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“Oh? You guys. Why are you trying to head into the dungeon while being bewitched? Here, let me Cure you.”

“Ah, thanks…?”

Julius and his crew were about to lay the ambush for Nolan and the girls, but they were surprised by the guard at the front. After it was gone, the Second Prince knew that what he was doing was stupid. No way was it going to work. This bewitching power was so strong, it even went above the defensive items he had!

However, they were all here now, so they might as well try, was what some of them were saying. They still hated Nolan and the other freshmen for their willful ways, so they decided to at least strike some punishment into them.

They split into two groups. Most of the juniors were in the level 7-8 range, so the upper elites and the couple of 9s went down while the weaker ones stayed hidden at the upper levels.

This dungeon was massive and could shoulder all sorts of teams, but this led to conflict between them as well. However, it would seem that this kind of conflict would be worse than usual.

When Nolan arrived, he split up from the girls. Not because he noticed anything wrong, but because he wanted to see how strong he had gotten by himself. He told the girls that they could go in at a slow pace, but he was going to rush ahead and go as far as he could before having to return.

So, the girls coordinated themselves and tried to follow him, but he had used his lightning speed to quickly enter the lower floors. However, this meant that if the juniors wanted to ambush them, they would have to act soon, or the elites were going to have some trouble.


I don’t get it. What makes his power so great? I heard about it from the people who went to the freshmen ball, but…I can’t imagine my sister having those guys under her thumb at all, at this point. Just how badly did I get bewitched?

I hope she’s okay. I will have to apologize profusely. I…I might have lost my chance to inherit the throne…

No, that is okay for now. To be toyed with by someone who isn’t even a freshman, how low can I fall? I must at least stand up here. I may lose, but since we are students as well, we shouldn’t end up dying. Of course, if Nolan is as dangerous as they say…

Wait, if he is on anyone’s side, it would be the Prime Minister’s side! How could I be so stupid?

“Your Highness, it seems he is already here.”

“Already? And the others?”

“He is alone.”

I see. No, this is probably our only chance.

“Let’s go.”

“Yes, sir!”

Hah, it’s time.


Wow, did the juniors do this all for me? How stupid. Well, this is kind of dangerous, to do this in a place that people die in on a regular basis. Thankfully, we are only on the fifth floor.

First, a greeting. Wait, this isn’t all of them, is it? Ah, are they going after the girls as well? They probably split up to encircle us. Damn, I am getting tense.

I open the pack on my side and pull out…!

Potato cakes! It would seem that my actions are being affected. This tense situation is affecting me after all. Damn.


Is he…eating? In this situation? What kind of madman is he?! There’s no way to fight a person who can calmly look at such a situation and eat!

“Ah, is this going to take a while? I want to go check on the girls.”

Now it is my turn. We should diffuse the situation f-

“Hehehe, we can’t touch the princesses, but that pink haired lass should be getting punished real good, right about now.”

Oh no…that idiot! I am going to punish him real good! Ack, that…in context is really…no good.

“Oh? Then I should hurry.”

Huh? Where did he go? Did he just run away?


Eh? When did he…I see. He moved so fast, he got the guy who wouldn’t shut up and left without being stopped. How much of a mess have we gotten ourselves into? I give up. I am glad it ended here. I need to reevaluate what I am doing.

Maybe I have been hanging out with the wrong crowd? Hah…


Hahaha! The look on their faces. Well…how far did they get? Should I be seeing them soon?


I see, they are just up ahead.

“Hey girls.”

“Hey, Nolan.”

Wow, is this even a fight? I know the girls got stronger, but these guys all have something that is Level 7. That is pretty decent, you know. Of course, these girls all have something either really powerful or have a second thing they have leveled up really high as well.

Whew, I am good. Maybe I should just keep them at my side from now on? No, that is up to them. But…oh well.

Oh, here come the others.


Well, at least one is smart enough.


The silence is awkward, but it is fine. They gather their fallen friends and leave, so it is just us four and the prince with his retainers.

“Hah…to be bewitched by an Incubus. I really am low.”


“Forgive me. This was supposed to result in my sister, her guard, and the Saintess following that guy.”

I can listen to your story later. Wait, Yidris? Shouldn’t we go back home and save her?

“Then we should go.”

Ah, thanks for the follow-up, Delania.

We head back, only to discover that it is fine on their side as well.


“Hey, Yidris.”

“Hey, Nolan.”

“Sorry I wasn’t here to save you from the trouble.”

“N-no, you’re good.”

I see.

“So you’re good.”


“And we’re good?”




Whew. Another awkward situation.

Now, what do we do with all of these troublemakers?

A note from Evil Ginger

1/2 But the next chapter glosses over the aftermath because I want to hurry up and get to the good bits. I am really getting impatient, huh?

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