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Nolan had been captured, as many people helped that night since no one could sleep. A demotivated red haired young man with glasses laid down on his side, his hands tied behind his back. He looked as if he was kidnapped.

However, his captors were instead rubbing themselves all over him, hugging him and one girl slid her hand into his pants.

‘Delania, please.’

“Sorry, couldn’t help myself.”

It had been several more months since they could be this close to him, of course. He had spent all that time recuperating and as soon as he came back, he joined the student council!

Ilya was sniffing him all over and didn’t want to let his scent disappear. Even Gina was twirling her fingers in his hair and looking at him. Delania was hugging him like a long pillow and kept blowing into his ear while her legs gripped him with a hard strength.

He was merely their toy, but he had to be subjected to this. No, the punishment was to not be able to move. This meant his inner self was screaming in frustration. It was actually kind of comedic, but Nolan had other things on his mind.

‘Why? Why do you like me so? I hurt you, I’m a danger. I bet you can find anyone better than me.’

“Stupid, it’s because there is no one better than you that we act this way.”

Delania couldn’t help whispering into his ear and playfully licking it, making Nolan shiver.

These girls were special and not to be messed with, however, this guy had treated them, if not normally, then differently from everyone else. Ilya was constantly called strong when she was just as girly as Princess Ophia, wanting to live a nice and quiet life. Nolan cooked for her and didn’t really care if she was strong or not, as he was there to protect her. He was even afraid of hurting her!

If her father had heard this, then he would have spat up his drink. His daughter, weak?! Impossible! She was the strongest member of the clan and carried the purest of their powerful blood!

Gina was looked upon as a disgrace, as she couldn’t even cast normal magic effectively. She embarrassed her father, even though he denied it. And when she came to this place and people found out she couldn’t cast magic like a normal demon, she saw something else.

‘What? Then what good are you? You’re a demon and can’t even use magic? What a waste.’

She was pretty and distant, making her a top beauty of the school, but she had a definite flaw. She was useless in the eyes of others. So when Nolan came and gave her a chance to prove herself, she jumped on it. Even if what he said was a lie, she wouldn’t have felt bad and would have still hung out with him for even trying to help her. She didn’t have one friend, but after meeting Nolan, she now had three!

Even though the Demon King was apprehensive, he couldn’t hate Nolan.

But Delania was the bad egg. The black sheep. Her past before the Academy was a secret, even if she said some things, it could have been lies. One thing was true and that was the fact she could hear thoughts.

This made her the opposite of Gina. She was too useful. Her family wanted her to become a tool, while normal people shunned her. Then she came here and met people who had thoughts pertaining to things she had never known of before. When she approached one, he had actually blocked her from reading his thoughts!

This was the first time it had happened! Not only was she shocked, she had actually become scared! Did he have the ability to block her power? What was this?! But when he realized his secret of being a reincarnate was already found out, he dropped the wall and let her in.

Sure, he had a lot of faults and his thoughts were perverted, but he didn’t hide it. He was only afraid of causing her problems from knowing things. For someone to be afraid for her? Unheard of. She was a tool. She had to protect herself, so she learned how to wield her ax and use curse magic, but…

This man was the one who let her read his mind. He communicated with her. He liked her. She knew what he was thinking, and even though he had stray thoughts that aggravated her, she couldn’t hate him. He was now hers. Okay, so she would have to share, but if there was a famous painting, then shouldn’t everyone get a chance to appreciate its beauty?

That was how Delania felt about Nolan.

These three had attached themselves to Nolan, who had never felt the true concept of love. He liked these girls, but love? Well…

Unknown to him, he was actually a loving person. He may have just spouted nonsense to Zack, but he definitely loved each of the characters in the game. They were all flushed out and had reasons for their actions. Sure, he may not have had true feelings of love for them, as he recognized it was a fictional setting, but now he had a closer relationship with them. He had a brotherly love with Hector and Emeril, while Lily was like a sister.

His parents were kind and he had a good upbringing. But towards these girls, he would rather die than hurt them willingly. He deluded himself into thinking that he thought of them as dolls or daughters, but he was completely wrong.

Well, now he was realizing his feelings. The girls had quickly tired themselves out and rested on him. Feeling them close and warming his body, he felt secure and happy. Inside his body, a lot of the weight from the ball and other events were lifted and even some of the remnant damages of the lightning in his head faded. Not enough to change things noticeably, but it had happened.

It was best to be around the ones you love who also love you.

That night, Nolan slept with three pretty young women, earning him quite a few dirty looks and even some cheers the next day. But seriously, he was unable to move about, so nothing happened.

A note from Evil Ginger

A little bit of a nonsense chapter. TL;DR,

the girls like Nolan.

The girls missed Nolan.

The girls punished Nolan.

The end. (lol)


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