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From the nothingness I appeared. Bodiless, voiceless, ageless, I have only thoughts and emotions to guide me. My one connection to the world lies in the hearts of a small colony of lizards, just on the cusp of maturing. I reach out to them without hands, inspiring them to be more than what they are, shaping their bodies from visions of lost memories. But where do the memories come from? I am always left with more questions than answers. In my lonely shapeless existence the lizards cannot hear my words, and they cannot feel my touch, and I must wonder, do I even really exist? --- Called emotional, abstract, and beautiful by readers, this story is an observational account of a disembodied entity that has the power to influence and change a race of mildly intelligent lizard creatures. Memories of a previous life often serve as inspiration, but also generate questions as to whom the entity might have been before it became an Overseer. (presented in short chapters) (Thank you readers for getting my story into the top 5 ;u; ~<3) [Overseer has moved, please see Final Annoucement]

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
01 - The Little Leader ago
02 - A Far Bigger World ago
03 - The Role of an Overseer ago
04 - Family ago
05 - What Lies at the End ago
06 - Starlight ago
07 - The Life of a Lizard ago
08 - Waiting ago
09 - Retrogression ago
10 - A Hundred Thousand Million Stars ago
10.5 - Interlude - A Resounding Echo ago
11 - A Time for Rest ago
12 - The Hidden Signal ago
13 - To Protect ago
14 - A Ripple in a Pool ago
15 - The Age of Fire ago
16 - Calamity ago
17 - Mourning ago
-Overseer Q&A and discussion- (+a brief history) ago
18 - Dawn Onward ago
19 - Where We Go From Here ago
20 - Water Games ago
21 - The Last Endeavor ago
22 - Strength from Weakness ago
23 - Proto Wings ago
23.5 - Interlude - The One-eyed, Four-armed Lizard ago
24 - Lifeblood ago
25 - The Riverside Mountains (+map) ago
26 - Evacuation + 26.5 - Interlude - The Eyes of the Hills ago
27 - The Long Road ago
28 - Eruption ago
29 - An Old Foe ago
30 - A Blossom in the Heart ago
31 - The Coming of the Age of Metal ago
32 - Addiction ago
33 - The Collector ago
34 - Pieces of Separation ago
35 - The Ring ago
36 - It Has To Stop ago
37 - A New Answer ago
37.5 - Interlude - The Madness Moves ago
38 - Fly ago
39 - A Word for Flight ago
40 - The Last Vestige of Self ago
4~1 _ MaDness(madness) _submit_ mad~neSS ago
42 - Fault Line ago
43.1 - The Path of Hatred (1) ago
43.2 - The Path of Hatred (2) ago
43.3 - The Path of Hatred (3) ago
Final Announcement-Moving ago

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Overwhelmingly Beautiful

This story is simply beautiful, never have i read story this beautiful and heart tugging at this site except this one.

The initial plot is somewhat abstract, yet the story is written beautifully to reach the emotional aspect of reader.

There is not just one or two of something that will make reader enjoy this but each aspect of this story is complete and will encompass many aspect of life

There is life and death, happiness and sorrow, hope and dream, struggle and achievement all intertwining in story that done beautifully

Personally i feel sense of completeness when reading the last part of arc 1 after reading from the start

I hope other feel the same

Cheers for the author

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Everything I Wish RRL Could Be...

Overall 5/5: This is, objectively speaking, the best written story on RRl (and perhaps the internet at large) Both stunningly beautiful, and emotionally evocative. But most importantly, the author took a chance with this novel. On a site where horny teenagers push badly written action/sexfests to the top of the charts, this author chose to write something for mature readers.

Style: 5/5 Stunning. The style is stunning. It grips your heart from the get go and pulls you along at an excruciatingly slow pace that lets you stop to smell the roses (figuratively speaking) while you embark on a journey that is simultaneously calming and invigorating. It has a touch of artsy flair and the kind of humanism that one could expect from a Miyazaki film (but very different in its portrayal)

Story: 5/5 Slowly unraveling perfectly woven layers that coincide with the story of the lizards who grow right in front of us, showing us a parallel of the journey of humanity and how far we have come. Our insignificance may make us seem small and unimportant, but it is as a piece in the puzzle of humanity that we find purpose, belonging and significance, which is a juxtaposition that has haunted us for our entire rational existence. My only criticism would be that the 'battles' can sometimes be resolved too quickly, at least compared to the usual pace of the story.

