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A somewhat important chapter for character development and the development of the student body as a whole.


I wonder if people will like the end of this arc? If not, oh well. I have been known to fizz out after a while, which depresses me to no end.

“Oh? Nolan, why are you acting like that? It is I, Ru-“
“Hush, Lizard Breath. Let I, the King of Beasts, speak. Greetings, I am-“
“Hah?! You want to do what now?!”

While those two old guys duke it out, maybe the Prime Minister has something better to add.

“I look forward to wiping the floor with you.”

Eh?! No way, what is this?!

No, now even the two rivals are glaring at me!

“Hehehe, that’s right. We have to thank you for pushing us to the level of myths and legends. What better way than to give you what you have given us?”

“I agree. A young boy like you needs to be rather strong in order to wed my daughter.”

“Now listen here, you furry oaf! If anything, your daughter is going to be a concubine! If she has your genes, I would be afraid for my future son-in-law’s welfare!”

More like be afraid for my food expenditure. But wait, what is going on?!

“Anyways, those two aside, how about marrying my Amethia? She is strong, powerful, robust, and tough.”

Those…are all similar…actually, aren’t they all synonyms?

“Listen here, Sword Fanatic!”

Ah, these three are essentially all just old fogies. But why are they going to such lengths for me?

“You look confused.”

“Indeed, your majesty.”

“Rudeus is fine, son.”



Someone help.

“Well, if you must know, the strongest of humanity would probably be us three. In the west, that is. However, you helped us reach a new stage, something that hasn’t been heard of for hundreds of years. We are now up there with Principal Aguilar…sort of.”

Thank you, Mister Beast King.

Wait, so this means there is more than just 10 levels? No, that makes sense, because this will eventually be an MMO world, full of RPG players and such...or something like that.

But the realm of myths and legends? Are they that strong? And I helped them make a breakthrough? How?

“Your control over magic and combining it with swordplay was a new insight to us. Even I, as the Demon King, was inspired to follow in your footsteps and combine my magic and sword style. Though I plan to take a different approach.”

“I decided to learn that Soul Force from Ilya and combine it with my martial arts.”

“And I decided to use shield abilities and sword abilities.”

Wait, so just by combining different paths, they moved to a greater height? Is it like that? Getting a Job Change? Huh.

I did start off as a mage but then became a magic swordsman. I wonder what comes after that.

Well, with these three, we are off to a good start. Once a week, on the first day after the weekly holiday, the three powerhouses will teach one of the three grades. Then they rotate. It takes place instead of the Combat Class after lunch, so it’s not that long.

But with their experiences and knowledge, people will quickly get stronger.

This kind of method was usually reserved for royal members even among the royal family. However, now people who were strong and also had the ability to comprehend these guys’ words will grow even better. People like Hector, specifically.

But that is not until later.

After managing to evade them, I got to rest by myself in the student council room.

However, there was someone else I never expected to be there.


To me, she was always the person on the side. She never really stuck out at me…currently, anyway. In the game, she was the stern bodyguard who constantly stayed by Ophia’s side. Nothing could be said to remove her. But now, she seems to be a normal girl, which makes her appear not as important to me. But she holds the RtP Club together and enchants all of our equipment. I guess I have been taking her for granted, recently.

I wonder why she is here.

“Ah! Nolan! Umm…hi…”

That question aside, I know she ended up falling for the other me. You know, the Switch-Nolan, the one who just wishes to fulfill his desires? Yeah, that kind of overwhelming badass that just wipes the floor with people. Now, she can’t help but see him whenever she sees me. It’s like she keeps waiting for him to appear.

“What’s up?”

“Oh, nothing. I was just making sure Zack cleaned up after himself. He was devastated about his fighting style not being as awesome as he expected.”

“That was a given. Cheap tricks are only for people who don’t expect it. For someone like Zack to use cheap tricks, it was a given from the start. If I were to use cheap tricks, however, it would most likely work, since I also have such amazing skills. No one would expect someone as strong as me to lower myself like that.”

“Oh, that makes sense.”

“But you did really well. I know you have been practicing your enchanting, but your archery seems to be just as good as usual.”

“Hehe, thanks.”

