Beyond World



Chapter 1 - A good start...or not!


The Empire of Leriathomb covers an area of around 1 million square miles. Of this, 25% (267 thousand sq. miles) is arable land, and 74% (792 thousand sq. miles) is wilderness. and has a total population of 74 million people whit the largest city has a population of 146 thousand people, the second-largest 73 thousand. There are 6 other cities of note in the kingdom and 48 towns. The remaining population lives in numerous small villages, isolated dwellings.

The town of Aelhyrst covers an area of approximately 83 acres, with a total population of 5010 people approximately.
The town has the home of a noble family the Ingalls. The peace is kept by 25 guardsmen, and there are 6 advocates to assist with legal matters. For those more concerned about their soul, there are 5 priests.

Not far away from the civic district known for its street lined with carved stone statues. A mansion of two floors stone-walled building, with a small beautiful walled yard and garden and finely-crafted furniture. This residence is the accommodations of the noble family Ingalls, they are known for their stubbornness when coming to their decision.

Inside a gorgeous bedroom lying down on the bed there, a man seems in his 30 years and his eyes no more reveal any colour of life, by his side there another man holding his hand.
"HAH hah..." the man gave a joyful laugh as he was holding his hand to confirm his death.
"You can rest peacefully my brother in law, I will take care of everything that your,... " he stops as he looks to the middle of the room where there's was a baby crib " And don't worry your little baby will follow you next, you just have to wait for a bit".

"Hic " there's was a cute sound in the room and afterwards there's was a crying sound of a baby coming from the crib.

The man approaches the crib taking a look at this crying baby saying in a gentle tone " Sch Sch ... Don't need to cry cute little Finy, I'm not gonna kill you,... Yet" then get out of the room not caring about the baby cry.

The moment he closes the door the baby cry stop as if was waiting for him to get out and if the man was here he would see a look of vicious in the so proclaimed cute baby but he would be more shocked if he could hear the baby though.
' Not if I kill you first '.

7 years passed in a blink of eyes, a boy sat a the bed tip it's was already morning there's a band of heavy cloud with a gloomy feel to the place, he was if remembering the first time he opens his eyes after and find himself in a strange place and surrounding by unknown people. Then with time he came to understand his situation, he had reincarnated to a new world, his mother had died during her labour and a month later his father had been poisoned by his uncle, and apparently, he was next in his uncle schemes and what most shocked him was that he had learned through books that this world was magic. He used to be a game store manager and had played a lot of Magic games so he was excited to see this new world, but before he needs to solve his uncle problem.

Moments later there's was a knock on the door. Getting up and opening the door he could see a young beautiful face greeting him.

"Yes, " said Finy in a lifeless manner.

"Good morning Young Lord it time for breakfast" he heard a mild voice.

"Ok let go" Said Finy as they walk to the lunchroom.

Get in the room he could see his uncle Francis Yournet seated at the main lord chair and by his right there's was Francis daughter Bilia Yournet, she was around 1 year older than him.
Seating By his uncle left he start to eat his breakfast, it was very rare for them to eat together so he assumes that there's something that he could not be avoided, as he seated his uncle sees him with eyes like seeing a little sheep.

After taking a piece of bread and ate, before his uncle could say something he talked.

"Uncle Francis I have a request to make you".

"Ohh... You can talk my dear nephew" Francis wasn't expected his nephew to make a suddenly request.

"I want to open an orphanage" Francis was surprised by this request he had to expect anything but this.

So he answers "Unfortunately we could not afford to keep an orphanage".

Finy had expected this so he decides to throw one of his famous family traces. " But uncle I really want to open one and help a kid like the little Wene".

Francis take a look at the corner of the room where there's was a little girl, she was the Wene Finy had picked her when he has 5 and take her him, Francis had tried to get rid of her but Finy cried as he had never cried before so Francis decides to make her Finy private maid.

"Still little nephew orphanage could only put a weight on our budget" Francis reply to his plea not considering it at all.

"But uncle I... I would do anything you want to" Finy decide to throw the bait to his uncle.

Hearing this his Francis put a little smile and thought for a bit.
"Ok nephew but you have to promise a thing for me".
"Anything Uncle"Finy put a happy face when he hears his uncle replied.
"You have to marry my little flower, "Francis said as he patted his hand at his daughter had.

