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Book 1 Chapter 15: Princess and Anacusis


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Congratulations on completing day 2
Day 2 Stats
Enemies types:  Basic Wasp
Wasp Queen
Number of Enemies Total: 4,602
Number of Enemies Slain By The Host: 4,602
Number of Attacked Survivors: 5
Your Contribution: 95%
Your Performed Merits:
Merit Description Merit point Value
Lordship Became the Lord of a base 5,000
The Pinnacle Ranked first in any ranking list 50,000
Summoner Successfully gained a summoning-related skill 1,000
Rescuer Rescued 4 additional survivors 400
Attention of a God Gained the attention of the God of Shovels for your active devotion to the way of the shovel 50,000
Attention of a God Gained the attention of the God of Order for gaining his personal skill, Godly Base Management 50,000
Slight Attention of a God Gained a very slight amount of attention from the God of Madness due to the way you interact with your summoned being 12,500
 Monster Killer  Successfully killed 1 monster 10 
Monster Slayer Successfully killed 10 monsters 100
Monster Hunter Successfully killed 100 monsters 1,000
Monster Slaughterer Successfully killed 1000 monsters 10,000
Boss Killer Successfully killed 1 boss-rank monster 15,000
Total Merits
Remaining Survivors
Total Points Gained
Your merit point and killing rankings have been updated. Please refer to the system for more details regarding your new ranks and any possible rewards.

"Wow..." was all Daz could utter after seeing the vast amount of points he had gained. Surprisingly, he had only gained one more merit than yesterday, but the merits he had gained, had earned him more than double the points from the first attack, which he was very pleased with.

'One point seven billion? Fuck. Six-Hundred million people died... why... why am I saddened by this?' Daz thought in grief after he had glanced at the Survivor counter. He was quite shocked at these feelings since he didn't even bat an eye at the initial five billion that died on the first night.

Confirmed. The host now has a connection to his Species. Due to being a Lord, you feel a need to protect your kind from the coming tribulations, and the death of innocents hurts you emotionally. This is an optional effect, would you like to toggle it off?

"Yes, please," Daz answered. Caring about people this much was a bit far, even for him. He'd rather just care about people that actually were in his life, and not every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Confirmed. Host's connection to your Species has been severed.

Daz immediately felt several times better, emotionally, at least. His body still couldn't move. He sat there on the floor thinking about what to spend his points on and about his merits, mostly about the one related to the God of Madness. He couldn't understand why this God had taken an interest in him. Surely it was normal to talk to someone when they spoke to you? It would be rude of Daz to just ignore Rimmy's words.

His interesting thoughts were interrupted by the booming of the quickly approaching Rimmy. Daz smiled when he saw his summon, his friend running at him in such a frantic manner. When Rimmy had reached him, he asked the Golem to carry him back to the base since he was still incapacitated by the Wasp Queen's poison.

Held in a Princess carry, Daz returned to the gate with the help of his trusty companion. Ger and Sarah looked at the sight of Daz being carried like a damsel in distress weirdly. Lyle had a huge smile on his face now that he could see Daz up close, and Ellie just stood there silently, with a hint of joy in her expression.

"I owe you big time," Daz said with a serious tone to Ger after Rimmy had gently placed him on the wooden platform he had made on top of the gate. The bald-headed man couldn't help getting embarrassed by Daz's words since being thanked like that by a man so young was very... odd.

"Don't worry about it, it was nothing," Ger said with a dismissive laugh. This caused Daz to frown noticeably. Everyone was wondering what was wrong. Had something happened to upset him?

"No, I owe you. Ger, you saved my life. My fucking life. Had you not distracted the Queen with your shot, I'd be a corpse laying over there with a snapped neck and you'd all be dead too. Ger, you saved not only me, but Lyle and your daughters too. Don't you dare treat doing something like that so lightly ever again. You only get one life, and you saved mine," Daz said with a bit of anger in his voice. 

Ger was stunned by this. Daz was right, wasn't he? Ger took a moment to look at his daughter's beautiful faces, then to his employers chipper expression before he finally settled back onto looking at Daz. "I'm sorry... you... you're right. But if you owe me one, then I owe you far more than that. I distracted that... thing, but the person to kill it was still you, Daz, thank you for protecting us," Ger said before he bowed his head down.

"Ah, geez, you're like two point five times my age, don't do that. Fine, I get it, just keep being loyal to me or whatever. If you want something from the system, but can't afford it, let me know and I'll buy it for you, that'll even us up," Daz said in a hurry. He really didn't deal with compliments very well.

Ellie thought that Daz's flustered state was quite cute, so she giggled a bit, which caused Daz to scrunch up his eyes.

"Hey, Ger," he said.

"Yes?" the no longer bowing Ger responded with curiosity.

"I noticed it in Lyle's store, but is Ellie a mute? Not to sound offensive, but she sounds really strange," Daz said which forced a very odd silence to take control of the area.