Grammar: 5/5 Perfect. And my idea of perfect grammar isn't an unblemished work without typos/minor errors, but a work where the author has used the laws of grammar to their advantage. Shorter sentences to show pacing and tension, ellipses to show fading consciousness, complex sentences, an extensive and well utilized vocabulary and yes, nearly no typos, make this story better (grammatically speaking) than most officially published stories in the market. I do wish, however, that the author would use slightly longer chapters to convey more important story elements. This isn't a real criticism though, it's merely the reversal of using shorter chapters to increase the pace/isolate certain events.

Character: 5/5 The Overseer is constructed well enough and their emotions shine through amazingly well but it's the lizards that really bring this to 5 stars for me. Rarely does an author construct side characters that the reader can actually empathize with and I have never read a story where the reader is made to connect to side characters on such an intimately emotional level in a single chapter or two. These characters have made me smile and (mostly) cry, but they've all left an impact on me and I doubt that I will forget them any time soon.

Conclusion: Read this novel. It is everything that RRl could be if the readers were more willing to step out of their comfort zones and embrace something different and the authors who try to bring a story outside the norm (like myself to an extent) feel encouraged every time we see this story succeed and touch the hearts of others. Definitely a favorite and certainly recommended.

The Void
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One must realize when reading Overseer the rarity of a "true" story done from the viewpoint of a deity. Deities and their associated divine beings (be they "good", "evil", or simply "different") are often portrayed in literature, both indirectly and directly participating in the course of events. However, it is astoundingly rare to find any fictitious work presented purely from their perspective let alone one done so skillfully. Though this fiction might not be a masterpiece, it is without a doubt one of the finest pieces of entertainment that I have come across. One finds themselves truly pondering the existence of the divine when reading this story.

Solistia has inspired me with this unique work to become a writer myself, though I may not ever go far beyond the realm of light novels and/or web fiction.

The style of Overseer is also well done, with the story moving slow-paced but still fast enough that one does not get bored with its progress. I loved the interaction between the Overseer and his lizards, despite a clear lack of communication between the lizards and he until near the end of the story. Somehow the author managed to make the relationship profound without dialogue. Furthermore, when one reads the story it quickly becomes evident just what type of beings the lizards are merely from the author’s indirect characterization of them through the Overseer’s thoughts. This gives the story a slightly detached feeling for most of its beginning that serves to inoculate the reader to the viewpoint of the other-worldly being whom acts as the lizard’s overseer.

Though I did catch a few redundancies here and there caused by a switching in viewpoint that happened later on in the story, overall the grammar was excellent.  

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I first read Overseer when it only had a few chapters out and I remember being mad at the author. Why? It was so good that I wanted more. I can only give this unique fiction perfect marks on style. As the reader, we live vicariously through an unknown observer to watch as a species grows. I've not really encountered any fiction quite the same, or nearly as good. The writing is impactful. The sentences are short and sweet. The story quietly builds anticipation while also building the world. To those out there who want a strong main character and a story full of fast-paced action and adventure, I don't think this will be your cup of tea. But if you don't mind taking a moment to try to take part in something wondrous, what are you waiting for? Read this already.
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Exceedingly Interesting

The entire concept is somehow refreshing. The style of writing is comfortable to read and pulls you in. The story itself is well planned and the progress from chapter to chapter is not too much without seeming to be slow and stagnant. Grammar is great, very well written. The character development seems slow but is slowly picking up. As it goes further I am sure character rating will become a five star as well.


Well done.

  • Overall Score

As others have said, this really is a magical and beautiful story. Some might be thrown off by the reviews thinking that this is just an abstract story without any form of excitement, but they’d be wrong. It is an interesting and captivating story that builds up very well and I would strongly recommend giving this a chance.

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Thank you, this is why i love reading-

Thank you, this is why i love reading.


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Congratulations, you brought me to tears

No book has ever gotten me so emotionally attached to characters that I cry after a few chapters, brilliant character design and everything kudos to you my dear man/girl. you have made a story so rich and ripe with interesting plots and emotions that this is most definitely one of the best FF on RRL I'm surprised it's not higher on the active book list.  chapters are a bit short but still they made me cry


yours sincerely



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Magnificiently beautiful

This made me cry. 

Fck i havent log on to my rr account cause i am a silent reader but this piece of art made me cry. This is absolutely a good read. 

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So different, so amazing!

This is why I continue to wade through all the stories on sites like this. Every now and then I find a story like this, which is so different from normal that it just takes my breath away.


This is not simply a story, it's an experience. It is different than most stories I have read, but I recommend everyone to at least read a few chapters before giving an opinion.