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Book 1 Chapter 3: Merits and Sleep


A note from Lone

Just a little note, originally, Daz killed 2,000 zombies. I edited it to be 200. I still need to edit the future mentions of this. Apologies for that.

It was beautiful. Daz could see the bright moon shining down upon him and his surroundings. He had to thank the moon for being there tonight because, without her warm glow, he would have never of been able to see the zombies or himself for that matter if she wasn't present. Daz's face had suffused a smile before he shivered slightly. Whether this shiver was due to the cold October night, or due to his blood loss was up for debate.

He turned his gaze downwards and began reading the blue screens.

Congratulations on completing day 1
Day 1 Stats
Enemies type: Basic Zombies
Number of Enemies Total:  204
Number of Enemies Slain By The Host: 204
Number of Attacked Survivors: 1
Your Contribution: 100%
Your Performed Merits:
Merit Description Merit point Value
Bunker Down Successfully found and fortified a location classified as a 'Base'. 500
Item Fusion Successfully fused two items of the same type. 1,000
Attention of a God Gained the attention of the God of Crafts for your innovative use of your nearby resources without any prior experience. 50,000
Trap Setter Successfully set a trap at a location classified as a 'base'. 250
Trap Master Killed more than 50% of the attacking monsters with traps personally set by you. 10,000
 Monster Killer Successfully killed 1 monster. 10 
Monster Slayer Successfully killed 10 monsters. 100
Monster hunter Successfully killed 100 monsters. 1,000
Scion of Change Successfully activated the beginning phases of a racial evolution. 5,000
The Extractor Successfully extracted the soul of a being. 15,000
Leader's Will Displayed a level of willpower that exceeds that of average humans. 2,000
Total Merits
Remaining Survivors
Total Points Gained
You have successfully gained enough points to be put on the ranking list. Please select a name to use, or remain anonymous.

"W-What?" Daz mumbled in a dazed state. He was struggling very much so to stay conscious. All he wanted right now was to go to the shop option that was mentioned in the first announcement, so he quickly spat out the first name he thought of. "Daz. Select name 'Daz'."

Confirmed. Name 'Daz' has been selected. Would you like for your name to be used on the ranking board for total gained merit points and total kills? Doing so shall elevate your status and will unlock more system features, such as more products in the shop.

"YES! DO IT!" Daz shouted before he immediately regretted doing so. He was in no condition to shout, what with his skin turning paler and colder by the second.

Confirmed. Name has been uploaded. Your overall point ranking is #542, and your overall kill ranking is #1,098.
Due to being in the top 1000 ranks for overall points, the host has been granted [Golden-level] access to the system and shop.


Would you like to access the shop now? Golden access grants you permissions to voice out your desired item and I shall scan to see if we have what you desire.


Due to being in the top 10,000 ranks for overall kills, gained the right to select one SS-Rank skill (Middle Tier) for free.

"Yes... please... Zombie cure... and heal my body... please..." he uttered. Daz could feel his life slowly slipping from his grasps. He was so close, so very very close. He couldn't give up now, not now, not when a solution lay before his very eyes!'So there is a shop...' Daz thought with a self-mocking tone.

Confirmed. Desired items exist. [Basic Zombie Infection Cure] Price 1,000 merit points. [Basic Body Recovery Gel] Price 500 merit points.
Confirm purchase and usage?

"C-Confirm..." came Daz's weak reply. His life was now hanging by merely a thread. A few more seconds and he would be dead.

Confirmed purchase.

Injecting host with [Basic Zombie Infection Cure] injecting host with [Basic Body Recovery Gel]. 1,500 points have been deducted from the host's total balance.

The total merit balance of the host is now 83,360.

Daz could see another blue screen just before his eyes closed so he couldn't quite catch what it said, but he imagined it was something along of lines of asking him if he wanted to buy more things, but for now, all Daz wanted to do was sleep.

He needed to rest in preparation for today's attack at twelve o'clock in the afternoon. Currently, it was roughly one in the morning and Daz was planning to only sleep for a few hours at most. This time, he would be ready for the attack.

A note from Lone

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