Back in her original world…

She was lonely. Her family constantly moved around and she felt like there was no place for her wherever she went. She was always the new girl and was fine with just being in the background. Eventually, because she was cute, a guy asked her out. She said yes, as she was never asked out before.

The problem was, though, the guy abused that. Thankfully, she had learned a lesson without losing something vitally important to her. So she broke up with the cheater and found a friend online. Then they said they wanted to meet her. Thankfully, it ended up being a girl, but she was constantly asking for money and wasted it on petty stuff.

She had a problem. It was a big problem at times, or it could be a trivial problem at others. She was not trusting, she was just too quick to get attached. It was a byproduct of the constant moving around.

But when her ‘friend’ tried to get her involved with drugs, she left. She found herself resting inside a restaurant even though she had no money to buy anything. She didn’t even know why she sat down or ordered food. She was upset with her ‘friends’ and family, so she wasn’t thinking straight.

It was then that she saw the balloon man twisting animals for kids. She was fascinated by the colors and the laughing, but then he came to her table. She knew deep inside that he was merely making the rounds, but something inside her couldn’t help but imagine that ‘what if?’

“Hello. What is a beautiful girl like you doing alone in a place like this? Surely you have a friend or a guy to hang out with.”

“…not really.”

Partly because she was talking with a stranger and partly because she was getting lost in her fantasy, she opened up. The guy ended up sitting down and ordering something, to which the people there were a little surprised. Come to find out later, he was used to working here on weekend nights, but he never really took a break or ordered anything before.

He twisted balloons for the kids who came up and listened to her story. By the end of it, she was in tears and looking at him for feedback.

“You want my honest opinion.”


“Okay. You already realized it, but yes. You get attached too much. You are probably getting attached to me, too.”


“Heh, I would say don’t. I am not the kind of man you think I am. I do what I want.”

“And that is blowing up balloons?”

“Sure. Because it gets me what I want.”

“Which is what?”

“Games. Books. Movies. Whatever it is I want to spend money on.”

“But…that doesn’t really change my impression of you.”


He waited until the kids left and whispered to her.

“They’re not the family friendly games, books, and movies.”

Her eyes widened at the proclamation of the man before her. He just nonchalantly said he watched porn to a person he didn’t know.

“Not that it interferes with my job. I keep them as separate as possible. Besides, I am not into children. I like them mature and experienced.”


“What? You were honest. So was I.”

“You lie! You can’t be like that! You are a nice guy who helps kids laugh!”

“Hehe, that is your own misconception. But, you’re right. I did lie.”


“About my preference. Anyways, if you are having so much trouble staying distant from people, try and see the darkness within them. For example. That guy sitting behind me looks like a criminal. You know, the guy in the corner by himself?”

“But he is wearing glasses and a suit.”

“Then he is a serial hitman.”


“It’s just a method. Doubt people. Think about whether or not it is beneficial to be with them.”

The conversation was so confusing, she had no idea what to say. The man ended up leaving, placing just enough cash to pay for his and her meal. She didn’t have to worry about dining and dashing.

For some reason, she came back next week. He was there again. The two talked, but she paid for herself this time. Even though he was weird, he was nice to her. Once again, she was beginning to think that maybe life was looking forward. So, she requested to meet him on one of his days off.

“Nope. I spend those at home playing my games or watching my movies…if you know what I mean.”

With a slightly disgusted face, she sneered at him.

“Hey, you’re welcome to join! Haha!”

She actually thought about it. She actually thought about it! She was becoming close to this guy and she never knew anyone so deeply like this guy in her life, is what she thought. Watching her troubled silence, he just shook his head.

“Look. Alright. You’re cute. However, you’re too young. Go live your life and learn about the world before you think about being with me.”

His words were a little grating, as they lacked any sort of tact, but she understood. She was being too attached again. So she left. And followed him to his house when he wasn’t aware of it. He lived in an apartment building on the first floor. She tried to look inside one of the windows and see what he did, but then realized that he lied.

He wasn’t playing porn or watching it! He was watching the latest superhero movie! When it was done, he played a normal game! He wasn’t doing anything perverted! He had lied to her! But why?

Because he was trying to teach her? Because he felt inadequate? These misconceptions further brought her deeper into her hole of no return. It was on her way back home that she met a tragic fate. She was not paying attention and walked in front of a car.

If she had known that he was merely not in the mood that day, what would she have done? Would she have accepted him? Would she have fallen in the same way?

Probably. She was an unfortunate person. Quickly caught up with other people she didn’t need to be.

Yidris woke up in a cold sweat. For her, ‘he’ was always her target, but then she realized something. Isn’t this what she realized with Bucco and Nolan? It was just a feeling. A feeling that meant admiration. She admired ‘him’ for being so up front and casual with her. For helping her. For just listening to her.

She liked him, yes, but it wasn’t love, as she recently found out. She exhaled as if a demon was leaving her body and rested peacefully that night. In her dreams, Nolan and Bucco were in a romantic comedy together, along with the balloon man. She slept with a wicked smile.

A note from Evil Ginger

Yidris was always a confusing character to me. I never really knew what to do with her. I was surprised she somehow ended up on the student council.

Anyways, next chapter resolves this little section and sheds some light on the mysteries of this story!

And I will post it soon!

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