The strange magician Rosetta has grown tired of searching. His job has been preparing and sending select humans into 'the other world'. This fated person is the last one. The most important one. However, enemies who were once comrades are hunting him across the world to harvest his power. With many powerful inidividuals after him, Rosetta had no choice but to carry out his job in secrecy. With his large reserves of magic and his alliances both new and old, Rosetta sets out to find the fated person to be sent over to 'the ‘other world' like many fated humans have.

Chapters posted here will lag behind the main site Rosetta Archive. Please visit the site to read latest released chapters.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue | Chapter 1 - His name is Rosetta ago
Prologue | Chapter 2 - Good Morning Japan ago
Prologue | Chapter 3 - Helen ago
Prologue | Chapter 4 – Preparation for the storm ago
Prologue | Chapter 5 - Clock and Center ago
Prologue | Chapter 6 – Knowing the enemy’s hand ago
Prologue | Chapter 7 – Clash of Two Armies ago
Prologue | Chapter 8 – Turning the tides of battle ago
Prologue | Chapter 9 – Battle of the Titans ago
Prologue | Chapter 10 - The Battle's Climax ago
Prologue | Chapter 10.5 Through the eyes of the public ago
Prologue | Chapter 11 – Salvage and Maintenance ago
Prologue | Chapter 12 – Breakthrough ago
Prologue | Chapter 12.5 – To stand among superpowers ago
Prologue | Chapter 13 – Her name is Jiang Shuu Ren ago
Prologue | Chapter 13.5 – A New Storm Brews ago
Prologue | Chapter 13.9 – The Neighborhood Guardian ago
Prologue | Chapter 14 – The Ghost City ago
Prologue | Chapter 14.5 – Starstruck Podcast Featuring Neil Denierre Tyler ago
Prologue | Chapter 14.9 – The Present and Future under an Aurora Sky ago
Prologue | Chapter 15 – The Ghost City Visitors ago
Prologue | Chapter 15.5 – Tang Zhi Hao ago
Prologue | Chapter 15.6 – Tang Jia Hao ago
Prologue | Chapter 16 – Underworldly Welcoming ago
Prologue | Chapter 16.1 – Superstitions ago
Prologue | Chapter 17 – The Six Warriors | Reunion for the Final Mission ago
Prologue | Chapter 17.5 – Watchers On The Sidelines ago
Prologue | Chapter 18 – Six Warriors and A Monster ago
Prologue | Chapter 18.5 – Confession Before The Battle ago
Prologue | Chapter 19 – Urban Battle ago
Prologue | Chapter 20 – Fighting For A Retreat ago
Prologue | Chapter 21 –Death March ago
Prologue | Chapter 22 – A New Start For Everyone ago
Prologue | Chapter 22.5 – The Media Machine ago
Hiatus Notice. ago

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All Might

Pacing is slow. But story has potential.

Read this up to chapter 9 in the author's third party site.

Reading the format helps with understanding the story but any reader can get the gist of it a few chapters in.

Main protagonists are properly fleshed out with Helen being the most unique one. 

Antagonists are still shallow but its too early to know yet.

Good story. It is a shame that release is slow. 

Lv10 Reincarnated Youtube Hero

Read this series at the Rosetta Archive website. Nine chapters is too early to tell but the story has a very strong foundation.

Grammar is very good. 

It looks like there are still more characters to be introduced in this story. I'm liking them so far.

Battle choreography in Chapter 7 is superb but the later battles is showing that the author is struggling to keep pace.

Magic in this series seems more complex than the usual natural element wheel. I would love to see these magic clash.

This series needs more attention and support. Chapters are slow but more support might change that.

Will update when more chapters are posted.

Stickman McGee

Good story. Looks like it's still getting bigger.

Does the organization have a name?

Rosetta looks like a coward even though he seems to be the most powerful since he grants magic powers to people.

But author currently has problems in real life so release is slow. Even delayed Chapter 10.

Getting really impatient.