The Dungeon Hive- Volume 2

The Dungeon Hive- Volume 2

by Ghostman

Original COMPLETED Action Comedy Fantasy

The sequel to The Dungeon Hive is here! After a huge fight against the humans, Ioplon's first dungeon is still here and the hive that controls it is now more bored than ever. As the world of Ioplon would soon find out, you must NEVER EVER let dungeon cores get bored. Strange things tend to happen when they do...yes; I said 'they'!  


For edited version of the story, the full trilogy (Book_1: Fantasy BeginsBook_2: Dungeon FlamesBook_3: Spread of the Dungeons) are now available on Amazon. Please take a look, and leave a rating. Thanks

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Part 1- The Good Life ago
Part 2- The Bored Hive ago
Part 3- The Mystery Begins ago
Part 4- The Mystery Continues ago
Part 5- The Better Creator ago
Part 6- The Appraisal Problem ago
Part 7- The Delightful Entertainment ago
Part 8- The Baby Kits ago
Part 9- The Fox Mother ago
Part 10- The Fire Eye ago
Part 11- The Home Visit ago
Part 12- The Pending Offer ago
Part 13- The Fair Trade ago
Part 14- The Morningstar Maze ago
Part 15- A New Life ago
Part 16- The Floating Creature ago
Part 17- The Unicorn Glade ago
Part 18- The Eye Monster ago
Part 19- The Coming Battle ago
Part 20- The Scouting Mission ago
Part 21- The Bouncing Ride ago
Part 22- The Coming War ago
Part 23- The Fire Hive ago
Part 24- The Humans' Questions ago
Part 25- The World's Truth ago
Part 26- The Demon Statues ago
Part 27- The Oni Charge ago
New Version of 'Fantasy Begins' Available ago
Part 28- The First Sorcerer ago
Part 29- The Human Bloodlines ago
Part 30- The Flowing Mud ago
Part 31- The Big Battle ago
Part 32- The Demon Lord ago
Part 33- The Unhappy Werewolf ago
Battle is Dumped ago
The Friendly Fire(bird)- aka the dumped scene ago
Part 34- The Prime Kin ago
Part 35- The Monster Alliance ago
Part 36- The Dungeon Hive ago
Part 37- Epilogue ago
Volume 2- Thoughts & An Important Poll ago
Cover and Small Update ago
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 ago
Chapter 2 ago
Chapter 3 ago
Spread of the Dungeons: III of the Dungeon Hive Trilogy ago

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Maximillian von Hapsburg

A continuation of a highly entertaining work

The story is very much a self-aware comedy built around an interesting concept ; how did dungeon fantasy settings come to be?

Its fairly light, and the standard genre tropes and cliches are introduced in a manner that is rich in wit. Whilst the tropes themselves are remarkably consistent with the world's own logic.

The most interesting aspect of the story however, is novelty.  Dungeon building stories and dungeon raiding stories are not an uncommon subset of fiction, this work however does not fit the standard mould of either.  So one should not have that expectation upon reading it. Nor should one expect genre deconstruction with a philosophical bent, this is a relatively lighthearted work of comedy after all.




As the first volumen, a good story with the amazing plus of being able to read it to the ent.

Add ents on the next please hehe


A really funny novel with excellent story and really cool concepts. The characters are pretty cool so far (ch 27). All in all an excelleny stpry 


Dont go into this tale with the wrong expectations. This is not a dungeon core story. There's not a lot of focus on building and even less on interaction with intruders.

It's first and foremost a comedy, and a very witty one at that.
Unfortunately a lot of the jokes already went into volume 1 (which I love, 5* all the way!) so the newish factor begins to dim, and we readers are able to see some of it coming from miles away. All in all it feels a bit slower paced than the previous book.
Although I dont laugh out loud as often as in vol.1, the author still manages to surprise me from time to time. "Behold! A monster."

Keep it up! :-)



First book was a decent read but not good enough to bother actually spending money on at amazon for the rest of this second book.