Gate keeper

by SnowDemon

Original HIATUS Fantasy Female Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

The story starts out with a young girl who is condemned and has to guard the Gate. By the gods order she and many others before their last breath were put to work as guards for these forbidden gate worlds. Can she escape to live her life or will she forget even how her face looks like? The masks given to them are to make sure no one recognizes them. Yet they are also forgetting who they even are except their names and crime.

Can they remember their memories? Their pasts? Or can they escape their fate of being guards for the rest of their lives? 


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Group Leader (IV)
Word Count (14)
3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 change ago
Ch 2 Yuki and Mai's progress ago
Ch 3 argument ago
Chapter 4 fallout and suspicions confirmed ago
Chapter 5 plans ago
Chapter 6 memories ago
Chapter 7 preparing ago
Chapter 8 worries and races lecture ago
Chapter 9 entering school ago
Chapter 10 lazying leader Rika is actually strict ago
Chapter 11 tour and Yuki's dislikes ago
Ch 12 spied on and circumstances ago
Chapter 13 meetings and partings ago
Chapter 14 a selfish wish ago
Chapter 15 Fiona's dream and Dangers ago
Chapter 16 world information and common sense twisted (Ariana) ago
Ch 17 Ariana and the sword's lineage ago
Chapter 18 facts and eras difference ago
Chapter 19 disaster outside ago
Chapter 20 Rika the ticking time bomb, the differences in lower and higher worlds ago
Ch 21 mess and classes closed until repair is done ago
Chapter 22 hidden message of the tale of the story her mother told ago
Chapter 23 abnormality ago
Chapter 24 trouble ago
Chapter 25 involved ago
Glossary of characters and terms ago
Chapter 26 suspect's location confirmed; Rem's problems ago
Chapter 27 remnants and truths ago
Chapter 28 Isabella's shock and Setsuna's mansion? ago
Chapter 29 looking for answers ago
Chapter 30 Lin's experience and talking with her ago
Announcement: This isn't a chapter I'm getting complaints so I might as well explain ago
Chapter 31 Setsuna's age ago
Chapter 32 Lin is taken ago
Chapter 33 reminiscing mood ago
Chapter 34 resentment and a tired family ago
Chapter 35 misguided anger; Rika's insanity ago
Chapter 36 traces of Lin; Rem's decision ago
Chapter 37 Lin's feelings and her situation revealed ago
Chapter 38 Izumi's identity ago
Chapter 39 Yuki's first meeting with Rachel ago
Chapter 40 Aki's anger ago
Chapter 41 Devil's Drink and return to Setsuna's mansion ago
Chapter 42 messy family reunion ago
Chapter 43 discussions and who neither of them wants to meet; Evelyn admits the truth ago
Chapter 44 truth of Lin's life on Earth ago
Chapter 45 Time messes with Yuki; original time keeper ago
Chapter 46 shocking truth ago
Chapter 47 twin sister and painful experience ago
Chapter 48 a favor ago
Chapter 49 June's anger and unfortunate events ago
Chapter 50 unstable Yuki; Amelia's disgust ago
Chapter 51 Yuki's words ago
Chapter 52 direction ago
Chapter 53 emptiness and Evelyn's emotions ago
Chapter 54 Ember's emotions and Jade's problems ago
Chapter 55 Amelia's pets and Yuki's instincts ago
Chapter 56 Hima's words and helping a old friend ago
Chapter 57 Rika freed; Fiona's situation and a Yuki's ominous feelings. ago
Chapter 58 ago
Chapter 59 a forgotten heart, unfulfilled dreams; Dream Plane and it’s horrors ago
Chapter 60 a death of a friend ago
Chapter 61 calm before the storm ago
Chapter 62 Yuki’s memories and her shock when waking up ago
Chapter 63 meeting with the seer ago

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New at this don't do reviews

I do not do reviews. So don't expect much.

Your story is original and unique, is quite good. But the only thing I have against your story is you try to give out too much information at one time not even focusing on your MC very much. That gives you lot of background information it is in my opinion to much information, to much to fast. I have been reading your story for awhile now I don't want you to leave it I can tell you put a lot of thought into and want to express everything, but it seems to me you are not even focusing on your MC and is focusing on everything and everyone else. With that said I like to point out that your gate gardens only have memories of there crimes how do they know everything else? It even seem that you do not even have a plot to your story. It seems you gave your characters and background information that all.  I am new at this and is my first review the reason I even did it was because I saw you keep put your time into your story and no one is even leaving you a review and giving you feedback on it. This is not a expert review or anything it is just mine.