Now she is blushing. It is such a contrast from the game because she wasn’t even a love interest before. She actually hated Zack and became a rival. However, in some cases, the rivals were also love interests, which was weird. For example, Bucco was one. I never went down that route, so I didn’t really pay attention, but it was the classic guys only club with handsome muscle men routine.

Ugh, I get shivers imagining it. I am really not into that stuff, I swear. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate people who are, I just have that mentality to stay away from things that aren’t me. Like places where death is easy to see, like at the top of a skyscraper or inside a speeding car.

Not that being next to a gay guy leads to my death…but the stress from being misunderstood by the girls would probably drive me to insanity. I was quite the virgin in my past life.

Ah, but here I am, surrounded by girls. You know, I like this life and all, but I still need to drop some of my past habits. Even though Gina mentioned her father didn’t like the idea of me having multiple wives, he didn’t seem that upset about it. Maybe I just need to talk.

However, I need to deal with Yidris now. She looks at me with such a burning gaze, I won’t be able to ignore it any longer.

“Yidris, why do you like me?”

“Eh?! W-w-what?! No, no! I-I-it’s not that I don’t like you, you know!”

Ah, she’s flustered. She can’t maintain eye contact. She keeps waving her hands around. Her red eyes dart all over the place while her blonde hair swishes back and forth.

But she also messed up her words.

“So you do like me.”


She collapses at my feet, tired and…afraid?

“Yidris, come here.”

I hold my hand out for her, but she sits there in a daze. Wait, did she not even realize it herself? Maybe she had been denying it the entire time. Crap, should I have let it go?

“…I’m sorry, forgive me!”

And then she hurriedly got up and ran out the door while covering her face. Was she crying? I feel so stupid. I only thought of the other players as friends or acquaintances, since I treated them differently. I acted normal around them, just like Delania. What should I do?

I skipped a flag somewhere, huh…

A note from Evil Ginger

That and Nolan hasn't ever dealt with a normal confession before. What an idiot.


See you tomorrow!

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Mesmerised @Mesmerised ago

Thanks for the chapter!

Poor Yidris~

Jazzhands @Jazzhands ago

Thank you for the chapter! I really enjoy Nolan being straight forward about his interactions.  If you are looking for suggestions or directions to write towards dont be afraid to ask, im sure people would enjoy PM-ing you help, I certainly dont want to see this story fizzle out =)

rusticsoldier @rusticsoldier ago

Great add her to the harem just get the mind reader involved. It will work out then. I really like that thought... id also love to see the bro-con added to his harem. 

Hey he is the school vice president right... and the nation is preparing for future war...there are future merchants in the school, suppliers and such... he should get a logistic expert and caravan experts to come in and train the future merchants and such under extreme bandit training and even military enemy units.. also combat medics. 

One man can not win a war however a well supplied army can do wonders. 

Since music has been added and recordings... a few music experts to create martial music. Military have bands for more then just ceremonies. 

Modern military bands often double as bodyguards for vips. They also are guards for convoys. They create moods and can pass messages even propaganda.

Music can also create unit unity. Help with training.

Music and songs can help with breathing techniques and even boost endurance. Break monotony. This can be extremely important when moving units to different battlefields. 

Music can also improve healing through sympathetic means... 

It can have a positive effect with memorization and helping someone be attentive during class. Not to mention it can help you sleep.

All of this from a guy who does not listen to music.  But i did read from a few sources about the benefits. 

There should also be training for squad leaders and such even how to do paperwork. These are all realistic problems that they would need to know how to solve.

Even if they dont have a military history. Some of the guys would at least have a passing interest in it and done some research while talking in groups sessions wih other as to what a kingdom would need to survive a war these kind of topics should come up. 

Personal strength can only get you so far. No matter how well you do every cheat needs time to get strong. 

This might be harder or easier depending on your world settings but on the girly girl side. Expert cooks for units. and florist can help create ingredients for potions, also field cooking for units is as different restaurant cooking as combat medics are to hospital nurses. 

Now i am not saying those are girl fields there not. However in a medieval world those jobs would have a higher rate of females while males would take classes on merchants and military more often. 

While it may not be popular martial arts for females can be powerful. And they have pluses helping females get that perfect figure. And staying in  shape.