by Kycho

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

In the opulent Imperial Capital city, The people live in peace and harmony. The shops are full, the decorations glitter, trade and riches hanging low upon the tree for any common man or woman to simply reach up and grasp some of the riches for themselves. Freedom, peace, prosperity and joy, all created by the hard labor and love of the exalted bloodline of the Imperial Emperors. Where death comes late and only due to gluttony or old age... The justice is overseen by the Imperial City's ever vigilant guard force, of impeccable morals, generosity and they too handing out Imperial love in quantity.

Is how it is above ground.

Deep beneath the Imperial City is carved the Imperial Sewers out of the bedrock. Here, life is cheap and ruined dreams and violence intermingle among the filth and utter squalor. One of those living there, carving out a meagre existence by theft and murder, is a young girl...


(Useful info time! The releases for this one will largely follow the same pattern as the main project Avine. One chapter every friday for foreseeable future).

 09.29.18: Reality caught up with me, this means I have to scale back my writing time considerably. I promise to finish it, but it will be piecemeal, and progress made likely around holiday times. 

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Word Count (11)
Group Leader (III)
4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Book 1 Chapter 1: Beneath the Pavement ago
Chapter 2: Rays of Light ago
Chapter 3: Cost of Crumbs ago
Chapter 4: Sewercats ago
Chapter 5: Dullweed ago
Chapter 6: Infiltration ago
Chapter 7: Nobles ago
Chapter 8: Awry ago
Chapter 9: Pain ago
Chapter 10: Salvation ago
Chapter 11: Restoration ago
Chapter 12: Rebirth ago
Chapter 13: Training ago
Chapter 14: Objective ago
Chapter 15: Homecoming ago
Chapter 16: Truth ago
Chapter 17: Archive ago
Chapter 18: Tools of Trade ago
Chapter 19: Blending In ago
Chapter 20: Escape ago
Chapter 21: Off-time ago
Chapter 22: Varsylos ago
Chapter 23: Metal Tube ago
Chapter 24: Wallbreaker ago
Chapter 25: Infiltrators ago
Chapter 26: Cleaning House ago
Chapter 27: In Translation ago
Chapter 28: Free-Time ago
Chapter 29: Observation ago
Chapter 30: Mind Challenge ago
Chapter 31: Gifts ago
Chapter 32: Pool of Filth ago
Chapter 33: Mercy Kill ago
Chapter 34: Untold Truth ago
Chapter 35: Report ago
Chapter 36: Fashion Agony ago
Chapter 37: Warm Welcome ago
Chapter 38: Decadence ago
Chapter 39: Bad Guests ago
Chapter 40: Blue is for nobles ago
Chapter 41: Exploitation ago
Chapter 42: Evelyn ago
Chapter 43 & 44: Contingency ago
Chapter 45: Disaster ago
Chapter 46: Plan of Escape ago
Chapter 47: Manipulated ago
Chapter 48: Taking Flight ago
Chapter 49: Defeated ago

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