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Book 1 Chapter 13: God and Crippled


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Godly Base Management [God-Rank]
A skill created by the god of Order to better manage his properties, although it sounds like it was created on a whim, many centuries and much power were put into creating this skill.
Allows the host to create all base upgrades without having to meet the needed requirements
Reduces the cost of all base upgrades by 75% in the system's shop
If the host is creating base upgrades via resources, they require 75% fewer resources
Allows the host to upgrade one base infinitely, with no restrictions, bar resource or merit point costs
All bases owned by the host will have their stats increased by 50%
Grants the host the attention of the God of Order

"Wow," Daz couldn't help but exclaim. This was literally perfect for anyone who wanted to build a powerful base quickly. Daz once again ignored the part about a God's attention, like with the God of Shovels, and simply marvelled at the amazing skill. "Oh, right, I need to check that Base Type Alteration Token."

Base Type Alteration Token [S-Rank (Middle Tier)]
A curious token crafted by a long-dead Species of master crafters.
Durability: Infinite 
Change Base Type (One-Time Use)

"Chet, one-time use? Hey, system, is it possible for me to outright buy 'base type changes'?" Daz asked the system in annoyance. He was ticked off that the token he had gotten as a reward was only a single use item, and he would be even more infuriated if his God-Rank skill lets him change the type anyway, which he suspected it did.

Confirmed. Due to the host possessing the skill, [God-Rank Godly Base Management], direct access to purchasing base type changes is possible. Would you like me to list the different type of possible changes?

"Fuck!... No, it's fine, thanks. I'm busy right now. One last question though, how many merit points would this token cost normally?" Daz answered.

Confirmed. [S-Rank Base Type Alteration Token (Middle Tier)] price 500,000 merit points.

"Thank God. So it has a lot of value. I guess I'll hold onto it, for now, I can sell it when I get platinum access or trade it to another survivor," Daz said before he stored the coin inside one of his free inventory slots. He then made his way back to Rimmy. Preferably, he'd like to mess around with the base functions, but he didn't have much time right now, so he'd have to do it after he had survived today's attack and actually had a decent amount of merit points to spend.

Daz quickly saw that Rimmy had stopped eating gems and was now shining with a translucent cyan glow. "Wow. Does that happen when you're at full power? It looks awesome!" Daz exclaimed to which Rimmy tilted his head. The two then made their way to the gate and scaled it before finding themselves in front of it, once again. Daz took out his shovel and just stood there, readying his mind for what was bound to be a tough fight. Rimmy, as always, stood unmoving next to his master.

Meanwhile, back in the base, in the small bothy, Ellie sat on the only unoccupied leather-padded chair while Ger and Sarah stood leaning against the walls of the cramped room.

"Hey, Dad, it looks like he's gone over the gate. What do'ya think he's doing?" Sarah asked with curiosity clear in her voice while her face was practically glued to the small window that was next to her head.

"Preparing for the attack, most likely. He's a brave young man. I wonder where his courage comes from?" Ger replied in an almost absent-minded tone. His brow was furrowed and he was clearly thinking about something.

"A brave young man that you shot in the head," Sarah said with a devilish grin. Ger's expression winced at the unpleasant reminder. "Stop worrying so much, Dad. So what if Ellie can't access the system?! We'll look after her!" Sarah shouted at her father with an angry expression. Ger had been worrying about exactly this. It would seem that the system couldn't recognise Ellie's words except for her mutated version of the word 'confirm'. "Ellie, you don't need that stupid system, you'll be just fine without it!" Sarah said with vigour in her voice while she held her twin sister's hands.

"Mmm, dank yu, Raheh," Ellie replied with a smile, a smile that held many mixed emotions. Too many emotions for the poor twenty-three-year-old girl to deal with, although she had to. She had been dealing with these emotions for almost twenty years now, so no matter how hard, she would find a way to cope, even if her disability had crippled her even further now that the world had changed.

"Mmmmmm, what's all the noise?" a smooth and charming voice asked in a groggy state. Everyone turned to its owner, only to see that Lyle had woken up. "Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but this does not look like my Manor. What in the blazes has happened while I was having an 'episode'?" Lyle asked the three in an oddly calm manner.

Back to Daz and Rimmy, "Can you hear that? What on earth is that sound?" Daz's face soon paled over when he saw a blue screen flash before his eyes.

Day two's attack shall now begin.

Due to the efficient use of your merit points, and by the request of several Gods, the difficulty of your attack has increased greatly.

The attack's difficulty has increased slightly due to the host's Lord status.

Good luck, Human.

Giant wasps. Thousands of them. And if he squinted, Daz could see what looked like a humanoid figure with wings and a female body. "Fucking perfect. Monster wasps and their Queen? Oh well, at least it isn't super easy, right, Rimmy?" Daz asked his friend with a chuckle. Rimmy titled his head in response. "Time to earn some merit points, I guess," Daz mumbled with an expressionless face. He had zoned himself out to kill as efficiently as possible.

The second day's attack had now officially begun.


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