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Book 1 Chapter 17: Citizen and Buffer


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Lord Upgrade
Citizen Loyalty
What is a Lord without the loyalty of his subjects? A good Lord is always aware of the space in his subjects hearts that he holds.
Allows the Lord to view the loyalty of each of his citizens
5000 Merit Points
500 Base Points


'Huh? What the hell are base points?' Daz thought in confusion. He had never seen these base points before and the system had never mentioned them, which justified his befuddlement.


Confirmed. Base points are granted to the owners of bases upon each successfully defeated attack based on the size of the base and amount of citizens. 


The total balance of the base is 5500.


5000 points were awarded due to a [Tiny Base] having survived an attack and 100 points were awarded for each surviving citizen.


'That's interesting... well, for now, buy the Citizen Loyalty upgrade, please,' Daz asked via thought after he had considered the upgrades usability. Although it didn't directly affect the citizen's loyalty to him, it would work as a good aid to seeing exactly how much he could trust everyone.


Confirmed. Lord Upgrade [Citizen Loyalty] purchased.


The total merit balance of the host is now 178,510.


The total balance of the base is now 5000.


Daz immediately swivelled his head around to stare at Lyle's back. He was still mumbling to the system, so Daz now had the perfect chance to check his loyalty and maybe get a glimpse of the man's reasoning for offering to help Daz. He could feel a warm accepting sensation seeping off of Lyle. This was odd, but Daz assumed it was meant to be an indicator for people that purchased the Citizen Loyalty but didn't have a way to identify people. This feeling was good news for Daz, but he still chose to identify Lyle.


Lyle Middleton's Status
Basic Information
Name: Lyle Middleton Species: Human
Age: 31 Sex: Male
Class: Novice Syringer Affinity: Chaotic Good
The owner of the store 'Smile like Lyle'. He has always loved his parents. However, they never returned his love and viewed him as a chess piece to continue the family business, which drove him to depression, and eventually, drugs. He managed to find independence with his own business in selling jewellery, but his habit of doing drugs had never left him. He has found a new goal to strive for during the harsh changes of the Apocalypse.
Lifeforce: 1000/1000 Stamina: 560/1000
Constitution: 10(12) Intellect: 10(12)
Wisdom: 10(12)  Loyalty: High

'He's found a new goal? Oh well, doesn't matter, but that loyalty... fucking hell. Guess he does just want to help me. I guess I can give him some advice later when he goes to spend his merit points, though I doubt he has many. I think he'll have enough to buy a weapon and maybe some stat points?' Daz thought to himself. He was quite happy to see that Lyle was very loyal to him, for whatever reason.

Daz's biggest concern going into the Apocalypse was the people. He definitely wanted help surviving, but he could only get that from people that wouldn't betray him, and this new upgrade was ideal to help notice who was less likely to do so.

After taking a few seconds to think about a few things, Daz decided to look at the next upgrade that seemed quite useful out of the eight he had selected.

Lord Upgrade
Attack Buffer
One day isn't always enough for a Lord to ready himself for an attack, and on the other side of things, one day is sometimes too long to wait for an attack.
Allows the Lord to delay his attack, and hence his citizens attack for 2, 3 or 4 days.
Allows the Lord to speed up the coming of his attack from 24hours to 18, 12 or 6 hours.
500,000 Merit Points
50,000 Base Points

'Wow. what an amazing upgrade... I need it. So many base points though... I can get the merit points in a few days at most if I keep up my current pace, but the base points? That's just over nine days worth. Hrmm...' Daz sat in contemplation for a few minutes because this upgrade was just that good. Obviously, he would use it to accelerate the rate of attacks so he could get more merit points more often, but only after he had enough strength to face the attacks with absolute confidence.

Due to not being able to afford it, Daz moved onto the next skill he was interested in. Court of Lords. 

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