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Title says as story goes.

Most people would try and fight the weaker enemies first before fighting the stronger ones. It would be similar to a game where one would challenge upwards, like a trial. However, the Academy decided to have the tournament before the school meet.

This way, the freshmen would either learn of defeat now or face higher level opponents and be ready for the school rumble. It was not only a training moment but also a way to make the extremely important cross-continent event seem not as bad. They overhyped the tournament and brought people’s families from all over.

Even Zack’s parents appeared! Since they were in the beginning of the game, he remembered them, but he just waved and didn’t go to meet them. He didn’t want to, but he couldn’t have gone over even if he did. The fight was about to begin and several fields were separated for duels and team matches.

The best team by far was Nolan’s team. Afterward, Hector’s team which included Lily and two other powerful seniors got second. Following that was Emeril’s team which consisted of him, Ophia, the Saintess, and even the powerful alumni Amethia! No, she wasn’t on the team, but her support was massive. The actual last member was a small girl who didn’t seem that important to the crowd.

However, the other reincarnates all gasped. For this was a girl who was a dragon, unlike Gina who only had the organs of one! Her little loli appearance was cute, as she sat on Emeril’s shoulders eating a giant lollipop, but the aura behind this elder dragon’s child was dangerous!

A couple months before, Emeril was on a mission for his father to see what was going on at one of the large mountains. It turned out to be a dragon who was rampaging around due to her lost egg! An elder dragon going on a rampage was dangerous! Thankfully, the egg was fine. After saving the egg and bringing her back to her mom, she hatched, calling him her father.

After that, she was sent to the Academy as not only a sign of good faith but as a way to train the little girl quickly. Seeing the outside world would be beneficial.

So with the baby dragon participating, Emeril’s team only had three suitable people, but they still made third place!

After that came Bucco, Abigail, and even the two girls who caused trouble during the festival, Bailey and Tetra!

Yidris was not participating in the team area, as she was instead going to be an announcer. Joining her was the ne’er-do-well Zack as he made dirty jokes and got booed at by the crowd on several occasions. Though for the most part, it was all in good fun.

He was the person everyone loved to hate. He even knew he wasn’t a saint, so he expected everyone’s reactions.

To be honest, the solo ranking was pretty similar to the duels. Nolan had squeezed a victory out of Hector, who barely got past Emeril. The trio were at the top of the charts, followed by the other reincarnates and team members of Emeril and Hector.

But everyone was surprised by the fact that so many first years had gotten so high!

Even more so was Zack’s display of power, though he didn’t get too far because they were all tricks.

The potions proved to be really effective, but he couldn’t use poison if there wasn’t an antidote. Even the Songstones weren’t as effective as he had thought. They caused people to be nauseous and dizzy, but since everyone was strong and could use magic, the energy waves could be dispelled after a while.

So, he made it up high on the list, but he had no other foundation on which to fight on. He used tricks, so he could only go so far.

Seeing as how Nolan, Emeril, and their friends were all so strong, it would seem that the Academy would not only get the senior victory but also the freshmen victory! However, the biggest upset of all was the fact that none of the second years participated!

It was so they could say later, ‘You can’t be stronger than us, you haven’t fought us yet. Oh, you want to fight us? You aren’t worth our time.’

The nobles would make use of these disgusting ploys to remain above the main class until they graduated, but they were finding it harder and harder to keep themselves from hiding. The strength of Nolan alone was enough to scare nearly half of the juniors out of their pants!

They definitely had to win this school meet if they wanted to at least look strong!

Another way to look at the situation was that Nolan scared the juniors into silence. With them not acting out, things had the appearance of calm, but the storm was brewing and once the clouds broke, the torrent would fall, drenching everything in its path.

The enemy regions, the threat of war, the stupidity of spoiled nobles, and even the chance at something more dangerous approaching were all being recorded by the Rise to Prominence so as to help them be prepared.

Even minor no names within the game were important now! Everyone banded together to research the stories and paths taken in the game, so as to help alleviate any mishaps in the future.

Even though they were strong already, professionals were needed. With only a month between the tournament and the class meet, it was time to bring in a professional who would guide the students down a safe path for the future. However, three people answered the calls, much more than Nolan expected.

One of magic, his control and output heads above any other.
One of close combat, his strength unrivaled and his will unbreakable.
And one of swords, his aura was sharp and unforgiving.

However, Nolan knew all three of these people!

Demon King.
Beast King.
Even the Prime Minister!

For some reason, the aura they emitted was even stronger than what they showed at the ball! Were they hiding their power, or did they experience a breakthrough after that day?

Either way, Nolan was shaking from fear! Two of his potential father-in-laws had come!

A note from Evil Ginger

Wahaha! It looks like I jumped the shark! My popularity shall now flatten out and I will slowly dive deeper and deeper into the abyss that is the rankings. Meh. My ADHD is making hard to concentrate. I ended up writing the first couple chapters for several other stories, which are also as good as this one (when it started out), but well...

It might end up like this one, where I bottom out and flat line. Damn you, stray thoughts!


See you guys tomorrow!

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