Sacred Brother

by kaoxx287

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

I couldn't atone for my sins and died without being able to do anything. However, this is not the end of my story. I was given another chance. A chance to live a better life in a world of magic with a loving family. But, no matter the world nothing is free. I will have to fight for this second life sooner than I thought. This is the story of my second life. [Will contain some mature content.] (Reincarnation story)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue 1: Brother ago
Prologue 2: Fight the despair ago
Prologue 3: Truth ago
Chapter 1: Salvation ago
Chapter 2: Bullying ago
Chapter 3: Elementary test ago
Chapter 4: Surprise ago
Chapter 5: Unconscious... Again ago
Chapter 6: Genius? ago
Chapter 7: Training and disillusion ago
Chapter 8: Reality ago
Chapter 9: Fight the love ago
Chapter 10: Sin ago
Interlude: Beginning of a tragedy ago
Interlude: On the move ago
Prologue Volume II: Farewell ago
Chapter 11: Pursuit ago
Chapter 12: Goal ago
Chapter 13: Meeting in the forest ago
Chapter 14: Difference in strength ago
Chapter 15: Choice ago
Chapter 16: Welcome ago
Chapter 17: Judgment ago
Chapter 18: Guilty ago
Chapter 19: Trust ago
Chapter 20: Encounter in the night ago
Chapter 21: Revelation and determination ago
Chapter 22: A world of magic ago
Chapter 23: Mysteries and future journey ago
Story of a past: Father's choice ago
Story of a past: Father's fight (First Part) ago
Story of a past: Father's fight (Second part) ago
Story of a past: Father's fight (Third part) ago
Announcement! ago
Story of a past: Father's fight (Last part) ago
Chapter 24: A path in the darkness ago
Chapter 25: Promise ago
Chapter 26: Across the wilderness ago
Chapter 27: First night ago
Chapter 28: The price of survival ago
Chapter 29: In the palm of my hands ago
Chapter 30: Path of magic (First part) ago
Chapter 31: Path of magic (Second part) ago
Chapter 32: Alone ago
Chapter 33: Beyond the darkness ago
Chapter 34: End of loneliness ago
Chapter 35: One step into the wilderness ago
Chapter 36: Ambush ago
Chapter 37: Memories ago
Chapter 38: True saint mage (First part) ago
Chapter 39: True saint mage (Second part) ago
Chapter 40: Advanced town ago
Chapter 41: Deviant’s hunt ago
Chapter 42: Letter ago
Chapter 43: Town’s heart ago
Chapter 44: Our life without him ago
Chapter 45: Six weeks agreement ago
Chapter 46: Heartless night (First Part) ago
Chapter 47: Heartless night (Second part) ago
Chapter 48: Heartless night (Third part) ago
Chapter 49: Because I’m a father ago
Chapter 50: Never again ago
Chapter 51: Hunt ago
Chapter 52: Last will (First Part) ago
Chapter 53: Last will (Second Part) ago
Chapter 54: Seledia’s return ago
Chapter 55: Mother’s fury (First part) ago
Chapter 56: Mother’s fury (Second part) ago
Chapter 57: Mother’s fury (Last part) ago
Chapter 58: Heirloom ago
Chapter 59: Sad rain ago
Chapter 60: Until death do us part ago
Chapter 61: Last smile ago
Chapter 62: Treasure ago
Chapter 63: Life in the Advanced town (First part) ago
Chapter 64: Life in the Advanced Town (Second part) ago
Chapter 65: Ryunno clan ago
Chapter 66: Hope ago
Chapter 67: Crossed Will ago
Chapter 68: Fate ago

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Great opening, falls off.

This fiction has one of the best prologues i have read when it comes to the reincarnation genre. I hate it every time the main character gets hit by a truck or stabbed after 4 lines of text, but that is not the case here. The MC is unique and relatable, and you really get to know and sympathize with him pre-reincarnation. Prologue feels like a story in itself, in contrast to other stories, where it´s just an obligatory part before the fantasy setting.

Though i really liked the prologue, i have a lot of issues with the story after the MC reincarnates. I keep getting annoyed while reading, not to the point of anger, but just a deep-seated annoyance for nearly 20 chapters. "Spoilers ahead": The MC is supposed to have about 20 years of experience, but his mentality and actions are that of a 4 year old kid. He doesn´t learn anything from past experiences and seems to lose 80% of his IQ regularly only because the plot calls for it. I can accept that he has problems socializing, but then he gets kidnapped after a "come into my van and get some candy" scenario. As a person that has been tricked numerous times in the past, and who can´t even properly face children of 4, why should he suddenly be all brave and follow a random woman into the woods? And after he is kidnapped he is fully aware of what Stockholm syndrome is, but still gives into it and has a prepubescent boner for the kidnapper woman. This scenario would only be likely if he really had the mental acuity of a 6 year old, and imprinted on the kidnapper as sort of a mother figure. But he has lived for 26 years, and already had a loving mother, which makes me feel like his circumstances and the way the scenarios play out don´t match at all.

Summarized my biggest issue is that the main character is reincarnated, but does not have the mentality and maturity that comes with a previous life. The entire premise of him being reincarnated is unnecessary, because he acts like a kid anyway. This story could just as well be about a random kid born into a magical world, and the plot would actually make more sense since the kid would actually be expected to be naive and easily manipulated. It´s really annoying since i liked the prologue so much, but then the rest of the story seems to pretend that it never happened by having the MC act in opposition to what you would expect the character from the prologue to do. 

