Beyond World



Chapter 3 - Better dead than sorry


"Before inspiration comes the slaughter"

Finy walk through the corridor stopping at the door, and at each side of the door a guard was standing there, he looks at it and sighs, then he knocks on the door.

"Come in" Finy did not wait long to hear the replay.

He pushes the door open entering the room. Inside elegant fireplaces with fine lines of bright flames emitting a pleasureful smell of scent. Warm air continually lingers in the halls.

In the Middle, a long wooden desk stood quietly, covered with a white tablecloth, on top has a silver candlestick and a lot of paper filled with letters and numbers.

At the corner of the room close to the windows looking out to the sky with signals of a storm to come, dressed in a long-sleeved, silky jacket covers him to his waist and is tightly tied with string at the center. The sleeves of his jacket are quite narrow and reach down to just above his wrists, they're decorated with several thread linings from top to bottom.

The jacket has a rectangular neckline which reveals part of the modest shirt worn below it and is worn with a thick cloth band, which is held together by a decorative pin. His pants are simple and quite wide and reach down to his bound cloth shoes. The shoes are made from a rare cloth but are otherwise a simple design.

"...Sit " Frances take a look at Finy as he walks to the main chair of the office desk to sit.

"I heard you have been lock inside your room for days. I hope you feeling well" Francis said as he reveals a genuinely worried face.
"I'm fine uncle, I was just in a bad mood," Finy said not caring much about his uncle expression.

"What happened?" Francis asked curiously as not many things seem to change the mood of Finy.

"Nothing much is just that Bilia that don't want Elen in the castle again" fancy said with a sorry expression and throw some basic noble teenager problems.

" sure can work it out later".Francis lost interest in his nephew daily life quickly. Francis opens one of the desk lockers taking out an envelope "This is the chapel answer about the wedding between you and Bilia..." Francis stops and takes a look at Finy " It will be 2 months from today ".

Finy the moment he sees the church of Solis Lumen logo he had to get ready to play along with it.

"Oh.. finally, I thought they forgot about it" although he spoke these words inside he wished that this day would have never come. He thought that 2 months his enough time to planning things without flaws.

Francis didn't pay attention much to his nephew's face, he proceeds to take another envelope from the locker

"This is the letter of the count of Briggs, he said the fifth prince his making a tour around here... He would arrive from here 14 days..." Francis pause for a bit.

"I want you to accompany him in his stay and... " He seems to hesitate in his speech "You could take this opportunity to make a vow to the Empire of Leriathomb, and then his just wait for when you complete 16 years to officially take control of the lands".

Finy hearing these words his face only reveal calm alike posture, but inside he was boiling his uncle words was to test him to see if there any hidden intention on his part. He knows that this is an opportunity because when the last member of the noble family make they vow to the Empire Royal Family he would automatically be recognized as an official lord of his land. Although his uncle had hidden this information it takes him a lot of time to find it out.

"Ok, " Finy gives his best to make a normal face, slowly turning his face to one of excitement asking his uncle a lot of questions about the prince.

Afterwards, they talk a little about the wedding. Francis asks Finy if he had any requests. "Could you make Elen inside the mansion" Finy didn't lose this opportunity to make a pose of a horny teenager?.

But if he hadn't discovered the game space he would probably use this in some naive request that somehow would benefit him in taking Francis down.

Right now he wanted to put a bullet through his uncle's head, but he takes a peek at Francis' hand, there was a ring decorated with gilded linings.

If someone outside of the Ingalls family seemed this rings would only think about its value, but he knew that this ring his more than what meet the eyes.

This ring is the most valuable treasure of the noble Ingalls family, this ring is a magic ring. he had found some registry about it in the family history book.

The ring used to belong to the first generation of the Ingalls family although there isn't any registry of how the ring origin The magic ring would activate automatically to protect its user from any harm. The ring too as recognizes as the family symbol.

That is why he needs to find a perfect way to destroy the ring or at the least broke it.

After getting out of the office he starts to think why his uncle decided to rush things out, this is not Francis style. Finy assumes that something that he didn't know happen, this let him feel uneasy. There is something that could probably ruin his plan. Finy decides to rush his plan and it had to happen before the prince come.

"Hey Finy where are you going?" In Finy way he meets with Bilia

Each year that passed her beauty only grew. Silver, long hair hangs over a bony, lively face. Heavy green eyes, set handsomely within their sockets.

Although her beauty was envious by the people of the town, but her personality left a lot to be wished. She had become a tyrant under Finy uncle teaching. She like things her way and Finy was the most one that had to suffer the most in her hands as Bilia sees him as his toy

"Hi Bilia" Finy put a beautiful smile on his face, but he had a hard time keeping it as Bilia approaches him.

"What are you planning? ... And you just came out of my father offices".

"You know! your marriage is already marked. I think that you are gonna be busy for a while" Finy said as he put on a cheerful face.

"Hm! Don't try to change point, and don't even try the prince, I already know that" Bilia was given Finy a hard time to get rid of her.

"Don't need to yell at me... you see I got a present for you"

"So you are really hiding something from me, you better ...." before Bilia could finish her sentence she sees a golden bracelet with a round beautiful blue silver gemstone in it.

Bilia eyes sparkle as she takes the bracelet of the Finy hand, she looks at it marvelled. Finy enters the [GTA V ] and looking for jewelleries and pick one whit a gemstone on it.

