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Blood Emperor Eztli has reigned over the world for the past two thousand years. Unfortunately, he has reached the end of his life. His body has long since withered, qi barely usable and his Life Force a delicate strand. He, however, dedicated his life researching a way to create an immortal body--so he could reign eternally--and succeeded. Defenseless as he transfers his soul into the immortal body, he is betrayed. He awakes only to find himself trapped in the body of a rabbit, his strength gone and staring at a boy eager to bind him.

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This is the first "Qi" story i have ever enjoyed.

I wont need to sell this story, it sells itself. Read a few chapters and it picks up pace while staying true to itself. Read 20 chapters in one sitting and its now 03:30am. Still i cant regret it.


Good Foundation -- A Novel to follow

A good start to the story for sure, I just hope it will survive to be finished. Basically old powerful MC becomes weak and meets young MC and decides he might help out a little bit. Both characters have stuff and events they have to deal with.

As of writing this we don't know much about the world other than an decent introduction to the politics of the small sect that young MC is a part of. Style is rather good, not over telling and no uncomfortable gaps in the setting. I haven't seen any awkward sentences or spelling mistakes.

As for the characters the Old MC is the best and the rest seem a bit lacking in comparison.


All in all a good read albiet rather short atm.


I never do any reviews, but I felt obligated to since there were no reviews at the time of posting this. Which is borderline criminal considering how well-made this series is.

This is definitely one of the biggest underrated gems on this site. The story is well-written and the MC finds himself in a conflict that is very original and unique, the world-building so far has been very good, the grammar is excellent, and the author is pretty dedicated; churning out decent sized chapters almost daily.

Anyone reading this should seriously give this a try. So far it's not the best story on RRL, but it's definitely worth reading, and it certainly deserves more attention.


Hey, Normaly I don't do any reviews because english isn't my first language and it take me too much time too translate.

At the beginning of the story all the changes of P.O.V are annoying because honestly we just want to follow the Blood Emperor (which we still don't know the name now that I think about it ).

But more the story advances, more we are caught in it, unlike some story where at some point I force myself to read, in this one there are none.

So here I just wanted to thank SilkwormLarvae for this wonderful work, and hope he will quickly restard writing.


The story is awesome, its a bit disheartening at first, but the confusion and hurt clears up real fast if you read further. Additionally, this is just my opinion, but everyone in this novel is crazy, cuckoo, mentally unstable, the lot of them


The first 11 chapters deal with some random kid that has nothing to do with the mc(blood)Emperor by that point I dropped it. If you want to read a story about a beast tamer kid with a lost legacy of his father who finds a rabbit with the blood emperors soul than this is the story for you, but this story from what I have read completely ignores the blood Emperor for a good chunk of the total chapter count. 

It's well written and the grammar is alright. The plot pacing is terrible, if the author wanted to go the route of the tamer boy than that should have taken at most 2 chapters, not the 10 chapters it actually took. 

Maybe this is my dislike of non mc POVs shining though, I recommend if you can read through the first 11 chapters without effort than read this story otherwise drop it.