Actually, Finy was calculated that it was just a matter of time before his uncle forcefully put his daughter to marry him, so delivering his head and asked some little thing in return was the best he could do.

"Ok uncle I will marry Bilia," Finy said as he put on the most cheerful face he could. It happens that he and Bilia are quite friendly with which others as his uncle had made her follow him around since he could walk. It was quite obvious for a grow up what was Francis intention from the beginning.

With finy uncle permission he set an orphanage, he didn't have a gentle heart to do charity his main objective was to create capable people and select the most loyal and put by his side.

Times flies and then 7 years and a half passed.

The town of Aelhyrst was built along the banks of a crystal clear river and its grace is matched by the backdrop of tall mountains and the dense tree of the Blyt Forest which have helped shape the town to what it is today. The Blyt forest was home to low strength beast and to get there one had to get through a series of a mountain, that why it was not enviable by the bigger noble family and had a little flow of adventures compared to other town and city closed to the beast forest.

The main street of Aelhyrst it's marked by the comes and goes of people. In the busy street there's was a carriage that didn't look so fancy but it attracts the attention of people by the symbol imprinted on it, it was a mountain with a sword stuck to it. Inside it sat a chestnut, shaggy hair that gently hangs over a skinny menacing face, clear hazel eyes, set appealingly within their sockets, watch carefully over the street, she was Wene and at her opposite there was a dark, sleek hair awkwardly hangs over a handsome, big round blue eyes, set delicately within their sockets, watching watchfully over the street.

'15 years already passed....' Finy gave heavy sigh" The day of my wedding with Bilia is getting close, I need to get ready"

Wene hearing this said, "But my lord we still need to find the right poison for...".

"Well if we could not find the poison then we have to go with the dead risk way," said Finy

After 7 years with his orphanage, he forms a small organization under his uncle's nose composed of 5 people, the first was him, the second was Wene, she was 16 years old and had become strategic under his command, 3rd was Alhelm he had around 17 and was strong and had a quick reaction speed to the situation, the 4th was Blafa around 18 years old, although he was skinny but could run fast than even an adult and the last was Elen the youngest of the group she had 15 years but got a charming body of and adult Finy had tried to make her his maid but was stopped by Bilia.

Finy turning his gaze off the street and put on Wene "Do you have it?"

"Yes my lord" Wene said as she takes a baby fist-size stone-like object and gave it to Finy.

He takes it and looks at it, the stone-like thing in his hand is the famous magical beast core it was not supposedly difficult to get one as a noble, but his uncle made it very difficult to even see one till today. To practice magic in this world one first need to start by trying to feel the magic energy in their surrounding then have a lot of money to be sent to the Magic Academy or luck to find a mentor.

As he concentrated on it, he felt a trace of magic inside the magic core, a burning sensation radiated from his back. He could feel a warm trace of energy coming out of the magic core and enter his body forcefully. In his back, there was a birthmark although none of his parents had one.

They all died before doubt something and his uncle didn't out much interest in him. His birthmark resembles a vortex and the most amazing thing is that at this moment the vortex seems to gain life as it starts to unroll and change into a strange pattern.

Finy could only feel the pain come from his body and his vision blurred, strangely there was an explosion of light making him impossible to see anything. As the light slowly fell down he could see a shelf filled whit what seems to be a game box. He was shocked because what he was seen complete resemble his previous world game store that he had worked at.

It took a while till he could calm down and start to analyze his surround, the first thing he strange has that almost every game was grey and had no colour. He approaches one of the games at the front, this space has been reserved for new games. He carefully takes one of the games but nothing happens, so he analyzes the game it was written [Halo: Battle world 2] but the box seems to be impossible to be open, after a while, he gave up and start to look for other to analyze. He moves to the first shelf there was a lot of games that look grey and some that still has their original colour. The first game he could see that still had his colour has [GTA V] so he chose it. Again carefully picking and seeing nothing happen, he decides to open it to see if couldn't be open like the greys ones.

The moment he open game box there's a light coming from the box involving all his surround, closing his eyes because of the intense light he suddenly feels a breeze o wind sweeping by him.

Then he slowly opens his eyes, when his eyes are wide opened then his mount start to do the same thing but in a faster manner. He was standing in a seemingly truly gorgeous urban street that resembles his previous world. Its grace is matched by the backdrop of pristine. The skyline is crowded with soaring skyscrapers and even from afar they manage to display their beauty.


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