompting them to stop and hide. It didn't take them more than a few moments to see the wall appearing out of nowhere, so naturally, Ger stormed off to question Daz about what was happening.

"Ah, sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you guys. I'm buying upgrades from the system to help keep you guys safe and improve the base overall. Sorry for not warning you beforehand. I got a bit excited," Daz explained to which Ger frowned. He had sighed before he decided to reply.

"Please be more considerate of us. I'm thankful for all you've done so far, but don't scare us like that. What would you do if an earthquake suddenly appeared before a wall grew out of the ground? I was prepared to run away immediately," Ger said with a critical tone.

"Look, I said sorry. It won't happen again. I'm doing half of this shit for you, not me," Daz replied a bit unhappily. He was the Lord, not Ger. Surely he could do what he wanted within reason and not have to tell Ger, no? What was the big fuss about a single earthquake and one ten by four feet wall?

Ger looked angered by Daz's reply, but Daz was the one to speak first. "Again, sorry. Why don't you stay here for now?" Daz said while he gestured to the area just in front of the cooking oil storage space that he was at with Lyle. "You can watch me while I buy the remaining upgrades, you know, to save any more surprises?" he finished.

"... Okay. Sorry for snapping. It's just, my daughters..." Ger replied with a slightly embarrassed look.

"I get it, you were worried," Daz replied with a faint smile. He couldn't care less, but it was only right to keep up appearances and what not.

Sarah was looking at Daz with that fanatical gaze again. Truly, a very influenceable girl. Meanwhile, Ellie was looking on with interest, probably at what the other changes to the base would be.

Seeing the Richies' acceptance of staying put for the rest of the upgrades, Daz hurried to look at the next one.

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