Perfect World

by Gerry Hines

Original COMPLETED Action Fantasy Psychological Female Lead Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

Teenage Krystal has no recollection of much of her childhood and suffers from an unknown mental disorder. She and her adoptive parents move to Florida where she quickly makes new friends during summer vacation. However, Krystal's past and mental disorder are tied to a much bigger picture, and her gradual awakening brings peril and woe.

Strange powers begin to manifest within Krystal and her new friends. Changes in weather patterns occur without explanation. Nightmares and visions continually haunt them. When mysterious and dangerous foes appear to upset the peace, the fight begins.

This new town and new life are Krystal's perfect world, after all. Will she decide if it is worth the cost of a soul?

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Gerry Hines

Gerry Hines

3rd Anniversary
Word Count (15)
Group Leader (III)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One: Nothing at All ago
Chapter Two: Afraid of Witchcraft and Magic ago
Chapter Three: The Stranger in Black ago
Chapter Four: Those Who Have Discovered Their Secret ago
Chapter Five: Soulpower ago
Chapter Six: Watched by the Moon ago
Chapter Seven: Conflict ago
Chapter Eight: Rionah ago
Chapter Nine: Who are You? ago
Chapter Ten: Grand Piano Sketch ago
Chapter Eleven: Endless Field of Fire ago
Chapter Twelve: Confession ago
Chapter Thirteen: Behind the Door ago
Chapter Fourteen: Escape ago
Chapter Fifteen: Reminiscence - Project Luminae and Project Darknae ago
Chapter Sixteen: Reminiscence - The Extraction ago
Chapter Seventeen: Animals Can Kill, but Enemies Can Murder ago
Chapter Eighteen: It was a New Moon that Night ago
Chapter Nineteen: Heartfire ago
Chapter Twenty: The Hollow-Eyed Angel ago
Chapter Twenty-One: Sarcophagus ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: Still not Completed ... ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: Michigan ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: A Symbol for Death ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Reformation ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: Just Like Old Times ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Man with an Objective ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Water ago
Chapter Thirty: Crossed Over ago
Chapter Thirty-One: Thirty-Nine Hours ago
Chapter Thirty-Two: Paradoxes are Too Simple ago
Chapter Thirty-Three: The Most Fundamental Part of Ourselves ago
Chapter Thirty-Four: Reconfiguration ago
Chapter Thirty-Five: Project Ars Animus ago
Chapter Thirty-Six: Dire Decision ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Dire Consequences ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Aether Awakening ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Infinity ago
Chapter Forty: Sticking Together in the Next Life ago
Chapter Forty-One: Perfect World ago

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