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Yikes. I just want to end this part. Argh, I think I may just time skip the second year at this rate! There is quite a path I plan on taking with this story, so it's not just in the Academy. But...meh.

The year was over. People could go on vacation for two whole months.

But where to go? Emeril, Hector, Lily, and the baby dragon girl all left for the northeastern border, while the other players had other plans already. Yidris had been avoiding Nolan, to where he couldn’t even see her, so he decided to take Ilya, Gina, and Delania to a stronger Dungeon.

During the last few days of school, by using her amazing eyes, Yidris could keep an eye out and run away from Nolan. On the first day of summer break, she had let her guard down and didn’t notice him until he was several yards away. She ended up running away so quickly, she wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings.

So when several shadows were waiting for her around a corner, she couldn’t react fast enough to avoid the magic that was used to incapacitate her. Julius’ men silently took her away.


For Emeril, he was in a better position. They were to take care of a stampede of wild wyverns. Not full blown dragon dangerous, but wyverns were still lesser dragons. They could cause all sorts of problems. And so, the numbers of the wyverns were culled.

They met up with envoys from other groups, such as the Demon Kingdom and even the Beast Kingdom. However, every little warning sign was going off in Emeril’s head. The monsters never ceased and the most of the fighting was done by the four of them, even though the other groups all had close to ten people.

So when they turned on him in the middle of a dangerous fight, he wasn’t that surprised, but he was still upset. Thankfully, Hector’s level 10 swordplay was enough to deal with any scoundrel that wanted to mess with him.

“Who the hell are you?! Why are you at level 10?! Dammit!”

Several of the people responded as such to Hector, but there was no one who was leading them. Instead, it appeared that everyone was almost acting independently. Sure, they were all way above average in strength, but their teamwork was nonexistent.

Even though the three of them and the baby dragon were all special, they couldn’t really hold off against several tens of fighters. And since they were ‘allies,’ they couldn’t be killed. So they were saved when a large dragon came down and stopped the fight.

She apologized for the migrating wyverns and saved Emeril’s group, as her daughter was with him. It would seem this event was still trouble caused by the large dragon.

So the whole plan was in vain and now they would be disciplined. Many of the people were crying out things like ‘Game Over’ and ‘This is unfair!’

But that didn’t stop the consequences of their actions. They were not really ready to kill people, which was nice, but they were still weird. Emeril couldn’t wait to tell Nolan.


Yidris was practically thrown into a gaudy room where a blue haired pretty boy was. He was currently speaking to someone, but Yidris was surprised to see it was Josine and Ophia!


“Ah, so you’ve arrived. I just got them under my spell, so I haven’t done anything yet, but after I get you, I will have some fun, hehehe. I hate that I was given such a body, but this power isn’t that bad!”

‘A player?! I have never seen him before! Is he supposed to be in our grade?! A second year?! No…no, this guy…that’s it! He is a freshman next year! No way!’

She readied herself and pulled out two strange rods from some straps on her legs. Her real weapons had been removed, but with these, she should be alright.

She twisted one rod and it lengthened to become a long and thin staff with weird curves. However, when she pulled some string from one end and connected it to the other, the staff bent and became a bow! She had done this so fast, it was amazing!

The other rod opened up and revealed several needle thin rods that were the length of crossbow bolts. She grabbed one and pulled it to the string as she enchanted it with fire magic.

“What?! I have never seen you have that weapon!”

“I don’t mind killing you, player.”


For some reason, the incubus started to shiver in place. He had never thought Yidris would come up with something like this, not that she knew he was a player. He knew she was a player because he had done some research.

If he had found out Hector had become level 10, then he would have called the whole thing off, as no matter how many, level 6s would never defeat him. So it wasn't just in this case where he didn't do his research.

A hastily put together plan is easy to pull apart.

No, he thought that Yidris was defenseless. He reached for his weapon, but it wasn’t drawn yet and he got a needle stuck in his arm. The fire burned right through and a small black hole marred the incubus’ skin.


He fell down and grasped his arm, giving her the time she needed to rush in and beat him up. Once he became unconscious, she went to the two girls and started to cure them of their bewitched state. It took a little, as she wasn’t well versed in that area, but she soon got it. As she shouldered them to the door, someone’s loud footsteps could be heard.

They backed up just in time to see Bucco smash through the door wielding two flaming heavy weapons. He was in a berserk state as he looked around, but then he stopped after seeing the girls okay and the enemy on the ground.

“Oh. My bad. I guess you are already good.”

Abigail slowly came in with grace, but when she saw that the fight was over, she relaxed, dropping her shoulders. She rushed over and hugged Yidris while her fire was out of control.

Bucco carried the perpetrator while the two girls helped the princess and Saintess to safety.

Yep…things went well…

Except for on Nolan’s side. He was all alone and surrounded by enemies. The Dungeon they had gone to was actually the special island one of the coast, the supposed hardest Dungeon in the game.

A note from Evil Ginger

Where were the girls? Why was Nolan surrounded? Find out next time on…

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