The Splintered Luck

The Splintered Luck

by kalbob

Yuri is faced with an unlucky situation as he is trying to steal some invaluable artifacts. He is surrounded by enemies, and just as he was about to give up, something very unlikely happens (just his luck), and he wakes up in an unfamiliar place, with an unfamiliar, young and cute body?! Enter a new world with magic and gods, where Yuri will try to earn back his status as the greatest thief and master of heists! 

Also available on my wordpress, where i will be posting side chapters and art:

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Neon Tower ago
Chapter 1: Just like that one novel!?! ago
Chapter 2: History lesson ago
Chapter 3: A sight beyond dreams ago
Chapter 4: Shopping ago
Chapter 5: Godly relics ago
Chapter 6: Rune magic, best magic? ago
Chapter 7: The bouncing sun ago
Chapter 8: The Knight, The Romance... and The Runic magic? ago
Chapter 9: Sudden allies and Sudden farewells. ago
Chapter 10: City of Warriors and Perverts ago
Chapter 11: The Tales of a lecherous fat man ago
Chapter 12: The Queen of Hearts ago
Chapter 13: Jail break and Flying maidens ago
Chapter 14: Heist plans and Evil Smiles ago
Chapter 15: The Perfect Heist, with a Spice of Misery ago
Chapter 16: Empty fields and Dreamless Dreams ago
Chapter 17: Of Dwarves and Men ago
Chapter 18: New recruit in Hot Pursuit ago
Chapter 19: Sparks and Bracelets ago
Chapter 20: Flight and Fight ago
Chapter 21: Falling Stars ago
Chapter 22: Clue's and Blue's ago
Chapter 23: Allies and Traitors ago
Chapter 24: Deals and Golden grills ago
Chapter 25: Planning, Slapping and Drinking ago
Chapter 26: I need a Hero ago
Chapter 27: Empty Case of Sweets ago
Chapter 28: Sunny Dresses ago
Chapter 29: School girl Blossom ago
Chapter 30: The Academy of Secrets ago
Chapter 31: Happy Tea Time ago
Chapter 32: The White Wolf ago
Chapter 33: A Bored Wolf ago
Chapter 34: Memories in a Present ago
Chapter 35: Golden Metropolis ago
Chapter 36: The Eye of Steiner ago
Chapter 37: The Ribbon the Job and the Magical energy form transfering device ago
Chapter 38: Wax looking bastard ago
Chapter 39: V.R.C.M.E. ago
Chapter 40: Blow the horns! ago
Chapter 41: Oh no! It's-...who was it now again..? ago
Chapter 42: A lizard blizzard ago
Chapter 43: Escaping the blazing ago
Chapter 44: An oasis with a chest filled with sweets ago
Chapter 45: The bronze age casino and the mad librarian ago
Chapter 46: The copycat....err...pigeon? ago
Chapter 47: The glistening words of challenge! ago
Chapter 48: The pigeon resting upon a rock ago
Chapter 49: Preparations and battle ready Yuri. ago
Chapter 50: The battle of trickery ago
Chapter 51: The last spell ago
Chapter 52: An unexpected appearance and the mystery disappearance. ago
Chapter 53: Helgi chronicles ago
Chapter 54: The last stand ago
Chapter 55: Oasis of memorable steam ago
Chapter 56: A guardian angel resides in the closet ago
Chapter 57: The splintered bond and the ice cold blonde. ago
Chapter 58: The return of the snowflake of the burn ago
Chapter 59: Siblings of the hunt ago
Chapter 60: The truth of the blinded brother ago
Chapter 61: The stew of mystery..! ago
Chapter 62: The green faced sleeper ago
Chapter 63: A sight beyond belief, along a mountain of reef ago
Chapter 64: The old ride ago
Chapter 65: Metal from the outside ago
Chapter 66: An old boat full of Crawlin and lovin ago
Chapter 67: The boy with the red balloon(s) ago
Chapter 68: The unwanted man is wanted? ago
Chapter 69: Someplace between a rock and a hard place. ago
Chapter 70: That which engulfs the void itself ago
Chapter 71: Lurking shadows of free dreams ago
Chapter 72: Gliding to genocide! ago
Chapter 73: Down with the wall up with the gall ago
Chapter 74: Island wall is falling down, my fair lady ago
Chapter 75: A battle of all things flying ago
Chapter 76: Three road highway ago
Chapter 77: Throwin metal ago
Chapter 78: The last swordsman and a never ending flight ago
Chapter 79: The rock has fallen, but another rock is missing ago
Chapter 80: A stream of water ago
Chapter 81: The rewriting of relationships ago
Chapter 82: Luckily stylish ago
Chapter 83: I need a hero(ine) ago
Chapter 84: I saw a saw ago
Chapter 85: The love of a goddess ago
Chapter 86: My heart for yours ago
Chapter 87: Upon the binding of two souls, another soul screams ago
Chapter 88: In the name of discovery, i will devour your beliefs. ago
Chapter 89: A golden plan ago
Chapter 90: The armada ago
Chapter 91: The Set sun ago

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Why do so many gender-bender fics fail epically?

Isn't Yuri supposed to be some super-awesome master criminal? Why suddenly so weak-willed in the tailor's shop? Immediately giving in and wearing the pink dress doesn't match the character. The fact a well-known bishop can publicly threaten to force a "young lady" through the town naked is also suspicious. Not to mention said bishop should probably be more courteous around someone her very-real Goddess personally reincarnated and allows to possess one of her divine artefacts?

Why do so many gender-bender fics fail epically at having the MC adjust to their new body? I get that they're usually tagged "comedy" but that doesn't mean the authors can just force "shame" all the time for no reason, right? Shouldn't authors at least try to write characters and situations that actually make sense?

Or has this author just done a terrible job at introducing the first two characters of their novel? I'll probably never know because I can't bring myself to start reading chapter 5.


It's very well written.

The story is funny and entertaining.

Looking forward to reading more!


Can't get enough of this story!

Amazing read, I can't get enough of Yuri's antic's.  The trouble she causes along with the comedy in her adventures is absoultely fantastic.  This story would make a great anime too!  The adventures are great but what really sells this story for me is the interactions with characters.  If you want a great read you can't do much better than this story.


Use Shift or Caps Lock, please.

 Use Shift or Caps Lock please. 

Even it's a name you don't uppercase it.



much much much better than nikowrite again pls :(


Very good use of Comedic elements

Love this story it's main character is awesome :)


You can do it! You're almost there!

You're getting so close. I am rooting for you. Don't stop now. You have come too far. You can do it! You're doing well, and I know you will feel much better about it when it is done. 


you have to freaking love genderbender!!!

''my little man is gone'' best quote i have heard in this site.  too bad i am not the first to give a rating of 5/5.


you simply got to love them gender-benders man, and the slight humor just makes it shine more. plus the main character is super likable, i do not see any problems with the grammar, so here 5/5 cookies.