Beyond World



Chapter 2 - Starting A Big Show


He found it difficult to understand what going on, he was standing in a small square! Small square surrounded by skyscrapers, He could see a few cars parked. But the whole area was empty, quiet and without any signal of people.

Forcefully inhibits the feeling of shock, he walks along the road in a circle, and then went straight to an apartment building door and forcefully open it, he turns to the first apartment and went in. When he turned on the light showing a typical American family living room, looking at the wall of LCD TV and a game console. He was assured this world and his world are identical. Turn on the TV, all the channels are white, without any program show. In the bedroom, he found that is clean and blankets neatly placed. He decides to take a little nap, he thought this is too much for one day and his head was hurting as he could not clearly think straight right now.

After he wakes up he decides to think for a bit.
" Could this be inside the game?... but how?" he was murmuring but his voice echoes across the room. He could only think about his death and the warm feeling he had felt before all this happen. He felt fear about this mysterious event, his mind hid only drifting towards alien or his uncle finally deciding to throw him into madness. Think a lot about this he could not surely explain so he put on hold his thought and focus on now.
Out the door, the sky was still bright, he chose to explore a bit before trying to figuring out things.

He chooses a car that was parked by the side of the building. He breaks the car windows and opened the door, inside to see if he could find some key but no success. He didn't know how to hack a car so he searches for some other vehicles available. On the lawn, there was a bike not far from where he was. Then he began to travel around the city on a bike. A few blocks away, he confirmed that there's not any living soul to be seen. But this city is different from the original, this city is like the real thing, everything he sees was real.

Next, he felt hungry so he looks for someplace he could eat. He found a fast-food car parked a few blocks away so he eats and drinks soda so he felt full. Next, he keeps exploring around the block. He found the supermarkets, a tech store, clothing shops.

After a couple of hours later, the sky starts to darken. He sits on the top of an apartment roof watching the sky with a background sunset.

He starts to figure out a way out of here, although he felt that here he is still in a better situation than the previous but he felt fear from not know more about his situation and just sit here hoping for the best, he felt he want more than just this, he starts to think if he could open any game in the store, suddenly he didn't know why but he felt his thought focusing more and more at the game store, then he felt his surrounding distorting and changing at a speed that his eyes could not follows.

He finds himself again backed at the game store, he was thrilled as he watches his surround as he was not stuck inside where he was. He calms and starts looking around, he finds it a bit odd is that every game in the shelf was grey but he didn't focus on this much, now he wants the see if he could get out of the shop as he did in the game. He starts focusing on the real world, again like the previous time he found himself weirdly attract to a heavy thought, this time his surround didn't blur but came an intense light that prevents him from seeing clearly.

But as his eye start to adapt to the light he could see his surrounding, he was still inside the carriage.

"My lord." He heard a sweet musical voice constantly calling and with an anxious tone that grew by each call.

"I'm back". He said as he sorts his body into a better position. While looking at Wene he notes that her reaction only is starting to change to a worried one so he assumes that not long at passed.

"My lord what h" before she could finish speaking Finy interrupted her.

" Tell Alhelm to turn around, we are getting back," Finy said as he looks to his empty hand where was magical beast crystal.

Wene notices the missing magical crystal in Finy hand and his odd face that she had never seen. But she conceals her thought was she order Alhelm to turn back.

Has Finy arrived at the mansion and went straight to his room and fall on his bed, his body felt so tired that each step he gave was a tremendous effort.

When he wakes up the sky was already blackened, he stood in from of the mirror looking at his back, there was nothing important there to take note of, but he could feel something occupying half of his back moving in a strange pattern slowly. He assumes that this is somehow related to his previous experience, so he wanted to confirm tons of thought about his game store even and one of them is that if he could go back to the game store again, so he follows the previous method used to get out. His vision blurred as his surround didn't resemble his room anymore, he didn't think being back would be so easy.

All the game in the store was grey, black desktop and the two doors of the store, he remembers that one to the bottom left is the storage room where that are some other older games that the store used to sell through the internet and the bottom right is an emergency door, all this he hadn't take note the first time he was here.

The most eyes catching was the black sphere that was floating close to the ceiling of the store he assumes that it is the [GTA V] game as he had search for every one of the shelves but didn't find it. He draws near the sphere and touches it, his surrounding in a flash changed.

He observes his surroundings, he found himself on the roof he had been when he exited the game and there's still the view of the golden sky sunset. The first thing he concluded it when he gets out the time inside freeze.