Although golden jewellery was not so much of value to the nobles when it had some kind of gemstone it would be elevated to another standard. this is due to the gemstone value to the mages as they had a lot of use to then and for gemstone not been too abundant.

"Don't think you can buy me with some jewellery. " she was struggling to not show much of excitement on her face.

"Of course I'm no trying to do that, it's just a present just wait for the one I gonna give you on or wedding day"

"Oh, it better be more beautiful than this." She walked away as she looked at the bracelet in her hand. Now she had complete forget of Finy.

Finy looking at her go and thought to himself ' of course. a pair of handcuffs will be beautiful on you'. He definitely has plans to deal with her later. For him, this is not a fairy tale where the girl would happily jump in his arm after killing her father.

Finy walks out of the mansion taking his carriage to the orphanage he needs to better coordinate his plan and evade any possible miscalculation.


It's midnight. There's a thunderstorm filling the sky. Inside the corridor hall, there is a white mist through the corners in the cover of the dark night. The place the mist pass it let a desolate feel to the place.

At end of the corridor, a guard was standing in from of a door. The mist travels till it had reached the guard, the guard eyes start to weigh and increasing with each second, after moments he falls to the ground.

In the cover of the night if someone could focus all his attention one could hear steps echoing through the corridor. If one would have seen the owner of these steps he would only see a man in strange clothes and wearing a strange mask over his face revealing only big round blue eyes.

This man was Finy and he had initiated his plan.


Francis wakes up from his sleep, his eyes reveal tiredness, the years hadn't been kind to him. His face full of wrinkle and green eyes that each year seems to lose a bit of his colour.

There is a heavy feeling in his heart. This feeling only adds height to his already tired body. He didn't give much attention to this filing, it had been years since he first notes it. The first time he notes it was after he had taken control over his dead brother.

Francis because of this feeling that let him uneasy about everything he had become paranoid about, suspecting that even his baby nephew that was just a baby at that time was playing tricks on him, but he slowly convince himself that it was just his mind playing tricks on him. That led him to always wear the magic ring on his finger even when sleeping.

It was mid-morning. There's bright sunshine in the sky.

"Good morning my lord"
Francis walks the corridor hall receiving greetings from the servants of the mansion on his way to the office. One of the few pleasures he had after years of passing was taking care of the business of the land.

Arriving at the door of his office he sees the guard seated on the ground sleeping.

"Wake up" Francis wake up the guard in his normal tone of voice the years had taught him patience with others, principally with his servant.

Francis didn't find it strange the guard sleeping at this time of the day. He had seen a lot of times when one would just be on his foot while sleeping. but was the first time he sees it sleeping on the floor.

Inside the office, Francis sat in the main chair of the desk. He didn't start work yet he was thinking about Finy.

'That boy has good talent', Francis was thinking about the marked business that he came out with by selling market information to the merchant caravan before even arrive at the town.

"And he looks to be a bit o mixture between cunning and good heart guy," Francis said this to himself with a bit of upset face. Because every time he and Bilia fight he would come out with some expensive gift to her, Francis was not so pleased because this had caused Bilia to become some spoiled girl that expects unique gift every single time from Francis. Well if Francis knew what Finy had planned for him he would certainly not put the 'good heard guy'.

"Well, at least Finy doesn't seem to have a second thought about me. Maybe I ... " Before Francis could finish his line of thought that was a bright flash of light before his eyes accompanied by hot air sweeping by him with a loud sound that had broken the peaceful trend of the day.

On top of a hill not far away from the mansion, there was a man sitting in a comfortable chair holding a strange object close to his eyes.

This man was Finy he had been waiting here even before the sun had shined. He was holding military binoculars looking at his uncle through the windows of the office.

"Say your last pray to gods" Finy start counting the seconds as he presses the bottom of a remote control device in his hand.

There was an enormous explosion. It was as though fists of orange flame had decided to punch its way out of the office. Windows shattered. Smoke and fire rushed out a deadly rainfall of fragment, showered down. A huge piece of the wall had been taken out of the side and the roof of the building.

Finy searches carefully through the flames for his uncle body. He would only consider it a success if he could see his uncle dead body.

After sweeping the entire area of the explosion with the binoculars Finy could see his uncle body leaning against one of the walls that hadn't been destroyed by the explosion.

Francis could still move his body already been consume by the explosion, there is a river of blood covering the still-intact part of his body.

It was clearly that Francis hadn't died yet, was because of the magic ring that had disperse most of the damage he would have suffered. But the ring had now lost all his power.

Finy looking at the Francis injured and it was clearly that Francis would probably die of blood loss, but Finy wasn't happy enough to wait for him to take his last breath.

"Oh F*ck it! Let see if he can take the big one," Finy said as he takes another remote control
"Well better dead than sorry" these was his words before pressing the remote control.

A pillar of great rags of fire went soaring to the sky as the earth shake and dust start boiling up from the explosion. A series of new flashes broke out, lifting and spreading is destructive power against all that it sweeps by. Then geysers of hot ash and smoke spouted upward.

Finy knew the quantity of the bomb he had put in his plan, but he had a hard time believing it had done so much damage. He could see almost half of the mansion destroyed and the other half starting to rage with fire.

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