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Book 1 Chapter 16: Respect and Perks


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"... Why?" was Daz's response to Lyle's clearly suspicious friendliness. Although he pitied the thirty-one-year-old man for his unfortunate life and had indeed taken him into his care, Daz still didn't exactly value his new companions as people but valued them based on their usefulness. Hence why, although he was suspicious of Lyle, if he really could help him, then why not accept the offer?

"Ah, well, hahahaha," Lyle began laughing uncomfortably while he scratched the back of his messy black head of hair. "Do I really have to tell you? I honestly just want to help," Lyle said with an embarrassed smile. He didn't expect Daz to question him so frankly, but he was willing to comply if absolutely necessary. Afterall, all Lyle wished to do was help Daz.

After taking a second to think about it, Daz replied, "Em, I guess not? Just don't get in the way, please." He felt like if he pried Lyle for his reasoning, he might accidentally offend the man, and Daz honestly could use a hand with sorting through all of the base upgrade possibilities, or at least a fair chunk of them.

"Thank you! I know I'm being a tad bit pushy, but as I said, I really only want to help you, Lord Daz. After all, we won't survive this apocalypse on our own, now will we?" Lyle replied while his lips upturned ever so slightly. Daz froze for a moment at the way Lyle had referred to him.

"Please don't call me 'Lord'. It feels weird," Daz said with a shiver. It truly felt bizarre being called as such so seriously, despite the truth of his status as being a Lord. Lyle looked a bit puzzled before a light bulb seemed to flicker on in his head and he expressed a look of understanding.

"Now, now, we live in a different world from the one we did a mere two days ago, Lord Daz. No longer is this a world of morals and silly things such as order and whatnot, but, what I can assure you of having not disappeared is, respect, my Lord. You mustn't ever let people disrespect you, regardless of how you feel about the title, so, my Lord, don't deny me of the ability to respect you," Lyle said with an odd tone of seriousness. He seemed fanatic, even. This confused Daz so much. Honestly, if he wasn't wrong, Lyle was almost definitely a different person from earlier that morning.

"Who are you?" Daz said after he narrowed his eyes and gazed at Lyle.

"Why, what a silly question. I'm Lyle Middleton, at your service, my Lord," Lyle answered with a short bow and a grin wide enough to make it look like his moustache was several times larger than it actually was.

Daz gazed at the middle-aged man for a few seconds before he had come to a conclusion. "... Whatever, suit yourself," Daz murmured in response before he turned his head away. Lyle smiled at this and nodded his head in consent.

'What a creep... oh well, I'm sure he'll be useful, and if not... he'll be the one to regret it. System, show me the base section of the shop and if you can, grant my citizen, Lyle Middleton, access to view the base upgrade section of the shop, but only the physical upgrades,' Daz ordered the system. He didn't want to give Lyle full access because he wasn't sure what other possible upgrades he could get for the base, but Daz had a feeling that showing all of the possibilities to Lyle might not be the wisest thing to do right now.

Confirmed. Displaying Base Function of the Shop to the host and the Physical Upgrade category to the Citizen 'Lyle Middleton'.
Base Shop
Physical Upgrades Magical Upgrades Spiritual Upgrades Ruler Upgrades
Stat Upgrades Transport Upgrades Attack Upgrades Citizen Upgrades
Size Upgrades Quality Upgrades Privilege Upgrades System Upgrades

'Fucking hell, so many categories... Which do I look at first?' Daz wondered. He took a moment to look at Lyle only to find him constantly swishing his hands about and mumbling. Daz assumed he was talking to the system while he browsed the physical upgrade category. Daz then looked up at Rimmy's face before he decided to ask a question. 'What do'ya think, buddy? Which one first?"

Rimmy bobbed his head to the right, then to the left. "You're always so logical, Rimmy. Now I feel stupid for even having to think about which to look at first. Thanks, Rimmy," Daz said with a wide grin before he immediately selected the Ruler category. Rimmy simply bobbed his head some more.

Base Shop
Category, Ruler Upgrades
Lord Upgrades Captain Upgrades Chieftain Upgrades Guildmaster Upgrades
Towermaster Upgrades Headmaster Upgrades Patriarch Upgrades Hero Upgrades

Daz marvelled at the nearly endless list of Ruler types. He couldn't help but wonder what kind of base you had to own for some of the more obscure titles, and why these eight were at the top. Besides, why wasn't 'Hero' the first selection? Daz guessed it was probably listed in order of which ones he was most suited for, but honestly, there was any number of possibilities. He didn't care enough to ask the system and chose the Lord sub-category upon realising that he didn't have access to any of the other ones.

Base Shop
Category, Ruler Upgrades
Sub-Category, Lord Upgrades
Available Upgrades
Baronship Attack Buffer Fiefdomship Court of Lords
Citizen Loyalty Territorial Advantage Mounting Monarchy

These were the eight upgrades that sounded the most appealing just from their names to Daz amongst the many perks to choose from.

Daz immediately chose to view the one that he felt would help him the most based on its name first, Citizen Loyalty.

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