Sarah immediately flared up and was about to shout at Daz before she was stopped by Ger. "No, she's not. Ellie has been deaf ever since she was three years old, so speaking is a real struggle for her since she doesn't know what words actually sound like anymore, and she rarely speaks which only worsened her impediment, in fact, she can't even access the system thanks to it," Ger replied honestly to Daz's question.

He felt that even if he had chosen to lie, what would the point be? It wasn't a secret or anything, and Daz already knew so much about each of them, like their names, so Ger was under the impression that Daz might have even already known about Ellie's deafness and could be testing him. Regardless, he had decided to be as honest as he could with his family's and employer's saviour.

Daz turned to look directly at the girl in question. "You can't access the system?" Daz asked with genuine wonder in his voice. Ellie was shocked to have been addressed directly. She was currently being stared at by Daz's innocent eyes that held absolutely no disgust towards her and her disability. It felt nice. She lost herself in his nonjudgmental gaze for a moment before she lightly nodded her small head, forcing her brunette ponytail to bounce about.

"That makes you kinda useless? Not that I expect much from you guys, but I was pleasantly surprised by Ger, so would'ya like me to fix your ears? Or whatever is making you deaf?" Daz said in a sincere way that indicated he didn't mean any offence with his words. He was just speaking his mind.

"You can fix her?! You can heal my sister?!" Sarah roared while she grabbed Daz's shoulders and shook him about, which was very disorienting for him since the Wasp Queen's poison had yet to fully vacate his body.

"YES, SO GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!" Daz screamed in a panic. His world was turning blue. Sarah, upon realising her mistake, let go immediately and tried to calm her excitement at the notion of her sister finally regaining her hearing. "Well, probably, I need to check, so, wanna try, Ellie?" Daz said after he had regained his balance.

Ellie stood motionless for a moment. Was this real? Was Daz actually offering a chance to fix her lifelong ailment? Even if the chances were very slim... even if it was only a minute possibility... even if...

"Hes wheeze," Ellie replied with her tongue, instead of a simple nod. She was simply too excited. Ger frowned slightly. He was worried that were whatever Daz's idea was to fail, Ellie would be crushed, but despite wanting to intervene, he knew he had to trust Daz here and hope that he knew what he was doing.

Daz could quite easily tell that Ellie had tried to say 'Yes, please'. He wasn't quite sure how, perhaps due to his charisma stat? Daz didn't care too much to ask the system so he continued by contacting the system regarding Ellie's deafness. 'System, can I buy something from the shop that will heal whatever is wrong with the girl standing in front of me?' He asked internally.

Confirmed. Desired items exist. [Complete Anacusis Cure] Price 10,000 merit points. (Exclusive to Silver Rank access or higher). Usage on another host (Exclusive to Gold Rank access or higher) 5,000 merit points.  
Confirm purchase and usage?

'It's pretty expensive huh... maybe I shouldn't? No no no... I'm sure she'll make those points back from base taxes and helping out with attacks eventually, yeah, I confirm,' Daz thought. He had decided to invest as much as needed for the group of four that were now under his care.

Suddenly, a dazzling white light completely covered Ellie, but its focus was clearly on her head, and it took about seven seconds for it to subside and disappear completely. 

The total merit balance of the host is now 183,510.

"Ellie, can you hear me now?" Daz asked after acknowledging the blue screen telling him how many merit points he had left to play with.

'Ellie, can you hear me now?' Ellie's eyes began watering while she held her hands up to her ears, almost in disbelieve. Did... did she really just hear words? Were those sounds? It seemed so foreign to the girl, yet oddly familiar. "Bes... bes... eh curn wrear guu... eh... .eh curn..." she then collapsed to her knees and began sobbing tears of joy. Ellie could hear her own voice. Despite how guttural it sounded, it was her voice. 

'Yes? Yes, I... can? Yes, I can hear you? I wonder if that's right...' Daz pondered.

Both Ger and Sarah crouched down to hug Ellie and Ger took a long hard look at Daz. "I don't care how many points that cost you, whether it was one or one million. I will never forget this, ever."

"Ah, yeah, well, she's not gonna survive long if she can't access the system, um, try to teach her how to talk? I'm not spending more points on her, I need to upgrade my base now," Daz replied in a flurry. Again, he wasn't the best with embarrassing things like these, so he fled to the cooking-oil barrel area of the recycling centre with Rimmy.

Just as he was about to start browsing base-relating upgrades and system features, a voice spoke out to him. "Hello, we haven't officially met. I'm Lyle, it's a pleasure. If you wouldn't mind, could you consider letting me advise you on how to upgrade your base?" Lyle asked with a business-hardened smile. Lyle was apparently used to doing this, but why did he seem so vastly different now compared to his personality several hours ago? One thing was for sure, he really wanted to help Daz.

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