Destroy The Heavens!

by TheGrapeGod

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Cursed to die, his kingdom-and family-destroyed, Astraoth goes on a journey to take revenge against the heavens themselves and discover the truth behind his past and his family's secrets.

So follow this journey, as Astraoth reaches the pinnacle of power, taking back his life and his inheritance. Follow Astraoth as he becomes a legend, breaking through even the bonds of fate itself, finding himself and his Dao in a world of Demons, Gods, Broccoli Spears, and everything else in-between.


*This is essentially my version of a wuxia/xianxia novel.

*Therefore, this story is not a traditional wuxia or xianxia, it merely has the elements normally attributed to them.

*If there are any problems with ease of readability because of spacing, alert me.

*Also, if you notice any grammatical errors while reading, please notify me in the comments.


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Lord Of All Grapes

4th Anniversary
Word Smith (VI)
Group Leader (IV)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue-The Kingdom Struck Down ago
Chapter 1-The Boy Finds A Home ago
Chapter 2-A Violent Battle? ago
Chapter 3-Two Places To Call Home? ago
Chapter 4-The Road Of Memories ago
Chapter 5-The Path To Power ago
Chapter 6-How To Train With Style? ago
Chapter 7-Origin Of Energy ago
Chapter 8-Spiritual Awareness ago
Chapter 9-The One-Hundred And Eighty-Sixth Day Of Training ago
Chapter 10-The Journey Begins ago
Chapter 11-The Path Through The Mountains ago
Chapter 12-The Light Of The Lonely Path ago
Chapter 13-The Town Shrouded In Mist ago
Chapter 14-An Odd Encounter, A Cloudy Sky ago
Chapter 15-The Tomb Of The World's Strongest ago
Chapter 16-Descending Into The Dark, Arriving Into The Light ago
Chapter 17-The Four Great Obelisks ago
Chapter 18-The Depths Of The Great Lake ago
Chapter 19-A Fool's Errand? ago
Chapter 20-The First Obelisk Found! ago
Chapter 21- Into The Storm ago
Chapter 22-A Hint Of The Dao? ago
Chapter 23-The Second Guardian Defeated! ago
Chapter 24-A Fleeting Sense Of Peace... ago
Chapter 25-The Land Of Flame ago
Chapter 26-An Absolute Defeat!? ago
Chapter 27-The First Step? ago
Chapter 28-Unstoppable. ago
Chapter 29-Newfound Power?! The Third Obelisk Found! ago
Chapter 30-The Dao Resurfaces!? ago
Chapter 31-The First Trial Cleared, The Second Trial Starts! ago
Chapter 32-Surpassing Oneself?!; A Glimpse Of A Peerless Dao!? ago
Chapter 33-The Second Trial Ends, The Third Trial Begins! ago
Chapter 34-The Spirit Realm's Darkness ago
Chapter 35-The Corrupted Throne's Master ago

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well say no more! You had me at the description.