Savior University

by AmateurLNGuy

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

    Ishikawa Akira, a young delinquent teenager, has always dreamed and aspired to be a superhero, just like those fiction shows he used to watch. Unfortunately, this is an impossible dream with society's current standing. One day, a series of events led to a very tragic incident at the train he rode. What would happen next when he realizes the things society deem as impossible, suddenly stood right in front of him?
(Inspired by anime like Boku no Hero Academia and Dungeon ni Deai)

(I still have a hard time drawing shoes and hands btw.)

Genres: Action, Harem, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Ecchi, Drama

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Word Count (14)
3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: "Dreams and Reality" ago
Chapter 2: "Savior" ago
Chapter 3: "Entrance Exam" ago
Chapter 4: "Support" ago
Chapter 5: "Class 1-2" ago
Chapter 6: "The Group Battles Part 1" ago
Chapter 7: "The Group Battles Part 2" ago
Chapter 8: "Saving Her" ago
Chapter 9: "Love and Sin" ago
Chapter 10: "Tag" ago
Chapter 11: "Facing Darkness" ago
Extra: Megumi's Battle for Love 1 ago
Character Appearance Bases and Name Origin ago
Chapter 12: "Date" ago
Chapter 13: "X-tinct" ago
Drew my characters ago
Chapter 14: "The Cute Hero" ago
Chapter 15: "Misunderstandings and Revelations" ago
Extra: Mitsuko's Observation 1 ago
Chapter 16: "The Tournament Part 1" ago
Chapter 17: "The Tournament Part 2" ago
Mistakes I Made and A Few Info ago
Chapter 18: "The Tournament Part 3" ago
Extra: Avaron's Performance ago
Extra: Ai's Lesson ago
Extra: Eiko is a Simple Girl ago
Chapter 19: "Friends" ago
Supporting/Antagonizing Characters' Abilities ago
Chapter 20: "The Finals Part 1" ago
Explanations for Chapter 2 and Stuff like that ago
Chapter 21: "The Finals Part 2" ago
Extra: Maiki is a Green Girl ago
Chapter 22: "The Finals Part 3" [Fixed] ago
Chapter 23: "The Finals Part 4" ago
Chapter 24: "The Finals Part 5" ago
Chapter 24.5: "Meeting Akira's mom" ago
Chapter 25: "The Tale of a Blue Feathered Sparrow" ago
Chapter 26: "What Makes Her Beautiful Part 1" ago
My New Drawings of Akira's First Three Harem Members, Dropped Ideas and My Writing Style ago
Chapter 27: "What Makes Her Beautiful Part 2" ago
Happy Holidays, everyone! Compilation of some of my Favorite Scenes I wrote ago
Some stuff I want to say for the future of this series ago
Chapter 28: "What Makes Her Beautiful Part 3" ago
New Story I Wrote, A New Story I Might Have in Plan And Character Dilemma ago
Chapter 29: "What Makes Her Beautiful Part 4" ago
Chapter 30: "What Makes Her Beautiful Part 5" ago
My New Character Drawings of Akira's Harem Yet Again and Some Updates ago
Update: New Story ago
I Give Up (Final) ago

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Liked it a lot more than I thought I would.

When I went into this I didn't really expect much, only two other reviews and the whole series sounded super generic.
But colour me surprised! The story might be a bit slow and the story itself a bit lackluster with what we've got here at chapter 25, but we're still in the beginning. There's a lot of interesting stuff hinted at that we're still waiting for.
And then there's the characters. A whole bunch of them! The background characters are surpringly detailed, while the sidecharacters get a lot of diversity from side chapters.
The harem is reasonably diverse, so that you can pretty easily tell them apart. None of them really feel cookie cutter.

The grammar is a bit iffy in the beginning, but improves a lot after the first initial chapters.

Pretty much a very decent pass the time series, that might grow into something very good when the story reveals its twists.


Well, I gave it a shot, but couldn't go pass chapter 2... Realistically, no one would use antagonist approach like that. It's utterly stupid, what if he hadn't been able to awake his power? What then? Even if you had the power to save him, your relationship would have been ruined.

Secondly, I hate this type of childish (I use the word childish simply because I didn't want to sound too harsh) protagonist, he's the type I would punch in the face if I could, srsl, what's wrong with people, they always either make their main character completely stupid, innocent and dumb or too evil, can't we get something in the middle? Like literally everytime the MC thinks something, I cringe, especially the part he got shot... Also realistically, a normal-minded person would have fought back if his/her brother tried to kill her with Air Bending...

Thirdly, too much talking. Despite the length of a chapter, I feel like almost nothing happened in it... You could literally erase half of those and still understand the lower part (Especially that lengthy unnescesary battle scene.).

Last but not least, I feel like your story suffers from cliché syndrom. It's the typical savior but didn't know it type of story, and I find these kind really annoying! If he really is the savior, why didn't you just fucking tell him instead of throwing wind ball or whatever the hell at him?

Oh well, overall it's a decent read if you enjoy lengthy conversation and interaction between characters, it's just not my cup of tea... And that's why I rated it 3 stars :)

AzraLu - Tobi

It's a novel to pass time...what more do you want?

For once, this is one of those stories that just makes you satisfied, these newcomers of [harem] story is cringy for the past few days...but this one? satisfied! [i'll probably sound biased about this, but it's my personal opinion]

-For *professional* readers...i would kinda recommend it for you? i mean with your high tier requirement for a good novel this one will probably be low...
-For *casual* readers...go for it!

Let's start with the Cons first? You gotta tell the bad thing first!
{Do not worry, there's a lot of good points about this novel...i think}
- Slow ass story [ it's chapter 20 now...and i feel like it's 14% done]
- Bad grammar mistakes/line that doesn't feel right
- Unnecesarry fight scene
- Too much good girl, fuck...i'll never choose!
- Semi stupid decision

The first person that reviews this said [Also realistically, a normal-minded person would have fought back if his/her brother tried to kill her with Air Bending...] FUCK outta here, i would NEVER fight my brother without a reason, although i pissed him off and get angry sometimes, if he were to want to kill me then i would ask him *why?* which he did...i think? and i think he fought back...idk maybe i'll ask angra to change that scene a bit

Now off to good pros
- Character Development ^
- Daily upload? [ maybe daily, idk]
- Too much good girl, dammit, i can't choose ~
- A satisfying harem [ currently they're in japan so idk if polygamy is legal there or not *but* Angra said he'll do something about it ]
- A LOT of dialogue/lines, which i personally like, it's interaction yknow?
-Storyline in itself hasn't settled in [for me] but it's getting there with the father thingy [ eyy classic my dad is a bad guy ]


Not worth the time it takes to read

I d u d not like the methodology the author tries to use to justify his so called family's test.  How could you ever trust people who tricked you, lied to you and attacked you like that.

Plus the mc is very childish in his actions and attitudes when the supposed older brother 

This story does not seem worth the time to read it. Too bad. Interesting premise, horrible execution.


I really have enjoyed the story and the harem school like atmosphere! The fight scenes and the romance subplots are on point as well! Thank you so much for sharing your story! Again great story thank you!!! Akira is like a totally awesome great manly tsundere protagonist of justice and his fight against bullying!