Looking around at the rest of the mansion, this must have been where the fire started. The walls had long since crumbled and in their place stood thick beams of stone, blackened from where the flames had licked at them.

The remains ruins of the mansion stood in the pale morning light like a skeleton. It had been so alive, so vibrant. Inside had been a place of love and security, a place with memories of generation after generation. Now the wind whistled through and the steady rain fell right into to the ruin of the mansion.

Yesterday it was an inferno, black smoke billowed into the heated air, sending its distinctive aroma over the town. Orange flames blew out the windows and sent horizontal jets of flame out ten feet or more. You could feel the radiating heat on your face from right across the street. The servant could only watch it burn and try the best they could to protect themselves of jets of flame.

The most part of the skeleton mansion had survived the fire but blackened and charred. Once the marvellous mansion but now a memory. No one knew what causes this. Well, some people knew, but this would die with them.

Finy touched the still-standing wall, watching his brown skin become charcoal grey. This mansion had been his is shelter, and probably would have been his new home it wasn't for his uncle, but now everything lay dust in his feet. Somewhere in this mess was his life, his memories, the person he had become since he reincarnated.

Now he wasn't sure what to do. In his mind and heart, he had stayed almost 16 years obsessed whit killing his uncle and this kind makes him an obsession addict. He'd been expecting to feel something by touching what was left of the mansion. Some vibrancy in his heart. In the end, all that happened was the smell of smoke and ash filled his mouth, nostrils, and lungs.


Inside a bar in the main street of the Aelhyrst was filled with the noise of drunks yelling and sings.

"I heart that was a broken ancient weapon that explodes inside the mansion". said, one man, while taking a drink on the corner of the bar.

"That was impossible if was an ancient weapon the town would probably be wipeout of the earth If anything is that his work of a raged dragons." said one of the most drunken men on the table while hiccuping.

"You idiot don't know anything, this is only something that a mage can do ...," said another of the drunk man of the table. He was a mercenary company that protects the merchant's caravan.

The town of Aelhyrst has filled with rumours and gossip of the mansion incident, and the peoples are talking about what they believe to be the cause. This was an event that most people got an eye and their mouth on it was there not much thing to do in their free times.

Two days passed in a blink of eye. The rumours are still fresh and growing to some utter nonsense theory.

Finy takes the carriage down to the main street of the Town. as he passed by the people in the road his mind start to think about things that he never clearly thought about before.

'Everything here belongs to me, and nobody can take it from me now. Nobody to take my freedom'

Ivy and ferns grew through the crevices of the old winding stone path, which led directly to the colossal structure. This mansion is flanked by rows of skeletal trees swaying gently in the try wind of summer. At its threshold stood the delicate marble fountain, the soft gurgling of the clear water melodic as it resonated in the surrounding silence. Finy had a hard time negotiating this mansion, he had to give a lot of money and some business privileges to the previous owner.

The windows light illuminated the office-like room. Finy seated at the chair there was stack and stack of leather paper. He has having a headache because of his action on destroying the mansion and the pile of matter that have accumulated in between these days.

“This is one of the official logging areas, and the sawmill is not too far from it. It was the first location that was attacked by the Glowing Beast,” Wene said and continue. “The town’s major source of income is the export of lumber, thus, even if we fail to kill the beast, we still need to make sure it doesn’t stay in our territory. Workers fear it, and if the beast keeps staying around, our financial situation will get even worse.”

"Well do what you think is better," Finy said casually. Wene is the person that Finy trusts the most and now he was in no mood to do this kind of office paper so he put out all the work on her.

Finy takes a slow deep breath and said before Wene could bring other matter up. " There still no signal of Bilia?".

"No my lord." Wene put the stack of leather paper in his hand on the table and continue. " I send a team of people searching for here. I even put a recompense for anyone that had any information on her whereabouts but only useless information came out"

"So still nothing on her" A complicated expression appeared on Finy eyes as he said his words.

"My lord I can only assume that the moment the mansion explodes she somehow disappear" Wene assert only the obvious conclusion.

"Sigh.... " Finy let out a long sigh. The mysterious disappearance of Bilia, he some out feels that was something that he would definitely have to face and probably would bring him some hard day.

" Send Blafa to search for any vestige of her in every town around Aelhyrst she could not have been gone far and I want her to be found even if dead." Finy didn't like the feeling that something was beyond his hand, for him this his something like his uncle all over again but in a different way.

"Yes my Lord I will do that," Wene said respectfully and take a piece of paper from one of the stacks of leather paper and hand it to Finy.

"This is the marriage contract that was made by your uncle and the chapel"

Finy just takes a look a the paper, taking and putting it in one of the lockers. He decides to keep this contract as proof of its success and not putting much importance on it, it was more like a souvenir of its struggles.

"What about the magical beast core that I order" Finy quickly change it topic to one that he is concern about it.

"My lord all the stock on the town is empty and I think that it will still take time to start to fill up." and Wene quickly add "And because you decide to buy it all the same time the day after the incident our deposit is at the bottom of the bottom" although Finy mind seen more concerned about magical beast core she knew that Finy mind is very unstable lately as she could hear him screaming all night from his nightmare and sometimes he would scream words never heard before.

"Hahaha.... You still worried about money, didn't I said that no gold is no problem" Finy said in a casual tone.

"Just make sure you can get more of magical beast core even if you had to make ask some merchant to bring it."

"Ho. send all the group of mercenaries in town to kill that Glowing Beast. Tell them that I will pay all of then a very good amount of silver " Finy add as he remembers of the Glowing Beast that its causing problem in the logging area

The Glowing Beast was one of the lowest magical beasts that could exist. their body is soft as a pillow and the only dangerous thing about them is their spit that is poisonous and it glows like a firefly. Even though it is still a hard thing to kill. And especially for a normal human. But nothing that a gang of mercenaries that spend their lives fighting for a penny wouldn't take care of it for a good sum of silver.

"As you wish my lord," Wene said respectfully bowing to leave the room


Since after he takes control of his fief every time there was a need of money he would enter the game world and take out a lot of gold to sell to merchants, although he knew that if this continues for some time it would bring some unnecessary troubles but for now. And there are some bad downsides for him too.

He assumes that because he made a lot of trips to the game world in a short amount of time lately this had put a toll on his soul. And his late experience gave him more insight into the game world. That the quantity of what he brings our the frequency of that he entered the game world would some out influence the consumption of what he assumed to be his soul energy.

"It is a shame that I can't just go all out and use technology to assert as supreme power.... for now at least"Although he had guaranteed his freedom and his power as a lord of his fief it just needs someone with greedy eyes and more power than him to take everything from him, so he was holding back in use the technology to change the world.

Finy opens the bottom-most lockers and takes a ring from it. He carefully looking at the ring and examined it.

" It is a pity that it was broken during the explosion. I have to find some way to fix it later".

Then his hand moves to take another thing from the lockers. He put the magical beast core in his hand, closing his eyes and concentrate. Then the magical beast core starts to glow and at a visible rate start to diminish. Then Finy opens his eyes normally, he could feel that some of his soul tiredness had diminished a little bit.

"Sure. I will need a lot of magical beast core to make even a little improvement." Finy sigh. Then he proceeds to repeat the same steps in absorbing more than 7 magical beast cores till the locker was empty again.

Then after he had absorbed all the magical beast core he gets up and looks at the sky through the windows of his office.

The sky had a shiny colour of blue that seems alive under the sun, it was truly a sky that seems to say that peace shall reign as long the sun shine over the land.

But the eyebrow of Finy would probably say that it was a sing of the lasts days of peace.

"Now What could a bastard Prince want to venture at this end of the Empire "


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