Futhark the Elder
  • Overall Score

Not the worst premise I've ever seen, but definitely the most unlikeable, whinging and whining, feckless and pathetic protagonist I've encountered for a while.

The problem the author faces, and fails to overcome, is that unless the reader has sympathy for the main character, his fate will become a matter of indifference and the reason for reading further is lost. I managed to get as far as chapter 8.

As another reviewer pointed out, if the protagonist is going to act and emote as if he really is a child, then the whole idea of having a second life equipped with full memories of his first life is wasted. Surely the challenge should have been for him to use his experience (carried over from his first life) to outwit his abductors despite the handicap of his physical immaturity?

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I like the story but i just have problems with the main character.

For a reincarnated person he's abit too naive and stupid. " Surrounded by people stronger than you" but does not use his strongest ice magic in a last ditch attempt to escape?

As of now the only thing keeping him alive is luck and plot armor. I wonder how many times he would've died and reincarnated due to his own stupidity. 

The use of reincarnation is flimsy at best, what is the use of memories of previous lives when he doesn't use it to his advantage in most situations.

The story would have NO difference even if you started this novel saying he's just a normal naive 9 year old with some random blessing.


Basically folks, if you were expecting a Main Character with even average intelligence this isn't the novel for you. This is a Main Character that is willing to accept death without even using his most powerful magic to at least TRY to escape. It's a Main Character that deserves little respect.


For the most part i enjoy these reincarnation stories but you need to understand where i'm coming from, what person with old memories would behave like this?


* You might not agree with my review but this is my honest opinion and you are free to disagree. 


*P.S. 18/10/2016

The whole top review is just someone critiquing all negative reviews because, "all negative reviews are subjective". This shouldn't even be a review if its basically some emotional support letter to the author which could be done.

In DARYUN's explanation of subjective vs objective reviews, even his objective explanations are completely subjective as well like "BECAUSE I can enjoy relatively complex vocabulary knitted together with use of writer’s techniques to bring your Story and World to life.", "I agree with your course of action.", "your story is fine so do not be so upset about people saying it is crap." All of these are subjective opinions. YOU enjoy it, YOU agree and YOU feel that his story is fine. That does not mean that it is objectively true.


The review section is not for the emotional support for the authors, the review section is us readers to review subjectively whether its for author feedback or potential readers who wants to know about it. By undermining all negative reviews from people that have actually read the story by saying "Ignore all these subjective reviews and just be grateful you have a large following that is willing to read each of your chapters when they come out. " is just straight up delusional and doesn't help the author at all.

This is the review section. Review the story. Whether you want to cuss the author out or give him/her life advice you should do it privately.

  • Overall Score

was good but didnt make any sense

really its sad this book was good even great but chapter 7 made it turn to shit

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A dark story with small glimmer of light, but awesome all along the way.

This story is really great, the magic system is very well thought (and explained) and interesting. The MC has the keys to becoming a great power on his own but the road is still long before that. The story is good despite the fact that the MC is always unlucky, so much that the reader is sometimes fearing that he will totally lose hope... I expect some relief in his life, to help him stand back up and grow.

The author has somtimes trouble writing but the the story style doesn't change at all even after a break and the story keep getting better. I hope he will be able to finish this incredible story, no matter how long it will take

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One of the better reincarnation stories ive read so far

its a tired cliched story but it's done damn well. the character is different from your usual otaku/casual reader type who understands right away that they can use magic and whatnot. the main character is a very relate-able person who had a hard life, largely do to his own misgivings, who get's a second chance for reasons unknown to such, his ideas of magic are completely in line with the common sense of those that teach him.

What i really like about him is that when he's reincarnated and still a child, he acts like a child. none of the walking/talking/reading at 1 year old crap. he has his memories, but they act as more of a hindrance to him and cause him to become extremely introverted and dependent.

its still early into the story so who knows where it'll go, but the main character, his family, and the few side characters are all really well written and understandable. definitely gonna stick with it as long as it runs.

  • Overall Score

I was really enjoying this ff until he suddenly do a stockholme syndrome shit.. And i thought that ok maybe it will work out but bam you slap me in the face with that dreadful night event that got me sulking for a whole week.but when i moved on i thought that hopefully the sun will smile over our hero again so im still hoping for this ff to work out and please pray for our hero.

He desrve better and hopefully he will be done right.

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The best reincarnation story on this website!!!

I love this story. The characters are great and the story is really dark.

Unlike many stories, the part before the reincarnation isn't being rushed. The fights scene are also really good!

In fact, I'm like "Iron dragon": an addict.


The grammar isn't perfect but I didn't saw many mistakes. Anyway, this didn't bothered me at all.

I want to see more chapters in the futur!!!


The Iron Dragon
  • Overall Score

This got me seriously hooked up!

I find myself like a crack addict after every new chapter – poor being who just smoked up his last bit of weed and desperately needs more :D !

I’m giving you a full score with a clear consciousness.Some people might say your grammar is too bad, but I’ve noticed some improvement in it. And heck it wasn’t too bad (at least to a non-native English speaker like me) in the first place. And you can always get a proofreader too.

  • Overall Score

one of the best reincarnation FF i've read here

The story is fluid, the starting point or you'd say prologue is really good and not being rushed. I really like the MC, there's hint of being OP, but you should make him learnt the hard way and not the easy one. Hoped that you keep the writing style like this. I noticed a minor grammar mistakes here and there, but they can be ignored as it doesn't affect too much (you might need PR to less the burden doing it yourself). Take your time writing so the quality doesn't drop eventhough you've already advanced planned the story.