He bends down and picks one of the beer bottles he had drinked last time, he concentrated his thought in the game store, again in a flash he found himself in a bottomless dark place, his mind at this moment enter in a state of panic as he thought of his demise at the moment. Moments later he starts to calm as not had happened to him since he appeared here.

He followed a light that seems to be at the end of this bottomless dark. As he passed it he finds himself back to the store through what seems to be the door that leads to the storage room. After reason with himself for a while, he concludes that ever time he take something from the game he would appear in the storage room. He turns his head towards the emergency door exit only to stop his thought to not think what could be an emergency to make him access that door.

Holding the empty beer bottle in his hand he concentrates is mind and close his eyes, less than a second he opens his eyes only to be met with a serene room and a dark peaceful sky. Finy seeing this he drew a smile.
He felt tired so he decides to continue his experiment later as he takes a little nap.

After lot of experiments and thought he concludes some characteristics of game store space

1- There isn't any living being like animal flies or even ants. There are grass and trees, just simple plant body. The weather work looks normal and the gravity seems normal too.

2- He measures the time difference between the real world and the game space, the result is when he is in the real world the time in the game world complete stop and when he is in the game space one day there is like a minute in the real world.

3- He could bring thing out from the game but could not bring something in the game.

The next day he starts to explore the game world better. Finally after getting a map of the city and search for a car that had its key in it The first place he looked for was the weapons shop as the first thing he wants to do was to use this opportunity to solve his lovely uncle problem.

Finding the weapon shop he enters it, the first thing that enters his eyes are balconies full of pistols, knives, and throwable weapons. The walls are filled with rifles, shotguns and some machine guns.
The first thing Finy did as to take a look at the famous AK47 assault rifles and started shooting. He spends a lot of time pondering how to use it, as this is his first time touching a gun. So after reflecting on the basics of using it Finy start play with the rifle.

"Da da da! Dah! "Finy looks at his shooting and as expected after hours playing with it, he had grasped the features and how to use this gun. Accuracy was not his best but not so poor too. Count the circles in the wall there are around six, there are lots of hole in the wall but less than 1/10 of all this hole his in the most center of which circle around and he was only around seven to nine meters away from the wall, if a pro shooter had seen this they probably would laugh their heads off.

Two hours late Finy was seated on a chair reading a weapons magazine that he found in the shop. Many of the postures he had practice shooting were not right and he felt this was obvious as his right shoulder was hit multiple times by the rifle recoil and his hand hurts like hell. He assumes that being a soldier is definitely not easy, it's not like a point and presses the mouse buttons to shoot.

In his shooting session, he had noticed that cartridge spreads on the ground would become more and more transparent, slowly disappearing.

Returning from the game space. His arm pain reminded him that what he was experiencing is real, but for him, all this still seems like a dream. After so many things he feels too tired, lying in the bed he instantly enters in deep sleep. After a long time, he wakes up but he stood on thinking.

He starts thinking about his future doing and how to use the game space to his advantage. He knew that guns probably wouldn't make him the king of the world, as he had heard tales of powerful mages that could lift mountains whit their magic, men powerful enough to shatter mountains and monsters that could swallow mountains for snacks, but it was sure it would make some littles problem easy to solve.

There was a knock on the door, then after a moment the door open revealing Wene entering his room.

"Good morning my Lord," Wene said as her face revealed a worried expression, her Lord Finy had to decide to lock himself for 2 days in his room, even to the point of not eating.

"Good morning Wewe " Finy respond in a joyful way, he called her Wewe when he was in good mood like now." Something important happens?" Finy asked as he sees Wene face.

"No, nothing important my Lord" Wene stop for a bit and resume. "is that Francis had requested your presence later at his office".

If some of the employees of the mansion had seen her talking about Lord Francis as if he was some random low citizen they would be shocked. This was due to the Finy was he had played with Wene mind when they are little shaping her mind to see Finy as the only Lord that could exist and made Francis look like a theft.

"Ok, I will go there after, but first.." he took looks at the way she talks about Francis he felted ashamed for stirring with a little girl mind back then.

"I want you to tell the other that there been big changes of plan. There is gonna be...".
Finy looks at her and drew a big smile.

"Big Show".

A note from patrickborg

Thanks for the comments. SomeHow i find it exciting to see and read it.

I decide to change the first game from [Watch Dogs 2] to [GTA V]

Because at first i wanted to start whit some advance gadgets but i decide i want a

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If you found some error or stuff don't hesitate to correct me. The better I'm the better the stories



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